Stop spending time on people-intensive processes. Employ automation in every step.

Stop damaging your call centers productivity by relying on tedious, manual, and inefficient processes that can never complete the journey to earning customer satisfaction.

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Different roles. Different problems. One solution.

Relying on random call sampling and human bias

Still working on a manual QA process that doesn’t account for 100% call review? Are you losing essential performance data due to small and random call samples? Have you been allowing non-compliant agents to run loose and fearless?

 If you are unable to recognize agent performance and customer experience gaps with your current process, then your contact center needs a complete revamp.

No visibility into win and loss patterns

Are you unable to gauge what factors impact deals? Still clueless on the winning and losing reasons from previous deals? Aren’t you tired of not finding best practices that create an impact? Have trouble tracking compliance breaches and offensive behavior?

 If you are missing out on top-performing best practices that win deals and violations that lead to losing customers, then a serious call analysis restructuring is needed at your call center.

Excessive human dependency and delay in quality coaching

Is tracking agent performance a time-consuming activity? Unable to identify will or skill issues? Are you imposing the same coaching sessions on all agents? Still investing heavily in coaches and trainers for the tiniest coaching need? 

If your agent coaching process is intensely tied to people and depends on coaches for every assistance, your call center coaching process needs a serious makeover.

Unwarranted focus on manual and repetitive tasks

Is call review a manual activity? Are agents making manual notes? Are you circulating resources and internal documents by email? Are you still entering call notes in the CRM manually? Are you tired of errors, duplication, and tedious tasks that barely impact revenue?

If you are still banking on manual and time-consuming tasks and investing shorter hours in customer activities, then it’s time to explore a conversation intelligence tool and make room for strategic work that impacts revenue.

Your Benefactor: Convin’s Automation Engine

Automated Call QA

Drive more business with an AI-driven automated call quality mechanism that audits 100% of customers’ calls. Transform agent performance with unbiased call scoring and granular insights. Utilize insights to catch and address performance snags proactively. Evaluate and score agents on custom parameters and generate automatic feedback and coaching.

Call behavior analysis

Develop a repeatable, high-impact customer interaction model by tracking and implementing previous winning behaviors and actions. Highlight winning and losing probability of call parameters. Recieve best practices and recommendations that build customer relationships and win more deals. 

Automated Agent Coaching

Make every agent a performer by identifying skill or will issue. Expect faster improvement signs by automatically assigning peer-to-peer coaching without human interference. Assign personalized and targeted coaching instances for individual agents. Keep a tab on agent performance and offer consistent feedback. 
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