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Convin’s 2022 Product Highlights: A Quick Recap for All Contact Center Professionals!

Lalitendu Bal
January 23, 2023
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January 23, 2023

As we enter the new year, we are excited to share some product updates and improvements from 2022 implemented in our call center software, Convin, that brings us one step closer to our goal of increasing your contact center performance by 3X. 

We are committed to constantly evolving and improving, and we believe that these updates will help take our product to the next level. We hope that you are as excited as we unveil what we witnessed in the past year. 

Quote: According to a report by Innovature BPO, 87% of global businesses believe AI will provide them with a competitive edge. AI will be used in contact centers and call centers to automate repetitive duties concerning Customer Service.

Before we discuss the major developments that took place on our call center software in 2022, do you know how Convin aids your call center?

With Convin’s AI-powered contact center software, we aim to make your conversations nothing but more fruitful. Increasing your call center efficiency being our sole objective, we got the ball rolling for some significant features. 

Here are some paramount benefits of including Convin in your tech stack - 

  • Increase sales by 21%.
  • Increase CSAT by 27%.
  • Increase collection rate by 17%. 
  • Decrease AHT by 56 seconds.
  • Decrease ramp-up time by 60%.
  • Ensure 100% compliance monitoring. 
  • Audit 100% of conversations. 
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Keep reading to know the various improvements in our conversation intelligence platform.

1. Introducing Convin’s Full Stack Conversations QA Platform

Previously, Convin offered only automated quality assurance for calls. However, 2022 witnessed a major transformation as we added chats and emails to the stack. 

What does that mean?

You can now use Convin to perform QA audits across calls, chats, and emails without missing out on a valuable conversation. 

In simpler words, businesses can track and analyze conversations across omnichannel platforms with the added benefit of manual auditing options. With Convin’s omnichannel platform, never miss out on opportunities and increase sales by 21%. 

2. Took Automated Coaching and Agent Upskilling to Whole New Levels

Convin’s substantial coaching platform leverages agent performance that decreases ramp-up time by 60% resulting in a substantial increase in your call center’s ROI. 

Here’s what Convin’s automated coaching and learning management system look like - 

you can also train agents with the best coaching from peers. All you have to do is quickly create coaching modules from the best-performing agent conversations and assign them to agents who need improvement. 

  • Convin’s Learning Management System
    The library supports all types of resources that can aid in coaching the agents. Moreover, Convin’s extensive reporting helps managers and auditors to track agents’ progress and improve the overall team’s performance. 
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3. Taking Manual Audit One Step Ahead by Audio and Video Comments

Convin comes with 100% quality assurance and 100% compliance monitoring features. But taking QA a notch higher, we introduced audio and video comments in manual auditing. 

As Convin already took auditing from 1-2% to 100% in call centers via automated QA, we also ensured that manual auditing has its own freedom and ease of operation. 

Automated quality assurance
 Convin enables audio or video comments in manual QA

You can provide more descriptive and intuitive feedback to agents with audio and video comments. As an added benefit, audio comments are way easier to record and fasten the manual audit process.

4. Are Your Agents Ready? Check With Assessments

Despite regular onboarding and coaching, worried if your agents are well-versed on internal SOPs and training?

Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Ensure Agent Readiness With Convin’s Assessments

Keeping that into account, Convin introduced assessments. With assessments, evaluate agent readiness by assigning it as a standalone or linked with coaching.

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5. Sneak Peek Into What’s Next

We are super excited about bringing new developments to your table. Although we cannot completely reveal what’s next, here are some incredible benefits that you will be able to enjoy with Convin. 

  • Identify patterns and insights on customer conversations. 
  • The analytics dashboard will shine with better ease of access and many more exciting features. 
  • Last but not least, you’ll be able to reduce onboarding time and significantly decrease AHT with a brand new addition to the product. Coming soon!

That’s all, folks!

Do you want to learn more about Convin and how it leverages your contact center? Yes, show me!

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