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While you're reading this, we are busy helping few sales manager crush their targets. Convin opens up the black box of the sales conversation and gives you insights about how impactful conversations can lead to better sales.

About Us

We’re a team of sales professionals and tech enthusiasts who understand the importance and power of conversations with customers and how this can become extremely useful in the longterm for any organization. We’ve worked across different companies in different domains to be able to see how important it is to understand customer conversations for building an organization that is fundamentally different from others. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help an organization discover the truth from customer conversations & enable it to align everyone

around that truth leading to better outcomes. 

People keep on searching for truth through various channels ignoring something that has always been there in front of their eyes. The conversation with customers is the real intelligence that separates opinions from reality. It’s the voice of customers. Till now, most of the organizations don’t use it because they don’t realize the importance of the goldmine of data they are sitting on.

We believe that customer conversations can be the thread to weave together different functions in your organization. Imagine a time when most of the decisions are taken after taking references from real conversations with customers.

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