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A Detailed Guide to Real-Time Monitoring

Labeeb Ajmal T
September 22, 2023
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Call centers are becoming increasingly efficient and working towards better performance than ever before. Agents are continuously scrutinized via customer interactions and given feedback to improve.

Looking at different call center software, one can notice that the industry benchmark is post-call agent feedback. 

What about assisting agents in real time? Wouldn’t that be a game-changer? 

Agents would be able to improve their performance on live calls, leading to better customer experience.

Convin’s real-time agent assist allows agents to effortlessly help customers by providing a helping hand in every call.

Before we look at the benefits of real-time monitoring, let’s try to understand what real-time monitoring is.

What is Real-Time Monitoring in a Call Center?

Real-time monitoring or real-time agent assistance refers to evaluating agent-customer calls and providing suggestions and feedback in real-time.

This is done by upgrading currently existing algorithms to work on live interactions between agents and customers..

For example, consider that a customer is calling a gym about renewing their membership. Real-time monitoring can empower and assist the agent in offering the most suitable membership package and renewal discount on the live sales call. This avoids the delay of sending the details post-call and waiting for an answer from the customer.

Want to see how real-time monitoring works?

Now that we’ve seen what real-time monitoring is, let’s look at the different advantages of real-time monitoring.

How can Real-Time Monitoring Help Agents During a Call?

Before we look at the improvements of real-time monitoring, let’s look at a simple scenario to compare these two modes of monitoring.

A customer called Netflix customer care to enquire about the new regulations on password sharing. They were interested to learn about the limitations of using a single account and then make a decision on renewing their subscription accordingly.

We’ll be looking at the benefits of real-time agent assistance by considering this scenario.

1. Help Agents Stick to the Call Script

Real-time monitoring helps your agents to stick to the script in each call
Script Guidance

Agents have to stick to their script while resolving all customer queries. Following the script is the first step towards keeping customers happy and solving their queries.

Real-time monitoring helps agents stick to the script with a virtual checklist.

2. Reduce Gaps in Agent Knowledge

Resolve issues faster by making product information accessible
Search for documents during call

When organizations update their offerings, not all agents are up-to-date with them. While information is relayed to them, not everyone memorizes it immediately.

Instead of putting customers on long holds, agents can search the knowledge base for all documents. This helps agents to provide customers with the right information without long wait times.

So when customers call about the household rules that Netflix has enforced, agents can easily help customers. The knowledge base is a safe haven for agents to find all unknown information.

3. Better Control Over Compliance Violations

Leaders can stop waiting for the call to be over to let agents know that they’ve committed a compliance violation. It’s the time for proactive action.

With real-time monitoring, it is easier to reduce the possibility of compiance violations as agents receive a message on any violation that happens immediately.

4. Dynamic Prompt Suggestions

Real-time monitoring can help agents navigate difficult customer situations effortlessly. This is done by providing agents with pointers on how to resolve them.

Agent assist triggers battle cards when a customer uses certain trigger words or phases. These battle cards have responses that the agent can use to help the customer.

Agents receive dynamic prompts with real-time monitoring to help customers
Different kinds of Battle Cards in Real-time monitoring

Battle cards show responses in 3 different formats:

  • A step-by-step flow on how to deal with the current situation
  • Hints for agents to resolve a situation
  • A list of options for the agent to ask the customer

For example:

  • When the customer wants to cancel their subscription, a list of steps is shown to the agent
  • When a customer wants to change their subscription plan, a hint is shown on the different plans that are available currently
  • When the customer is charged incorrectly, there are certain options shown to the agent

The team leaders set up the triggers for these battle cards and the responses shown to agents.

5. Live Captions

Real-time transcription helps agents to understand their customers better and communicate effortlessly
Live captions for the agent to follow the conversation

There are calls where agents find it difficult to follow a customer’s accent. This isn’t a barrier anymore with real-time agent assistance.

Agents can communicate effortlessly as the software transcribes the call in real-time. Agents have the option to see either the complete transcript or a line-by-line transcript.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels

As shown above, with real-time agent assistance, agents can:

  • Share extensive information without long hold times
  • Resolve most queries in the first conversation

These can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction levels. And as per a study by the SQM group revealed that every 1% increase in first contact resolution leads to a 1% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Now that we’ve looked at how real-time assistance is beneficial, let’s look at why call centers should invest in real-time monitoring.

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Why Should Call Centers Invest in Real-Time Monitoring Tools?

Every call center should be investing in the right call center software for them and it can be difficult to choose among the many features available on the market.

Here are a few reasons why call centers should invest in real-time monitoring.

1. Reduce Average Handle Time

With live access to the knowledge base, agents can resolve customer queries without making them wait for long amounts of time. When all required information is easily accessible to the agent, it reduces the amount of time spent per customer call.

Such accessibility can reduce the average handle time of each agent.

2. Improve First Call Resolution

The pointers that agents receive help them to be prepared for any scenario during a customer call. Combined with the knowledge base and suggestions they receive from real-time monitoring, it becomes easier to resolve customer queries in the first call itself.

See agent assist in action!

3. Increase in Customer Satisfaction

With increases in first-call resolution rates and lower average handle times, customer satisfaction is bound to increase drastically.

4. Faster Sales Cycle

Real-time monitoring makes it easier to reproduce revenue-driving behavior. Agents can easily leverage real-time insights and close deals faster.

5. Implement Real-time Coaching

The knowledge base acts as a live coach and allows agents to improve their knowledge in practical customer situations.

The real-time monitoring tool helps agents to learn and improve in each conversation without being overloaded with information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Example of Real-Time Monitoring?

In a sports game, the coaches shout out suggestions to the players. Similarly, during a customer call, real-time monitoring provides suggestions so agents can deliver a positive customer experience.

2. How do You Monitor Call Center Performance?

Call center performance is monitored with reference to metrics such as average hold time, first call resolution, and abandonment rate.

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