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Understanding Contact Center Reporting By Convin

Rimlee Patgiri
March 24, 2023
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With the advancement of artificial intelligence, Convin has gone beyond the typical call center operations and functioning. The recordings from these conversations fetch extraordinary insights through Convin’s conversation intelligence platform. 

If you’re a contact center leader, there might be many queries that you would want to address quantitatively -

  • How are the agents performing?
  • How are the auditors' overall performance?
  • Are they adhering to the contact center compliance regulations?
  • What impact has the introduction of automation created on the contact center performance?
  • Are there any areas of improvement?

Having addressed that, the next question that arises is, how does Convin convey these ground-breaking insights? 

The most simple and easy-to-understand way would be to have a one-stop solution that extracts all the information from conversations, analyzes them, and presents it visually and quantitatively.

I found their reports much easier to read and extract valuable information from - Shanti O, Sales Director.

What Is Contact Center Reporting?

Your contact center is the hub for all agent-customer conversations determining the front line of your business. Clearly, frequently evaluating what’s working and what’s not is crucial for your business. 

Contact center reporting throws light upon that information. With the reports generated, you can convert the raw data into actionable insights, gaming up your call center management. 

Contact center reports are tedious and inaccurate to produce with manual auditing. Human errors, random sampling, inaccurate results, and lack of effective insights are some of the many shortcomings of manual audits. 

But with automation, contact centers have beat this challenge and are moving into a new future of improved call center management. Hence, the reports generated are 100x more intuitive and helpful in business decisions. 

Before we glance into how Convin’s reports and what they contain, let’s discuss some of the benefits of contact center reporting.

What Benefits Do Convin’s Contact Center Reporting Bring To The Table?

Contact center reports provide valuable insights into the performance and efficiency of a contact center. Here are some benefits of contact center reports:

Benefits of Contact Center Reporting
Benefits of Contact Center Reporting

Performance Tracking

Convin’s Contact center reporting helps track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call volume, call duration, hold time, and response time. You can also have a clear view of the agent’s name with respect to their previous total calls, current total calls, previous average call score, current average call score, change in average call score percentage, etc. 

These metrics provide a clear picture of the performance of agents, teams, and the contact center as a whole.

Operational Efficiency

By analyzing contact center reports, managers can identify inefficiencies in the operations and take corrective measures to improve the center's efficiency. For example, they can identify parameters that are working the best and the ones performing the worst and reform the scripts accordingly.  

Customer Experience

Contact center reports can help identify customer pain points and areas where the customer experience can be improved. This can help the contact center to provide better customer service and increase customer satisfaction. For e.g., you can use the dead air report in Convin to pinpoint the shortcomings to improve overall customer experience. 

Cost Reduction

By tracking metrics such as call volume and average handle time, contact center managers can identify opportunities to reduce costs. For example, they can identify areas where the contact center is overstaffed or understaffed and adjust staffing levels accordingly.

Business Insights

Contact center reports can provide valuable business insights, such as customer demographics and win-loss trends in customer behavior. This information can be used to inform business decisions and improve products and services.

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What Type Of Information Should You Expect Through Contact Center Reporting?

The types of insights extracted by contact center reporting determine the future action plan for your business. These insights must be accurate, fruitful, to the point, and actionable. 

But how do you decide what to expect? Will you miss certain insights without choosing the right contact center technology? 

Here’s a list of all the INSIGHTS you can expect from contact center reporting software. 

Important Insights From Convin
Important Insights From Convin
  1. Talk Ratio
  2. Patience
  3. Interactivity
  4. Longest Rep Monologue
  5. Longest Customer Story
  6. Question Count
  7. Filler Rate
  8. Interruption Count
  9. Talk Speed
  10. Topics Discussed 
  11. Action Items Detected 
  12. Questions Asked 
  13. Moments Detected
  14. Customizable audit report

Moreover, here’s a list of REPORTS generated by a contact center reporting software.

  • Parameter-wise Analysis: This report reveals the parameters' effectiveness and whether it’s adhered to accordingly. 
  • Customer sentiment: This report shows the customer sentiment toward the conversations, which helps you analyze your call center script and tailor your products and services accordingly. 
  • Competitor Analysis: Customer intelligence helps you acquire this report that dives into customer conversations and reveal your closest competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses. The report becomes your recipe for success in winning over customers and compelling them to choose your business over your competitors.  
  • Reason for potential business loss: This report uncovers reasons behind businesses not converting. It helps you improvise and take business-winning actions. 

High escalation Analysis: This report is crucial for your brand reputation and to avoid unforeseen circumstances. With this report, you can track down customers and conversations on the verge of escalating their complaints and prevent them from occurring.

A Walk Through Some Groundbreaking Contact Center Reports

Through its conversation intelligence, Convin provides a comprehensive platform to evaluate your call center performance from auditors to contact center agents. Let’s dive deeper into the different reports and their features in the Convin call center software. 

1. Customizable Reports

Convin allows you to obtain reports that are customizable and provides an open ground to make informed business-winning decisions. 

You can filter your selections perfectly by applying the templates, teams, and other requirements to obtain the reports according to your choice. Later, you can download the raw data or the final reports and even get them emailed to you. 

2. Types of Reports

Convin’s omnichannel contact channel platform allows you to carry out 100% call center quality assurance on emails, chats, and call evaluation. The results reflected in the reports are found in the form of auditor performance and agent performance, respectively. 

All reports

The all reports section is the hub for all your contact center performance reports. You can customize these reports according to your requirement to suit your business needs.

All reports section in Convin Contact Center Reporting software
All reports section in Convin Contact Center Reporting software

Some parameters you can reflect on through this section are 

  • agent reports, 
  • best-worst parameter reports
  • violation analysis reports
  • Call center coaching progress reports, 
  • coaching impact reports
  • dead air reports
  • email analysis reports, and much more.

Audit report

Heading to the next important type of report is the auditors report. In short, this report shows you how your auditors are performing. You can see a consolidation of the accounts audited, minutes audited, agents audited and calls audited. 

Furthermore, you can clearly see the meetings individually to see their AI score and see the audited template.

Convin’s Contact Center Reporting Dashboard
Convin’s Contact Center Reporting Dashboard

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