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Real-Time Supervisor Assist: The Complete Guide to Empower Supervisors

Rimlee Patgiri
April 12, 2024
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Imagine a situation where one of your agents, eager to secure a sale, offers unrealistic assurances of guaranteed returns to a prospective investor.

Such misselling activities jeopardize your team's reputation and pose significant risks to the clients and your organization's compliance standing.

These sorts of make-or-break moments often occur that can potentially shatter customer experience.

This is one of many cases where a concrete solution is critical. Contact centers need to focus on customer satisfaction more than ever by focusing on agent performance and customer calls.

Fortunately, Supervisor Assist has made it possible to upskill your agents without dedicating weeks and months.

If this interests you, you’re in the right place.

This blog is all you need to take your contact center to the next level.

Eliminate misselling episodes in your call center.

What is Real-Time Supervisor Assist?

Supervisor Assist is a real-time guidance tool specifically designed for agents and supervisors to track agent performance in real-time and assist agents in customer calls.

It is a one-stop solution for all your customer service woes. Whether handling grievances, frustrated customers, sales, support, or agent coaching, Supervisor Assist makes it 10x better by providing real-time assistance.

Before we discuss the various benefits of Convin’s Supervisor Assist, let’s take a quick tour.

Would you like to see Supervisor Assist in action?

A Quick Walkthrough of Supervisor Assist + Salient Features

Real-time Supervisor Assist helps in tracking live conversations
Real-time Supervisor Assist helps in tracking live conversations

If you found Supervisor Assist worth knowing, don’t stop here. With its various features, you can efficiently address all your customer service needs. 

Let us show you how this carefully crafted tool has all the answers you need. Here is a quick tour through the tool, including its key features: 

#1: Active Calls

Active calls display in real-time Supervisor Assist
Active calls display in real-time Supervisor Assist

Supervisor Assist displays all the active calls under one umbrella in the dashboard. With this feature, supervisors can easily track all the calls currently taking place and tap into the performance of any conversation in real time. 

#2: Violation Calls

 Violation calls in real-time Supervisor Assist
Violation calls in real-time Supervisor Assist

This dynamic and must-have feature is crucial for supervisors to ensure that agents comply with regulatory requirements. Compliance violations are like magnets for reputation damage, misselling, and even lawsuits.

With this feature, supervisors can be assured that agents follow compliance regulations. If needed, they can immediately take suitable action to control it. 

#3: Negative Sentiment Calls 

Negative sentiment analysis in real-time Supervisor Assist
Negative sentiment analysis in real-time Supervisor Assist

Customer sentiments are tricky to detect but can reveal their intent of action in a call. Fortunately, Supervisor Assist has enabled supervisors to monitor customer sentiments in real time.

This ground-breaking insight helps keep track of how the conversation is going, which in turn aids in deciding whether the conversation is worth continuing. With this feature, Supervisors can also help steer the conversations in a positive direction. 

#4: Filters 

Filters for refining viewing experience in real-time Supervisor Assist
Filters for refining viewing experience in real-time Supervisor Assist

The filters feature lets you pay undivided attention to specific calls you want to view. With this feature, supervisors can set their preference for viewing calls based on the team and names of agents or all teams and all reps altogether. 

#5: Conversation Analytics

Analytics dashboard in real-time Supervisor Assist
Analytics dashboard in real-time Supervisor Assist

Lastly, the conversation analytics lets you see all the above features and their results in a consolidated dashboard. This dashboard helps supervisors view everything from the call details, supervisor name, live duration of calls, and sentiment graph to the parameters in which the violation occurred.

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How Does ‘Real-Time Supervisor Assist’ Make Life Easier for Supervisors?

Benefits of Real-time Assist and Supervisor Assist
Benefits of Real-time Assist and Supervisor Assist

1. Efficiently manage remote agents

Supervisors can efficiently manage remote teams with Real-Time Agent Assist and Supervisor Assist. They have access to all necessary tools and insights to oversee agent performance, provide support, and maintain communication regardless of geographical location.

This ensures remote agents receive the guidance and resources needed to excel in their roles.

2. Track customer sentiments

Supervisors are equipped with live sentiment tracking capabilities to monitor customer sentiment in real-time. This feature provides supervisors with immediate insights into customer interactions, enabling them to identify dissatisfaction or negative sentiment.

With this visibility, supervisors can proactively address issues, mitigate escalations, and ensure positive customer experiences.

3. Get prompt violation alerts

Real-Time Agent Assistant and Supervisor Assist automatically generate violation alerts when agents deviate from established guidelines or compliance requirements.

Supervisors receive instant notifications of these violations, allowing them to take swift action to address and rectify the situation.

This feature ensures that agents adhere to company policies, regulatory standards, and best practices, maintaining service quality and mitigating risks.

4. Barge-in call assistance 

Supervisors can barge into live customer calls to provide immediate assistance or guidance to agents. This functionality empowers supervisors to offer real-time support to agents facing challenging situations or complex customer inquiries.

By joining ongoing calls, supervisors can resolve issues and ensure optimal customer outcomes.

5. Improve visibility and coaching

Real-time agent assist improves visibility into agent performance
Real-time agent assist improves visibility into agent performance

Supervisors benefit from enhanced visibility into agent performance metrics, KPIs, and customer interactions with Real-Time Agent Assist and Supervisor Assist.

