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How does Real-Time Agent Assist Work?

Rimlee Patgiri
September 13, 2023
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April 26, 2024

During a customer interaction, agents often encounter make-or-break moments. Agents are under-prepared for such situations, delivering poor customer experience. This calls for a  little more than a simple script.

Because these moments often determine whether the customer will convert, stay, or walk away

Approximately 64% of consumers prefer businesses capable of addressing their requirements instantly.” 

Enters Real-Time Agent Assist.

The real-time guidance tool has the potential to turn every conversation into a potential business opportunity.

Let’s understand Real-Time Agent Assist and how it revolutionizes contact center performance.

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What Is Contact Center Agent Assist?

Contact Center Agent Assist is a game-changing AI-driven platform. It empowers customer service agents by prompting real-time guidance during interactions. Agent Assistance leverages natural language processing and machine learning to prompt smart suggestions on live customer calls.

Some of its features include:

  • Real-time guidance to stay compliant.
  • Guided script for best conversations.
  • Proactive issue identification.
  • Battlecards to navigate agents in difficult situations.
  • Comprehensive Gen AI-driven knowledge base for correct information. 
  • Valuable data-driven insights in real-time. 
  • Prompt suggestions on call scripts.
  • Live captions to decode complicated accents.

It also opens doors to upsell and cross-sell opportunities, making it a pivotal technology in shaping the future of exceptional customer interactions.

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Decode The Working Of Real-Time Agent Assistance

How does Convin real time agent assist work?
How does Convin real time Agent Assist work?

We've got you covered if you are curious about how Agent Assist works. It’s important to understand how real-time Agent Assistance brings convenience and accuracy to the table. 

  1. When an agent-customer call starts, the tool leads a parallel process. 
  2. Speech passes through three stages of processes, the first of which is an in-house model of streaming ASR (automatic speech recognition). This model converts speech in real time to text and retains it before pushing it to the next step.
  3. In the second stage, the text and the speech are passed on through spoken language understanding, where the speech and text are analyzed based on various factors, such as language and tone. Meanwhile, the parallel speech path loops into SLU before the next step commences.  
  4. Before landing on the screen as insights for agents, the speech and text pass through the recommendation system/analytics. Here, the information is analyzed by Agent Assist's various features, and rich insights are shared with the contact center agent in real-time. For example, some specific information can be used for real-time guidance, whereas another can be useful for battle cards. 
  5. Finally, agents can use these processed insights in real-time to ensure better agent productivity and customer and agent satisfaction.  

Agents can utilize the insights in the form of various features. Let’s examine these features one by one.

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What Are The Features Of Convin Real-Time Agent Assist?

Real-time Agent Assistance operates seamlessly during live customer interactions. It offers a range of benefits that significantly enhance the customer service experience. 

Here's a detailed list of all the features of real-time Agent Assist:

Features of Convin real-time Agent Assist
Features of Convin real-time Agent Assist

1. Real-time guidance & next best action

This technology's heart lies in real time guidance. It utilizes AI to provide reps and agents immediate support during customer conversations. Agent Assist is a master at saving agents from awkward moments by extracting critical information in ongoing calls. 

In short, it suggests the best course of action once the call concludes.

This feature’s integration with CRM systems ensures that databases are updated seamlessly, reducing post-call administrative work for users.

For example, the AI-powered Agent Assistance system identifies that the customer is interested in upgrading their plan during the call. It will suggest the next best action: offer a tailored plan upgrade before the call ends.

2. Guided script

The Guided Script feature ensures that users stay on track during conversations, following their call flow efficiently. It displays a visual checklist so agents do not lose track of the parameters.

It also takes call quality to the next level by alerting users to any missed mandatory or critical parameters, ensuring a flawless conversation. With the Guided Script, representatives' thoughts are more organized than ever.

For example, during an insurance claim conversation, the guided script can alert the agent to collect critical information, such as accident details and witness statements, to ensure a comprehensive claims process.

3. Proactive alerts & suggestions

Agent Assist AI for proactive alerts
AI agent Assist gives proactive alerts and suggestions

Real time Agent Assistance includes Proactive Alerts and suggestions. This feature notifies the agents if they interrupt customers during a call or monopolize the conversation.

It offers real-time suggestions for handling various situations, especially when customers seem frustrated. With this support, users can navigate customer interactions adeptly and provide excellent service by listening patiently and delivering a great experience.

For example, imagine an agent unintentionally talking over the customer. The system proactively alerts the agent to pause and listen attentively to the customer's concerns.

4. Dynamic battlecards and prompt suggestions

Types of battlecards in real-time agent Assist
Types of battlecards in real-time agent Assist

Battle cards are real-time, contextual cards that assist agents in handling difficult and complex situations. They are triggered by certain phrases or words used by the customer.

These battlecards empower new reps to become call-ready quickly, ensuring they deliver the ideal pitch every time and stay ahead of the competition.

Battle cards have 3 different kinds of responses:

  • A step-by-step flow on how to deal with complex situations.
  • Hints for the agent to follow, helping handle issues better.
  • A small list of options for the agent to ask the customer.

For example, during a support call for a technical issue, the system provides a dynamic battlecard with step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, ensuring a swift resolution. 

The suggestion section is highlighted in red every time the system makes a suggestion. Agents can always check all suggestions during calls if needed. 

Suggestions can mainly be divided into 3 types:

  • Suggestions on the call script.
  • Suggestions on compliance violations. 
  • Suggestions based on real-time speech analytics. Some examples are speaking slower, being patient when the customer is frustrated, etc.

