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On a mission to enable 1 million sales people.

While you're reading this, we are already helping few sales teams crush their targets. Convin opens up the black box of the sales conversation and gives you insights on how impactful conversations can lead to better sales.

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Durgesh Choudhary
Co- founder & CPO
Love building products that can make an impact.
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Atul Shree
Co-Founder & CTO
Love building tech that makes a difference.
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Bharat Patidar
Co-Founder & COO
Building Convin to help sales people sell better.
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Ashish Santhalia
Co-Founder & CEO
Love building things that makes a difference in people's lives.
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Ramakant Sharma
Founder & COO, Livspace
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Sunder Nookala
Founder & CEO, Huminos
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9 Unicorns
Accelerator VC
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Rohit Bansal
Co-founder, Snapdeal
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Kunal Shah
Founder & CEO, Cred
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Kunal Bahl
Founder & CEO, Snapdeal
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Our Principles

These are few traits which we honour no matter what. It keeps us in check on whatever we might be doing.


All the stakeholders should know what we're doing at all points. This includes customers and employees. No exceptions.


We believe in being open and upfront with people we work with. It's absolutely mandatory to maintain trust.

Team Work

We believe in sharing and collaboration between everyone. Team means helping each other when you need most.


We love people and diversity. After all that's one of the most important part of building a great team.

Our Story & Mission

Why do we think the world needs one more software?

While working on a new product line at a B2B SaaS company, I used to go on face to face meetings with sales people to understand our customers and requirements better. Soon realised that those conversations were extremely helpful for building the product, org & beyond.

But we were missing out.

Other people in the org were missing out on major ground realities as they didn't have access to the conversation. Also, after the conversation, we used to forget about most of it and what was communicated forward involved a lot of bias & personal perception.

To solve this, I started recording those conversations on my phone (obviously with permission) & it helped the entire org including sales team to learn from it.

This triggered a chain of thoughts - Why don't sales people record all their conversations with prospects? Why are organisations loosing out on the golden data? Isn't this the real voice of customers?

Major reasons that came up were lack of realisation & inability to record & analyse conversations on scale.

That's when I realised that orgs need a platform that makes it extremely easy for them to get value from these conversations. And hence, we built Convin.

- Ashish Santhalia

Mission is to enable 1 million sales people sell better remotely.

Orgs keep on searching for truth through various channels ignoring customer conversations that has always been there in front of their eyes. It is the real intelligence that separates opinions from reality. It’s the voice of customers. Till now, most of the organizations don’t use it because they don’t realise the importance of the goldmine of data they are sitting on.
We’re a team of sales professionals and tech enthusiasts who understand the importance and power of conversations with customers and how this can become extremely useful in the longterm for any organization.

We're on a mission to use these conversation for enabling 1 million sales people to sell better remotely.



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