Call Center Monitoring Software

Call monitoring solution with AI-driven Insights

Call monitoring software improves call center performance by ensuring quality service, compliance, and agent training through real-time monitoring and analytics.

Call Center Monitoring Software
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Modern call centers have come a long way in embracing change in the face of a remote workforce and oscillating customer expectations. This unexpected rise and fall of customer desires and changing behaviors have put the entire call center ecosystem in a fix. 

Yet, a large part of the customer experience strategy is to guarantee contact center agents meet customers at their pace and buying stage while offering satisfying services.

Call quality monitoring software has come forward as a viable solution to ensure agent performance and a highly productive contact center. 

Along with agent performance auditing, the monitoring solution identifies faults, errors, problems, challenges, and bottlenecks in the bud. Contact center leads locate these signals when repair and fixing are possible, which means neither customer relationships nor jobs are at stake.

Let’s get deeper into the call monitoring process and evaluate the possibilities of using call monitoring analytics. 

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What is Call Monitoring Software?

Call monitoring is a contact center process of listening to calls between agents and customers to improve call quality and produce a positive customer experience. 

Call center monitoring is a process of listening to calls between customers and agents
Call center monitoring is a process of listening to calls between customers and agents

Generally, a team is deployed to listen to the calls and help agents improve productivity and performance. The quality assurance team listens to the call and makes appropriate suggestions. Besides the QA team, call center coaches, contact center managers, and supervisors actively participate in call quality auditing.

To make contact center teams' lives easier, today’s leaders rely heavily on technology for effective call quality monitoring. The new age call monitoring software records calls and facilitates coaching opportunities.

Only 37 percent of organizations feel they are using advanced analytics to create value; this finding reveals a significant missed opportunity. - Mckinsey

What Is Call Center Quality Monitoring Software?

Call monitoring software is a call tracking and auditing tool that records and captures agent-customer calls. The software is added to several business phone systems and call center solutions. Similar to other SaaS-based products, the software can be accessed on the Internet.

Call monitoring software is often a part of more extensive software like call management software or contact center software. In addition to monitoring agent performance, call monitoring systems track customer journey patterns throughout the customer lifecycle.

Call center quality monitoring software
 Customer lifecycle of a contact center [Source]

Call quality monitoring software solutions are encouraged in the majority of contact centers these days as they help collect customer feedback faster than any source in the market.

As per  statistics, 67% of organizations demonstrated tremendous growth by gathering customer feedback. 

Now, let’s go deeper and understand why high-volume call center companies are investing in call monitoring software.

Why Use Call Monitoring Software?

Call monitoring software offers an easy corridor to watch over customer calls. The software gives access to quality assessment that needs zero to minimum human dependency.

3 pillars of a call center monitoring software
3 pillars of a call center monitoring software

Moreover, call monitoring highlights patterns, trends, and problems often overlooked by the naked eye and ear. 

The core advantages of using call center QA software are:

  • More Accuracy
  • Reduced error and duplication
  • Reduced human dependency
  • Faster processes
  • Unbiased results
  • Less arduous
  • Time efficient

How Does Call Monitoring Software Work?

Contact center management teams use call quality monitoring tools in one of the two ways:

  1. Real-time monitoring
  2. On-demand monitoring

In real-time monitoring, managers or coaches listen to agent conversations. On-demand monitoring allows conversations to be recorded first and then reviewed retrospectively.  

One is a reactive approach, and another is a proactive monitoring approach. Each has its pros and cons, but global call center companies equally use both.

Who Are The Primary Users Of Call Monitoring Software In A Call Center?

Firstly, most organizations conduct call center quality monitoring to ensure optimal contact center performance regardless of business size. Secondly, although contact center support revolves around omnichannel support setup, including live chat, social media, text messaging, etc. is picking up pace. Yet voice support turns out to be the winner as 76% of all customers rely on phone calls to reach customer support representatives. 

Evidently, as long as voice support and phone calls are in the picture, reps/agents and managers need to get hold of call monitoring output.

So, here is a list of stakeholders directly impacted by call center monitoring software:

Contact center monitoring software
Contact center management stakeholders
  1. Agents- Review self-calls and look for improvement points, follow-up information, and customer insights.
  2. Sales managers- Track reps' performance and align the rep for coaching. Also, track sales trigger events and identify winning conversation parameters and customer trends to locate more business opportunities.
  3. Contact center managers- Heavily rely on agent performance and customer call monitoring to scale call center productivity. Dive deeper into agent performance patterns to retain the right people and let go of the liabilities in the team.
  4. QA manager- Daily bread and butter depends on searching for mistakes, errors, compliance issues, and misleading information communicated by agents. They use call quality monitoring to regulate validated and authorized information sharing with the customers.
  5. VP contact center and higher-ups- Leaders in the company do not entirely immerse themselves in call monitoring. However, they request timely access to insights that display conversation behavior analysis and call quality reports to ensure ROI and smooth contact center operations.
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What Are The Call Center Monitoring Software Features?