They have access to live conversations and contact center agents' analytics post-calls, which provide actionable insights into individual and team performance.

This visibility enables supervisors to identify areas for improvement, tailor coaching and training programs, and provide targeted feedback to agents, driving continuous growth and development. 

6. Rapid onboarding and reduced attrition

Supervisor Assist facilitates the rapid onboarding of new agents by providing comprehensive training materials, on-demand resources, and guided workflows.

Supervisors can leverage these tools to accelerate the learning curve for new hires, ensuring they quickly become proficient in their roles and contribute to team success.

Additionally, by offering ongoing support, feedback, and development opportunities, supervisors can foster a positive work environment, boost morale, and reduce agent attrition rates.

7. Decrease AHT and after-call work

With real-time agent assist, supervisors experience reduced average handling time (AHT) and after-call work. These tools optimize agent efficiency, streamline processes, and provide real-time guidance, including a quick knowledge base during customer interactions.

As a result, agents can resolve inquiries more quickly and effectively, leading to shorter call durations and decreased post-interaction workload for both agents and supervisors.

8. Improve manager accountability

Supervisors can establish clear performance targets and accountability measures for themselves and their teams with Real-Time Agent Assist and Supervisor Assist.

These tools enable supervisors to set goals, track progress, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to coaching sessions, agent grades, and overall team performance.

By holding themselves accountable to these objectives, supervisors demonstrate leadership, drive continuous improvement and ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

9. Improve customer experience consistency

Real-Time Agent Assist and Supervisor Assist enhance service standardization across all customer touchpoints.

These tools ensure that agents adhere to standardized processes and procedures regardless of channel or interaction type by providing supervisors with real-time insights and guidance.

This consistency in service delivery translates into a seamless and cohesive customer experience, fostering trust, loyalty, and satisfaction with the brand.

Improve conversation visibility by real-time monitoring.

5 Call Center Problems that Supervisor Assist Resolves

Use cases of Supervisor Assist
Use cases of Supervisor Assist

By now, you should be well-versed in Convin’s Supervisor Assist. It’s finally time to examine five real-world problems solved by this tool that will help your company stand out.

Here are the top 5 call center problems resolved by Supervisor Assist:

1. Prevent customer escalations

As mentioned above, with Real-Time Agent Assist, agents receive immediate guidance and support during customer interactions, helping them address issues before they escalate.

This is made possible by allowing supervisors to monitor conversations in real-time, enabling proactive intervention to resolve customer concerns and prevent escalations.

By providing agents with the tools and resources they need to handle challenging situations effectively, Convin minimizes the likelihood of customer escalations and enhances overall satisfaction.

2. Support new agents and real-time agent coaching

When joining a call center environment, new agents often face a steep learning curve. Real-Time Agent Assist offers on-the-job support and guidance, helping new agents navigate complex inquiries and build confidence in their roles.

Supervisor Assist facilitates real-time agent coaching by providing supervisors with insights into ongoing interactions. Supervisors can offer immediate feedback and guidance to agents, helping them improve their skills and performance in real-time.

With Convin's assistance tools, new agents receive the support they need to quickly become proficient in their roles, contributing to faster onboarding and improved performance across the team.

3. Reduce compliance violations

Compliance violations can pose significant risks to call center operations, leading to regulatory penalties and damage to the brand's reputation.

The tool’s proactive suggestions and battlecards help agents stay compliant by providing real-time alerts and guidance on regulatory requirements and company policies.

Supervisor Assist enables supervisors to monitor compliance adherence across all interactions and receive instant notifications of potential violations.

This proactive approach allows supervisors to take immediate corrective action, reducing the likelihood of compliance breaches and mitigating associated risks.

4. More visibility into agent performance

Convin's Supervisor Assist offers supervisors enhanced visibility into agent performance metrics, KPIs, and customer interactions through comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboards.

Supervisors can track key performance indicators in real-time, such as average handling time, first call resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores, to identify trends and areas for improvement.

This increased visibility enables supervisors to provide targeted coaching and feedback to agents, driving continuous improvement and optimizing overall performance.

5. Real-time customer insight

Real-Time Agent Assist includes sentiment analysis capabilities, allowing agents to gauge customer sentiment during interactions.

By analyzing speech patterns, tone, and language, Convin's tools provide agents with insights into the customer's emotional state and satisfaction level in real-time to make informed decisions and improve the overall customer experience.

The Way Ahead

In a nutshell, Convin's Supervisor Assist is a powerful solution that effectively resolves common call center challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

So, what’s next? If you want to learn more, we’ve added some additional reads below.

But here’s a better alternative. How about a free demo to see the product in action live? 

Book a demo with us today and take your first step toward winning over more customers, building a promising brand, and being the best contact center in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is real-time agent assist?
Real-time agent assist is a technology that provides immediate support and guidance to customer service agents during customer interactions.

2. What does agent assist mean?
Agent assist refers to tools or systems designed to aid customer service agents in tasks, typically by providing information, suggestions, or automation.

3. What information does Agent Assist immediately provide to you?
Agent Assist immediately provides the customer service agent with customer history, relevant data about the inquiry or issue, suggested responses, and guidance on the next steps. 

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