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Quality Management system to improve your call performance

Convin provides detailed call statistics, recordings, and quality reports to help you improve your agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Audit Calls with Convin

Quality monitoring is crucial for any call center and sales team. You need to track the interactions and ensure that an agent is following the correct script. Otherwise, it may lead to a problem for you. This is why you need quality monitoring software to ensure you are getting the results you need.

In order to improve the quality of customer support services and bring in more sales, companies must monitor their agents' interactions with customers. This article will examine the three main components of quality monitoring: recording, survey capabilities, and customer feedback capture. And how a single solution can manage all this without switching between multiple platforms to check, log, and provide feedback. 

If you are wondering which solution can do all this and more, then let us tell you that we are talking about Convin’s quality management platform. Our solution provides a consolidated view of customer interactions and feedback captured across call and video conferencing platforms for both live and recorded calls. We collect and organize customer feedback, identify key issues and trends, and use this information to improve your customer experience in real-time.

But more on this later.

First, let us understand what a quality management system is and why exactly it is important, along with current call auditing systems.

What is called a quality management system?

As companies increasingly compete based on their customer experience (CX), call performance is becoming a critical business focus as it contributes to sales and customer success stories. 

Many companies think that workforce management systems(WFM) can help ensure you have the right number of employees on hand to meet demand—so customers are never left waiting when they call your company. But WFM functionality only covers part of what it takes to ensure quality customer service, where quality management (QM) comes in!

Using a quality management system or a platform like Convin, you can record sales conversations, analyze them and review them on a single platform. And after you have screened the call, the reports get automatically sent to the concerned representatives without any effort from you.

So what does this mean for you?

  • No switching between call recorder and Google sheets.
  • Single platform for call auditing
  • Audit multiple calls in no time
  • Call reports are sent automatically after call auditing 

And most importantly, faster feedback would mean your reps are improving their performance faster and no echolalia tasks and time wastage. Let’s understand this in further detail.

Why is the Call Quality Management System important?

No matter the industry, any company with a customer-facing organization benefits from successful and happy employees. And to ensure that, you need to obviously check how your customer-facing team is interacting with your customers:

  • What message are they conveying?
  • How are they responding to customers' questions and concerns?
  • And overall call experience the customer receives.

Using a QMS solution like Convin will help you answer these questions, and a lot more by capturing your sales calls analytics.

Are you thinking about how a single phone call can be so important? 

Well, it turns out that the way that your client-facing staff interacts with your customers has a huge impact on whether or not they will buy from you again. In fact, studies have revealed that the success of your call center is generally connected to the performance of staff members who work there. 

This makes perfect sense when you consider how much brand loyalty plays into this process! 

When customers are happy with their working relationship with company employees, they're more likely to come back for repeat business. And don't forget about how much repeat business contributes positively to growth! 

In short, effective contact center quality management and your sales engagement affect your bottom line in a major way: it leads directly to revenue growth and overall financial success.

Now that you understand the need for this indispensable solution to improving your business’s CSAT score and customer loyalty. Let’s see how calls are actually audited before we jump to its customer satisfaction stimulating features.

Call quality management system in high volume call centers

There are many ways the calls can be audited in a high call volume sales and customer support agency; here are the most popular ones in place right now:

Manual Call Auditing

Call auditing agents listen to pre-recorded calls of the agents for agent call performance and customer responses, which takes twice the time of the call. While listening to the call, they toggle between the recording software and the Google sheets to note their feedback which they then compile and send to the agent through the mail. 

Automation Quality Management.

AQM allows the sales enablement team to focus on high-value tasks (such as training or coaching) instead of overseeing every little detail during a call. AI-powered tools collect, analyze and provide insight into customer and agent interactions. It includes automated call scoring using several NLP techniques.

Multichannel interaction auditing

Customers want to communicate with brands in the most convenient way for them. More and more people use chat via Skype or SMS to communicate with businesses and industry professionals. Here, systems analyze the interaction between the customer and the agent or the bot through all these channels.

