Build The Team of Sales Rockstars

Build effective sales playbooks for your sales team using the best practices that have won you deals in the past. Enable them to handle different aspects of conversation better.

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Personalize Sales Coaching

Use Convin's sales coaching capabilities to quickly review your sales rep calls and provide feedback on reps monologue duration, objection handling, discussion points, etc. Identify areas of improvement for each of your rep.

Ramp New Hires

Bring new hires to speed quickly by creating a playbook of real customer calls.

Monitor Deals
Throughout Sales Cycle

Keep a track of important deals. Know when to get involved in the deal or provide any additional assistance to your sales rep to help them close the deal.

36- 56 million meetings held everyday in US alone - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Start driving visible results from your sales meeting with the power of AI meeting intelligence.
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Share Feedback
With Team

Convin easily shows you the questions asked by the prospects and how your teammates responded. You can also find the objections raised and how they were handled.

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