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Integration Simplified: Convin’s Call Center Auditing Software Integrates With Your Existing Tech-Stack

Rimlee Patgiri
February 15, 2023
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February 15, 2023

But what if we told you that you could bring out the best from everything seamlessly and achieve increased sales by 21% and CSAT scores by 27%? Not kidding. 

“A study by Mckinsey reveals that 60% of the respondents at companies with integrated digital and IT operations say their companies’ investments in technology create business value”.

In simpler words, integrate Convin's call-monitoring software into your existing tech stack! 

Show Me How Convin’s Integrations Boost Sales and CSAT

The goal of integrating Convin with your existing tech-stack is to improve the contact center's efficiency and effectiveness. Provide a better experience for both customers and employees. 

Also, integration with  Convin means gathering insights from conversations to 3X your contact center performance. More on this in the next segment!

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Why Should You Integrate Convin’s Call Monitoring Software Into Your Existing Tech-Stack?

Can you identify some challenges that might still be prevalent with your existing tech-stack integration? Some of them are listed below - 

  • Agents fail to follow call script
  • Poor customer experience
  • Lack of data and insights
  • Difficulty adapting to change
  • Longer ROI cycle
  • Not achieving 100% Call QA

On the other hand, Convin’s AI-backed contact center software uses conversation intelligence that brings an improved outlook to these problems and makes operations way easier. Let’s discuss the benefits of integrating your tech-stack with Convin. 

  1. Improved efficiency: By integrating Convin with your existing tech-stack, your call center can streamline its processes and reduce the time and effort required to handle calls and resolve customer issues.
  1. Enhanced customer experience: Teck-stack integration with Convin allows a call center to access and utilize customer information from various sources, which can be used to personalize the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction by 27%.
  1. Better data management: Integration with Convin can help a call center to better manage and analyze customer data from conversations through omnichannel platforms that include voice calls, chats, and emails, which can be used to drive more sales and make informed business decisions.
  1. Boost agent performance: When it comes to contact center performance, agent performance plays an integral role in its uptick. But executing and tracking agent performance can be a bit tricky. With Convin’s 100% QA and 100% compliance monitoring, you won’t be snowed under creating multiple manual reports and analyses. 

The benefits, you may ask? 

Achieving an improved agent performance paves the way to multiple results like increased call center performance, greater CSAT, lower attrition rates, and an increased ROI in your contact center.

What Are The Native Integrations Of Convin?

Native Integrations
The native integrations of Convin

Convin ensure that integration is as smooth as possible. While Convin allows you to integrate any software into your tech-stack as per requirement, some native integrations can be activated with just a single click. 

Here’s a list of all the native integrations under Convin - 

1. Team Messaging

Integrate with team messaging tools with just one click and get custom notifications, summaries, and reports on individual channels and groups. You can also schedule and share custom reports on the integrated team messaging tools.

Team messaging tools that can be integrated with Convin:

2. Video Conferencing 

Allows your agents to drop the pen and focus completely on the customer calls while Convin records the calls, analyzes, and draws insights. 

Video conferencing tools that can be integrated with Convin:

3. Calendar

Integrate Convin to set up an automatic recording system for all your meetings. Never miss a meeting and, for that matter, any insightful information. 

Calendar tools that can be integrated with Convin: 

4. Dialer

Use recorded, transcribed, and analyzed conversations by Convin by integrating it with your telephony system. 

Some dialer tools that can be integrated with Convin:

5. CRM

Don’t just manage customer data but also fetch numerous insights from the conversations. 

CRMs that can be integrated with Convin: 

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How Do The Native Integrations Of Convin Work?

Customer Relationship Management

Let’s understand how Convin’s native integrations work through this simple example of Pipedrive CRM and Convin integration:

 Contact center integration
Convin users can utilize information post analysis.

1. On completion of the call, a task is automatically logged in the integrated tool against the respective lead, contact, account, and opportunity record.    