Analytics Quality Management

It simply unlocks the potential hidden in any statistical data, providing your business with an upper hand on success by making operations much more effective and efficient than ever before.

Interaction-based Quality management

Analyzes the call after listening and understanding the tone of the conversation, interruptions, pauses, sentiments, actions, etc., to access the inteactivitcy of the conversation. Afterward, it provides training suggestions based on its assessment cues and score.

Enterprise-level Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management works to ensure that all departments throughout your company are communicating. It is especially important during those times when a business needs the help of other departments in order to reach the goals that have been set forth for them by its management. 

For example, if providing excellent customer experiences is a priority for your organization, everyone from HR to BDR will need to understand why it matters and embrace the opportunity. This means that quality management must work alongside every department in order for this business goal to be fulfilled successfully.

Benefits of Convin’s Quality Management system

Quality management gives you the tools to monitor the quality of service so you know what's going on in your enterprise. It enables you to assess how well representatives are managing customers’ problems and obtain feedback from customers. It will help you improve internal processes and better meet clients' needs.

Improve Agent performance

With a quality management system; you can audit the calls right after the call with custom analytics and give your feedback. Your sales reps can improve their call-by-call rather than wait weeks for their performance feedback.

Reduce call auditing time

With the quality management system, you can audit many sales calls and send reports from the same platform, which reduces auditing time compared to the traditional method where call auditors use different platforms for recording, auditing, and then sending reports.

Automate call performance feedback

Rather than toggling from one platform to another for listening to calls, noting down analysis, and finally compiling it all to send to the agent. You can do this from a single platform and automatically send the feedback using Convin’s quality management system.

Improve Customer Service

By measuring quality control and defining good metrics for customer interaction, it’s possible to impact your company’s bottom line positively. Quality assurance is crucial when managing inbound customer service.

Increase Customer Retention.

Improves customer retention by monitoring 100% of interactions, which helps an entrepreneur evaluate how well an employee is interacting with the customer, bringing accountability to the agents for retaining customers.

Identify agent training opportunities by understanding their skills.

Regular evaluation of each customer service representative will help determine if they need more training or coaching. Quality management is an ongoing process wherein agents get regular check-ups to ensure they are still settling in well and remaining competent enough at their job.

Now that we know what the call quality management system can do for you, let’s see how it works.

How does Convin’s call quality management system work?

Convin utilizes these features to make the manual call auditing process easy peasy for the call auditors:

Call recording

When it comes to call recording platforms, it’s important to find a cloud-based solution with the best possible call quality and search capabilities that are given in Convin. A great solution that is also secure and cloud-based.

Analytics Enabled

Analytics-fueled quality management (QM) is when an organization uses our AI technology to automate their quality processes with an added boost of data analytics for a better overall experience. With our AI technology, businesses have insight into exactly what went wrong in all interactions

Speech Analytics

Our speech analytics technology is based on speech-to-text technology to turn call recordings into textual representations in order to identify what data is being conveyed in all conversations.

Sentiment Analysis

A way to accomplish this is by looking beyond caller resolution and considering more in-depth details concerning the nature of any call. It is exactly, what our sentiment analysis bot tries to capture in all conversations.

Convin is a single tool for complete quality management.

Convin understands how difficult it is for call auditors to screen hundreds of calls single-handedly. We designed the solution with the intention of taking the stress away from the entire call quality screening process.

With Convin, call quality auditors can audit calls and send reports from the same platform rather than wasting their time switching from one platform to another. And even send the reports without having to toggle between multiple platforms to listen to calls, add call analysis notes, and then send reports.

With Convin, all data is secured under GDPR compliance, and all data is encrypted under SSL encryption, so don’t worry about your crucial data hacking.

Monitor your call quality with Convin

Identify winning trends, eliminate deal bottlenecks, pinpoint sales reps’ challenges, and help them close all winnable deals.

Quality Management System TRY NOW!

Convin records, transcribes and analyzes all your sales calls to give insights on what’s working on calls and what’s not.

Convin records, transcribes and
analyzes all your sales calls to give
insights on what’s working on calls
and what’s not.

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+91 7011464590, +91 8802881329