The call center monitoring software features are:

  1. Call Recording

Customer calls are recorded by the software and safely stored on the platform. These recordings can be retrieved for review, preparation, and coaching purposes. 

  1. Call Auditing and Scoring

Based on the custom call quality parameters defined by the contact center organizations, agent calls are scored by the contact center call monitoring tools. 

Call Center Monitoring Software Features
Call Center Monitoring Software Features
  1. Call Whispering

In call whispering, the call monitor can plug into the live call monitoring and help the agent through the meeting by adding his comments wherever necessary. The caller or customer at the other end is unaware and undistracted by the presence of the call monitor. 

  1. Call Barging

The monitor joins the call and is allowed to speak to the agent and customer. Both parties are aware of the monitor’s presence.

  1. Call Analytics

Calls recorded and scored produce analytics that makes informed decision-making easier during the customers' lifecycle. The insights usually indicate quality parameters, successful behavioral pattern identification, and coaching requirements.

Call analytics in call center monitoring software
Call analytics in call center monitoring software
  1. Reporting and Tracking

Last but not least, the reporting dashboard brings all reportable data insights together in a structured and shareable format for decision-makers. The reports are easily tracked and configured as per different personas.

What Is A Call Center Monitoring Form?

Call monitoring software is incomplete without the call center audit form. The form evaluates the agents on pre-defined call quality and performance criteria. Companies develop a call audit form and enter it into the call monitoring software for automated assessment.

The template is pre-built and customized as per changing call center policy requirements.

Elements of a working call center audit form:

  1. Process
  2. Skillset
  3. Knowledge
  4. Compliance 
  5. Results

A well-structured format can help contact center leads manage agent efficiency, conduct training, appoint coaching, recruit better, and improve overall contact center productivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Call Monitoring?

There’s a never-ending list of benefits that call monitoring software can offer to the call center ecosystem. From agents to leaders, every stakeholder depends on the remarkable capabilities of the call center QA software. Here are a few main benefits of using the call monitoring system.

1. Call center agents

  • Improves call performance
  • Increases productivity
  • Highlights business opportunities
  • Get first-hand customer and manager feedback

2. Call center managers

  • Identify challenges faster
  • Reduce conflicts and disputes 
  • Identify customer service gaps
  • Maintain compliance and internal policies
  • Locate unhappy customers and employees
  • Improve customer experience
  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Reduce escalations
  • Track and manage remote agents
  • Ramp up new agents
  • Identify and automate coaching and learning programs 

3. Call center QA

  • Track agent behavior
  • Track customer feedback and behavior
  • Standardize call processes
  • Locate challenges and issues on calls
  • Manage compliance and call regulations

4. Call center customers 

  • Offer positive customer experience
  • Offer thorough product details 
  • Fast problem resolution experience
  • Increase quality service

5. Contact center management

  • Meet software ROI faster
  • Reduce human dependency 
  • Reduce quality assessment time
  • Improve call center productivity
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value

What does the Call Center Quality Monitoring Checklist consist of?

Before you assess your contact center team with the monitoring software, you must ensure a few things that help in the most effective call monitoring program. Here are a few must-do:

  1. Don’t forget the call center metrics. Have them listed out and set your call center objectives. Then, call monitoring will smoothly fall in place.
  2. Have a contact center resource plan that highlights all the needful resources in one place and is easily accessible. This includes tools and scripts.
  3. Encourage a learning center within the contact center team. Be vocal about training, coaching, and call improvement plans from the start.
Call center quality monitoring software
Call center quality monitoring software
  1. Be thorough with your current scoring mechanism and measurements. The process and the KPIs should be crisp and comprehensive.
  2. Check the legal and compliance requirements of your organization and country. All regulations impacting your industry should be enlisted before starting a contact center.
  3. Keep QA and coaching teams on the same page. All contact center team members must frequently discuss policies and plans. 

Always keep customer experience as the topmost priority. Create a detailed checklist that throws light on customer service and positive experience.

