One Stop Solution to Call Audits and Custom Reporting

Convin not only offers manual auditing for all the calls but also automates the entire call auditing process for 100% customer conversations. It creates custom reporting and makes the overall manual QA more accessible. It saves me a ton of time by highlighting the weak and strong aspects of thousands of agents within minutes.

Kanika S.

Team Lead, AESL

Excellent Software for Quality Audits Using AI

Convin eases a lot of manual work, captures the right set of words required to understand and implement good audits that can help coaches to shape up their consultations. Convin's AI based intellect helps you discover all the pain points from consultations which helps the coaches enhance their consultation quality.

Vighnesh S.

Team Lead

Improve Agent Performance and Decrease Manual Labor

Convin has helped me and my team improve the overall quality aspect of our sales process. Ever since we started using Convin, we've seen great improvement in the call structure and call flow used by our agents. The call transcripts allow us to broaden our audit scope and acquire a better understanding of call quality. It's safe to say, Convin has significantly sped up the sales process and decreased manual labor.

Samir A.

Sales Team Lead

Track Auditor Performance with Auditor Reports

Convin provides an auditor report section that helps me keep a track of the auditors' performance for different parameters that are important to our business. It also sends a detailed report directly to the auditors via email that helps them improve their performance and identify exactly where they are going wrong.

Neelam A.

Team Lead, HealthifyMe

Boost Productivity and Streamline Daily Tasks

Before Convin, our data tracking was disorganized. Integrating Convin streamlined our daily operations and allowed us to view all calls under one roof - the Meetings dashboard. Convin solves various challenges for me; the top of the list is that it acts as a one-stop platform for listening to 100% calls, creates account/lead level analysis, and tracks parameter scoring.

Chirag K.

Education counsellor, AESL

4.7 out of 5 stars

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