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Shorter Onboarding Time Decoded: Convin's Automated Agent Coaching Slashes New Agent Ramp-Up Time By 60%.

Team Convin
December 6, 2022
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The ramp-up time for a new contact center agent is about 3 months. And an agent's average lifespan in one contact center is between 6 months to 1 year.  

Considering the timeline of an agent in a call center, generating ROI in such a short period is a significant challenge for contact center managers. 

And along with physical call centers, plenty of organizations operate remote call centers. One can only imagine the pressure to train new remote hires and expect early conversions. 

But why do managers wish to reduce ramp-up time and add a well-trained workforce to face customers? Let’s find out!

Want to see the ramp-up time reduction technique in action? Here you go!

Why should managers reduce ramp-up time? 

Before we jump right into the solution, let’s present a few benefits that our customers see with shorter ramp-up time and the right training:

  • Increase agent productivity by 3X. 
  • Improve call quality score to 85%.
  • Improve agent confidence and skillset
  • Decrease the AHT by 56 secs
  • Improve first call resolution
  • Increase customer satisfaction score by 27%
  • Improve sales conversions by 21%
  • Retain agents and customers longer

The above benefits are evidence that ramp-up time is an essential factor in the call center output, and leaders need to search for more innovative ways to slash ramp-up time by at least 1/3rd the original time. 

We are here to help you achieve it with Convin.

Convin automation engine is created with the use case of increased ramp-up time at its core. The ever-increasing pressure on ramping-up new agents can be reduced drastically by investing in an automated agent coaching platform.

How does Convin's automated agent coaching increase productivity by reducing the ramp-up time of new agents by 60%?

Convin employs an automated agent coaching platform for new hires. The platform primarily works on peer-to-peer coaching by automatically detecting the areas of concern. 

For faster ramp-up, contact center managers can leverage a few more functionalities:

  1. Assign Coaching Sessions Manually
    Besides automatic assignment of coaching sessions, managers and auditors can create coaching sessions and assign them to a few new hires or a batch. Managers can assign specific topics and company modules with a completion date. Moreover, a tracking dashboard keeps both managers and agents accountable and the process transparent.
Assign coaching instances to new agents and old ones.

Here’s how you can create a manual coaching instance for a new agent joining your team:

  1. Assessment
    Only coaching the new joiner isn’t the ultimate task. Managers must identify agents ready to face the customers on sales, support, and collection calls. 
    Create assessments on the Convin dashboard for new agents. Assessment helps evaluate readiness on subject matters discussed. Assessments can be standalone tests or added along with assigned coaching sessions to evaluate the understanding of a particular session. 

    How to create an assessment?
    1. To create an assessment session, head to the Coaching Dashboard and click Create. You can choose to create a Coaching session or a standalone assessment. 
    2. To create it via a coaching session, click on the assessment tab and select the required assessment templates. 
    3. To create and add new assessment templates to Convin, kindly reach out to your dedicated account management team.
Create an assessment to evaluate the progress of agent coaching.
  1. Track progress
    The next step is to track the progress of your agents. Our reporting suite is comprehensive and customized. The coaching progress report helps you analyze and track the coaching progress and agent coaching performance with the help of average coaching progress completion % and comparison.
    Here’s how you can track the progress of your new agents:
  1. Asset library
    The asset library is an additional tool to access resources at the early stage of ramp-up.
Convin library is an additional tool for coaching agents.

The Library acts as a knowledge center for the team, with a central repository of all the essential resources to enhance their knowledge and skill to handle the calls better.

Managers can add multiple files or resources in the custom-created folders enabling access to all new agents and assisting them with rich knowledge regarding their roles to perform better on calls.

Library, apart from multimedia files, also supports adding call snippets from the conversations. These call snippets are good examples of customer conversations to learn and increase the CX across all conversations.

Here’s how managers can add a new call to the Library:

Convin, a full stack conversation QA platform, is employed to audit 100% agent conversations across customer-preferred channels. The recorded calls are analyzed, and AI generates the agent performance score. 

Conversations that need special attention undergo manual scoring. The score generated by Convin indicates the need for further coaching. This ensures that agents are under scrutiny and coached throughout the year. 

Every contact center, to our knowledge, is deploying automated coaching to reduce ramp-up time. Would you like to experience it too?

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Convin records, transcribes and analyzes all your sales calls to give insights on what’s working on calls and what’s not.

Convin records, transcribes and
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insights on what’s working on calls
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Bhive Workspace No.112,AKR
Techpark, A-Block, 7th Mile
Hosur Road, Krishna Reddy,
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+91 7011464590, +91 8802881329