2. Meanwhile, the call is automatically recorded by Convin, which can be utilized by all Convin users post-analysis.

Contact center software integration
Task is Logged in The Integrated Tool

3. While Convin automatically pushes a completed task to the appropriate Pipedrive account, the following data points are included: 

  • Recorded call link
  • Topics Discussed
  • Action items/Next Steps
  • Competitor discussed
  • The overall sentiment of customers
  • And a lot more…

4. Before joining the meeting, an agent may create a task in Pipedrive. This generates two possibilities that can be chosen during the onboarding phase - 

  1. A new task is created with all the data points from Convin.
  2. The original task will get updated with Convin’s data.
contact center integration
Integration Between Pipedrive and Convin


1. Depending on the telephony system, the tool will use one of the two methods to fetch data/recording from the client:

  • Poling call log APIs of telephony 
  • Webhook/push endpoint, which can be registered with telephony. 

2. The call is automatically recorded by Convin, which can be utilized by all Convin users post-analysis.

Other Integrations

1. There are several other tools that are frequently used in contact centers that can including calendar, video conferencing, and team messaging. 

2. As a part of the native integrations, Convin makes it super easy to integrate these tools into your system. 

P.S. Keep an eye out for Convin's assistant in your next video call and watch the magic happen

Convin’s Assistant Joins The Conversation When a Call Starts
Convin’s Assistant Joins The Conversation When a Call Starts

4. As the video conferencing proceeds, the call is automatically recorded by Convin, which can be utilized by all Convin users post-analysis.

Note: Similar to native integrations, Convin also integrates with any other tools that might not be on our list. Couldn’t find your integration requirement on our native list? Mention it to us, and we will make it happen. 

Want to get a demo of the various integrations and their benefits by Convin free of cost? Here you go!

Steps For Custom Integration With Convin’s Call Center Software

Let’s take a tour around the steps to kick-start integration with Convin:

For example, Let’s consider a tool named X,

1. Log into the Convin Dashboard.

2. Go to the ‘Settings’ section on the left panel.

3. Then go to ‘Integrations’ and look for ‘X.

CRM Integration
Integrate With Convin

4. Click ‘Connect’ on X Integration.

 CRM Integration
Connect To The Selected Tool.

5. You’ll now be redirected to the permissions page on the X dashboard. 

6. Click on ‘Allow and install,’ and your job is done.

7. In case you want to disconnect the Integration. Go to the Integrations page and click ‘Disconnect.

Allow and Install To Confirm Your Integration
Allow and Install To Confirm Your Integration

If you have trouble setting this up for your use case, please contact us at

How Convin Enables Two-Way Integration?

Two-way integration by Convin (optional) allows users to exchange data to and fro Convin’s software and their tech-stack tools in just two steps. 

Let’s discuss how two-way integration works with Convin:

1. Convin uses the webhook method to process data from the client. 

2. With two-way integration, a business can easily receive data from the preferred tool and, at the same time, fetch information from Convin to their preferred tech-stack

3. Two-way integration opens doors to getting access to various information in their tech-stack. Here are some live examples of information flow with two-way integration with a client in healthtech using Convin’s contact center software -

  • AI scores
  • Call links
  • Action items
  • Key points discussed on call
  • Talk ratio
  • Interruption 
  • Meet link
  • Individual parameter response

Talk To Us

Convin, being the conversation intelligence hubspot for call centers, aims at making integrations as seamless as possible, and with the right support, we are improving every day. 

What could be better than integrations fetching you the best business insights that help you grow and scale your company?

Convin’s objective is to 3X your call center performance–Automate your call center using Convin’s 100% call QA, boost agent performance and reduce ramp-up time by 60% with automated coaching, and predict your customer’s ifs and hows using customer intelligence. 

We would love to help you get the best service without any hiccups. 

Want us to guide you with your integration journey? Click here now!

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