Convin Conversation Intelligence for Sales leaders

Help your team close more deals by pointing areas of improvement. Reduce the gap between your top-performing sales reps & the rest of the team.

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Market Intelligence

Sales teams should always be on the same page with customer needs. Convin's market intelligence helps you identify the shifts in the market so you can drive your team in the best direction possible.

Effective ‍Sales Training

Coach your team with customer engagement playbooks. Help your sales reps in identifying soft skills that can help them become sales rockstars. Build sales process that works at scale.

Refine Your Sales Pitch

With Convin, you can see what works in a sales pitch and what does not with evidence.

36- 56 million meetings held everyday in US alone - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Start driving visible results from your sales meeting with the power of AI meeting intelligence.
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With Team

Convin easily shows you the questions asked by the prospects and how your teammates responded. You can also find the objections raised and how they were handled.

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