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Convin Launches Mobile App: Your On-The-Go Call Center Software

Rimlee Patgiri
February 14, 2023
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February 14, 2023
“Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt and integrate new technology into our work.” - Sukant Ratnakar, Founder & CEO Quantraz Inc.

Contact centers have witnessed a drastic digital transformation over the years. One of the most crucial developments is the introduction of contact center softwares. 

Business decision-makers, managers, supervisors, and agents no longer beat around the bush, hoping for a sudden rush of success to flood their doors. Instead, with call center softwares, tracking the exponential curve of the business has become smooth as ice. 

So, that’s it! Contact center management is no longer a huge challenge. 

Moving one step further, Convin has decided to make this experience far more accessible and convenient for its customers.

According to JMango360, 70% of all Americans own smartphones, and 50% own tablets. These mobile devices account for 71% of the country’s digital traffic. 

Clearly, one doesn’t keep sitting in front of the desktop all day. Is it? 

Why Call Center Software On-The-Go?

Imagine a typical case of call center violation. Keeping in mind the significance of following call center compliance, call centers must always ensure their adherence. 

But imagine a regular day out of the office where your desktop is barely accessible, and a compliance violation occurs. 

With call center monitoring software in action, you will, fortunately, receive an alert on your email ID. But what if it was urgent and you weren’t aware of it at the eleventh hour? 

On the contrary, with a mobile app, the same notification pops up on your phone. 

Viola! Let’s get to the root cause.

Convin carefully assessed the importance of a mobile app on the go and aims to make agent performance tracking more effortless than ever before. 

In short, here are some common benefits you should expect from this launch of Convin’s Mobile Application - 

  • Compactly track real-time data and insights. Monitor key metrics like average handle time, first call resolution, CSAT, etc., in real-time and stay informed of any changes or trends as they happen.
  • Monitor closely team-level, rep-level, and parameter-level insights and ensure top-notch call quality.
  • Keep an eye on call center quality assurance and take action immediately on the occurrence of call center compliance violations.
  • Enhance overall contact center reporting experience in a portable manner.
  • Ensure the progress of automated coaching to upskill agents. 
  • Receive prompt notifications at all times for agent activities, automated coaching updates, etc. 
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Call Center Management At Your Fingertips: An App Tour

As you are already aware, Convin is an AI-backed conversation intelligence software that records, transcribes, and monitors call, chats, and emails to provide business-winning insights

Being an omnichannel contact center platform, Convin aims to ease contact center operations but also helps achieve a remarkable customer experience. 

As Convin finally goes live as a mobile application, we will give you a sneak peek into how it looks on your screen. 

1. The Login Screen

Mobile App Login screen of Convin call center software
Mobile App Login screen of Convin call center software

2. Enter the Domain ID, Email ID, and Password and press Sign in. 

3. You will be navigated to the Overall Dashboard of the Convin call center software mobile app. 

The overall dashboard of Convin call center software
You will enter the Overall Dashboard of Convin.

4. Click on the filters at the bottom to get a list of items. You can choose the various filters to view on the main screen according to your requirement. 

Use the filters at the bottom to view the analytics dashboard according to your requirement.
Use the filters at the bottom to view the analytics dashboard according to your requirement.

5. Click on the sidebar to the left to view the various features. You can view the  overall dashboard from this sidebar currently. We will update the sidebar with the rest of the products and features in the coming days. 

The sidebar displays the features and products of Convin’s call center software.
Use the sidebar to navigate to the features and products of Convin.
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Quick Overview Of the Convin Mobile App And How It Can Help

1. Overall Dashboard

The overall dashboard helps you unlock insights and improve your contact center performance. Its easy-to-use call analytics user experience enables a quick display of critical metrics, connected calls, dialed calls, analyzed calls, AI-score, etc. 

2. Multiview Selector

Choose data according to your business requirements by tapping on the drop-down menu next to the dashboard name. This will facilitate tailored insights at your convenience. 

3. Extensive Filter Mechanism 

Filter mechanism allows you to view insights and choose what you want to know. Drill down on specific segments with a wide range of filters, including call level, team, owner, template, call duration, date, status, and Audit type.

● Team-Level Analytics: Easily monitor team performance with Team-level analytics. View average call scores, call composition statistics, and agent composition at the team level.

● Rep-Level Analytics: Empower managers to identify top performers, reps needing attention, and potential for improvement with Rep-level analytics.

● Violation Analytics: Violation analytics provides valuable insights into customer and agent interactions. Identifies major violations and trends to improve customer experience and drive business success.

● Parameter Analytics: Uncover which parameters are effectively covered by reps and identify areas where they may require support. Get a team-by-team view to understand which teams are performing well and which need extra coaching. 

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Until Next Time

We are super excited to see how you feel about the Convin mobile app, and we hope YOU are too! 

This is just a  glimpse of the Convin call center software mobile app, so keep an eye out for future updates. Successfully bringing call center management to your fingertips so that you can always make the most of your time and never cease scaling!!

Ready For Your On-The-Go Call Center Monitoring Software?

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do most call centers use?

Most call centers use a combination of several different software systems, including - 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software
  • Call center management software
  • Workforce Management (WFM) software
  • Quality Monitoring software

What is the purpose of mobile apps?

The purpose of mobile apps in call center software is to provide call center agents and supervisors with the ability to manage their work from a mobile device. With a mobile app, call center personnel can perform various tasks, such as - 

What is the best call center training app?

There are many call center training apps in the market. Convin has one of the most efficient call center training features. With Convin’s automated coaching, and robust learning management system, call centers can expect a reduction in agent ramp-up time by 60%. 

How much does call center software cost?

The cost of call center software may vary across different companies. However, one must always be mindful of the call center software they opt for per their requirement. For example, Convin is a cost leader in providing contact center software with features such as QMS, automated quality assurance, automated coaching, a robust learning management system, etc. 

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