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5. Knowledge base

Knowledge base for live agent customer support
Knowledge base for live agent customer support

The knowledge base is combined with ConvinGPT and has all documents uploaded by the auditing or documentation team. Agents can search for phrases to find relevant sections or documents.

The resource allows them to find the best possible answers or procedures in real time to address customer queries accurately.

For example, saya healthcare support agent uses the knowledge base to quickly find the latest medical guidelines when a customer asks about a particular condition.

6. Live captions

Live captions in agent assistant
Live captions in agent assistant

Overcoming language barriers and accents no longer hinders effective communication.

Real-time assist offers effortless identification of a customer’s accent or reviews prior statements. Agents can access the live transcript either line-by-line or the complete transcript simultaneously. 

For example, a Hinglish-speaking customer was easily handled when live captions were generated in English. This led to great problem-solving and increased customer satisfaction.

7. Ask AI

Lastly, Agent-Assist has an in-house AI feature powered by generative AI that helps agents save time and boost efficiency. Its ‘ASK AI’ feature allows agents to browse endless answers just by a single query that could have taken much more time to find. 

Remove communication gaps between agents and customers.

Why Agent Assist In Real Time?

Let’s look at some of the challenges businesses face and how agent-assist revolutionizes them.

Challenges faced without real-time Agent Assist
Challenges faced without real-time Agent Assist

1. Accuracy and trust

First and foremost, real time Agent Assistance ensures that customer interactions are accurate, reducing the chances of errors or misinformation. This accuracy builds trust between customers and the company.

2. Contextual understanding

By analyzing ongoing conversations in real time, Agent Assist can better understand the context of each interaction, leading to more relevant and helpful responses.

3. Handling changing conversations

Customer conversations evolve rapidly. Real-time assistance enables contact center agents to adapt effectively to changing topics, tones, and customer needs.

4. Privacy and data security

Real-time systems must prioritize privacy and data security, ensuring that sensitive information shared during conversations remains protected and compliant with regulations.

5. Systems united for flawless flow

Integrating various systems and tools in real time streamlines the workflow for contact center agents. It is the best way to improve agent efficiency by reducing manual tasks.

6. Long Hold Times

Hold times can be frustrating for customers and detrimental to their overall experience. Real-time Agent Assistance minimizes hold times by routing inquiries more efficiently. It helps agents access relevant information quickly, reducing the need to put customers on hold.

7. Delayed Resolutions

Lengthy resolution times can lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration. Real-time Agent Assistance equips agents with instant access to resources and knowledge. This accelerates issue resolution and enhances the overall customer experience.

8. Faster Ramping-up of New Agents

New agents take ages to ramp-up; before you know it, they are the hotspot for delivering unsatisfactory service. But not anymore.

With real-time Agent Assist, agents can now be monitored on the calls, which will help them ramp up quickly.

Want real-time monitoring for supervisors? Here you go.

Benefits Of Real-Time Agent Assist

Benefits of agent assist service tool
Benefits of agent assist service tool

1. Decode live calls and desktop actions

Real-time assistance enables interpreting live calls and actions on the agent's desktop. This means agents can receive immediate guidance and information while engaged with customers, improving service quality.

2. Real-time support, no matter the location

Regardless of the agent's physical location, real-time support technology ensures they can access assistance and resources whenever and wherever they are needed. This is especially valuable for remote or distributed contact center teams.

3. Spot and tackle dissatisfaction in a flash

By real time monitoring interactions, contact centers can quickly identify and address customer dissatisfaction or issues, preventing them from escalating into more significant problems and preserving customer satisfaction.

4. Efficient solutions, reduced expenses

Real-time assistance helps agents provide quicker and more accurate solutions to customer inquiries. This efficiency enhances customer satisfaction and reduces operational costs by minimizing the time spent on each interaction.

5. Bid farewell to frequent employee turnover

The support and guidance offered in real time can help reduce stress and frustration among agents, potentially lowering employee turnover rates. Happy and well-supported agents are more likely to stay with a company.

6. Unleash upsell and cross-sell potential

Real-time insights can empower agents to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities during customer interactions. This can increase revenue as agents proactively offer relevant products or services.

Real Time AI by Convin

Real-Time Agent Assist is a pivotal innovation in delivering superior customer experiences. By harnessing the power of AI to boost agent performance and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs, it opens up a world of opportunities for businesses. 

Ready to take your sales conversations to the next level? 

Join us at Convin to explore the full potential of Agent Assist and transform the way you engage with your customers. Drive more winning conversations—book a demo and contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Agent Assist in Dialogflow?
Agent Assist in Dialogflow is a feature that provides real-time AI-driven support to chatbots and virtual agents. It helps them understand user queries better and provides suggested responses, enhancing the quality of automated conversations.

2. What is Genesys Agent Assist?
Genesys Cloud Agent Assist is an AI-powered tool designed to assist human agents in call centers and customer support operations. It offers real-time guidance, suggesting responses and relevant information to agents during live customer interactions.

3. What is Agent Assist ServiceNow?
Agent Assistance in ServiceNow is an AI-driven solution integrated into the ServiceNow platform, offering real-time support to service agents. It helps them streamline workflows, resolve issues faster, and provide consistent and personalized customer responses.

4. What are some of the real-time Agent Assistance software?
Some real-time Agent Assistance software examples include Agent Assist Google, Agent Assist Five9, Agent Assist Talkdesk, LivePerson, Zendesk Guide, Agent Assist AWS, Cisco Agent Assist, Zoho Desk, and Kustomer. These tools use AI and natural language processing to aid customer support agents in delivering efficient and effective service during live interactions.

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