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Convin News: AI-Backed Convin Call Monitoring Platform Supports Omnichannel Contact Centers

Rimlee Patgiri
January 23, 2023
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January 23, 2023

A study in the U.S. says that among customers who use online chat, 60% say they “definitely will” recommend using the channel to friends/family/colleagues, while 53% of email users say the same.

Brands are spreading their wings across different channels. But using calls for sales and support has been a traditional practice and an easier choice. 

Wait! Something is not right. What?

We can smell the FOMO, and we completely understand. 

Let’s cover this again. Brands are spreading their wings across different channels, and so should you. Worried much about the N number of concerns that might go untraced? 

Don’t worry. We got you covered. 

We at Convin have some exciting facts to share with you. Ready? Here we go - 

Convin supports omnichannel contact center quality management.

Now, you can seamlessly track, monitor, and analyze calls, chats, and emails using Convin’s omnichannel contact center software.

Want to check email and chat quality analysis in action? Here you go!

The where and why of omnichannel communication

Omnichannel contact center platform

In this day and age of multi-platform touchpoints with the customer, the conversations have become platform agnostic. 

Customers' basic expectations to reach a brand are no longer confined to one form of communication. These growing anticipations are a result of omnichannel communication platforms that make conversations easier for customers. 

Having said that, Convin introduced automated quality assurance for chats and emails along with pre-adapted calls as a medium of communication. 

With the expanded channels in the picture, Convin can now track, monitor, and analyze conversations occurring through chats and emails where a lot of crucial communication can occur.

More about Convin’s Omnichannel Contact Center QA

Convin furnishes error-free sales and support through its automated call quality assurance feature. The software enables managers and supervisors to make sure every call is counter-acted by quality monitoring, leaving no gaps for concern.

1. Automated Conversations QA

Technology has surpassed conventional forms of communication, and customers are no longer looking for an answer within a defined space.
As brands walk an extra mile toward an omnichannel form of communication, Convin enables parameter-based and call script-based score-detailed analysis and points out any grievances that might occur.
Coming to quality assurance, which is a vital step towards providing great customer service, Convin no longer acts upon calls but covers emails and chats too.

Convin’s automated quality assurance

In simpler words, with Convin, you can carry out automated call quality assurance in chats and emails along with calls which include voice calls as well as video calls.

2. Manual auditing

While Convin performs automated QA over 100% of conversations, it also creates an intelligent set of calls that can undergo a manual audit. 

Apart from the calls that Convin recommends, you can also segregate the calls as per a range of scores assigned through auto-QA for manual auditing. 

Here are some of the note-worthy benefits of Convin’s automated quality assurance platform:

  • Seamless UI interface makes auditing easier.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Enables you to focus on particular instances on the call.
  • Audits 100% of the conversations.
  • Enables you to choose a range of automatically audited scores to audit manually. 
  • Track conversations across multiple platforms/channels

How to audit chats and emails?

  • Navigate to "Meetings" at the left side of the Convin homepage.
  • Select the "Conversation type" as “chats/email.”
Convin’s chat/email section.
  • Select the chat you want to audit.
Convin’s chat audit
  • To see detailed analytics for chats/email, head over to the "Analytics dashboard."
    Navigate to the "Filters" at the top to set the "Conversation type" to “chats/email.”
Convin’s Analytics Dashboard
  • You’ll now have an extensive list of chats/emails recorded by Convin, and you can narrow your search down to specific chats/emails that you or the audit team would like to focus on.
  • You can also go to “Accounts” and trace each rep’s calls and chats consolidated in a timeline.
Convin has the potential to reduce 31% manual call auditing time for Omnichannel contact centers.
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Final thoughts

Convin is a full-stack conversation platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide 100% call quality management

Its seamless UI creates the right environment for manual audits (if necessary) and custom segregation according to a range of audit scores. 

Additionally, with Convin, you can choose multiple new reports on the “Other reports” tab to help you and your team with custom reporting that best suits the unique requirements of your business. You can customize the call center reports according to parameters, agents, teams, and calls. You can also add any of the custom variables to the reports and opt to receive them via email at your convenience.

Custom automated reports for business

Convin’s omnichannel contact center auditing system integrates with your CRM and helps track, monitor, and analyze calls, chats, and emails, occurring across platforms. 

Would you like to learn more about Convin’s omnichannel contact center support? Start Here!

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