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Call Monitoring Software Best Practices

Best practices for using call monitoring software include:

  1. Clear Objectives: Define specific goals and objectives for call monitoring to align with your organization's needs.
  1. Compliance: Ensure that your call monitoring practices comply with legal and ethical regulations, obtaining consent when required.
  1. Relevant Metrics: Select and track relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that match your objectives.
  1. Feedback and Coaching: Use monitoring data for constructive feedback and coaching to improve employee performance.
  1. Privacy and Security: Safeguard customer and employee privacy and implement robust security measures for call data.
  1. Continuous Improvement: Continuously refine your call monitoring processes based on insights and feedback.
  1. Transparency: Be transparent with employees about the purpose and procedures of call monitoring to build trust and cooperation.

How Does Convin’s Call Monitoring Software Improve The Closure Rate by 25%?

Convin is a customer service solutions software that doesn’t claim to solve your contact center woos but resolves many challenges with a few capabilities. Increased agent performance is one area that Convin can help. 

By employing call quality monitoring tools and influencing agents' performance, increasing CSAT by up to 27% is only a matter of time. 

Let’s dive in and learn how Convin can help boost customer satisfaction.

1. Focus On Active Listening, And Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Dedicatedly working on customer-centric tasks have a higher chance of creating the best customer experience. 

Ditch note-taking and manual call review. Focus on listening to the customer and developing strategies for high-quality follow-up meetings. In parallel, switch to automated call scoring and get 100% of calls reviewed without human interference, resulting in an uplift in call quality. 

Get timely reports with the Convin call center reporting tool

100% Call Monitoring Software with Convin
100% Call Monitoring Software with Convin

2. Lower manual intervention in coaching

Convin comes with an exclusive learning management system that aims to boost agent productivity by eliminating interventions in coaching processes. 

Convin’s knowledge base with customizable assessments has become the perfect way to motivate and train agents. Now identify areas of improvement, assign top-performing agent recordings as a module, and boost agent productivity. 

Convin’s call monitoring dashboard helps improve customer service characteristics.
Call center coaching software helps replicate top-performing agents

Create your own training materials, assign deadlines, and track your call center agents' overall improvement. 

3. Reduction in agent ramp-up time 

Enhance your call center’s agent performance metrics by transcribing, monitoring, and analyzing calls, chats, and emails via Convin. Boost CSAT by 27% and reduce ramp-up time by 60%. 

Implement 100% automated quality assurance and carry out 100% compliance monitoring. Convin shoots your agents’ performance to new heights and, as a result, helps you achieve lower customer service representative ramp-up and heightened closure rate. 

4. Proactive measures with violation alerts

One aspect of a call that can ruin customer experience is unsolicited agent behavior that negatively impacts clients. Wrong information, unresolved grievances, long hold times, incorrect knowledge, and more are caught in time by Convin’s call monitoring tool and alert the management team for corrective actions. 

Call violation alerts and indicators help in conflict resolution in call monitoring software
Call violation alerts and indicators help in conflict resolution in call monitoring software

5. Real-time coaching

Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions for call monitoring software
Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions for call monitoring software

Real-time coaching aids in training agents during calls. Agents can be coached during live calls with various features, including suggestions, battlecards, guided scripts, access to the knowledge base, etc. 

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What Are The Product Capabilities Of Convin’s Call Center Quality Assurance Software?

Convin monitors and analyzes 100% of calls automatically based on custom parameters set by your organization. The conversation analysis offers winning behavior identification and last-mile automated agent coaching. 

  1. Automated Quality Management

Convin’s contact center monitoring tool automatically reviews 100% of customer calls using custom call evaluation forms and spots agent performance challenges and unhappy customer conversations. Through automated quality management, call center managers and QA generate call scores that help audit more calls with the same number of quality assurance (QA) managers and establish coaching needs and staff dissatisfaction. 

  1. Call Behavior Analysis

With the help of conversation insights and deal status, Convin presents parameters that drive positive and negative outcomes for the business. Spot violations, winning parameters,  customer sentiments, and threats to take proactive measures before the customer calls.

  1. Agent Assist

Agent Assist aids in call center customer service by providing live call monitoring and support to customer service agents during interactions. It ensures that agents follow best practices, maintain compliance, and deliver customer service. With features like guided scripts, proactive alerts, and dynamic battlecards, it equips agents with the tools to handle various scenarios effectively, making it an invaluable asset for improving agent performance in call centers.

  1. Learning management system

The integrated knowledge base in ConvinGPT stores all documents uploaded by the auditing or documentation team. Agents can search for phrases to quickly find the most accurate answers and procedures, ensuring prompt and precise responses to customer queries. 

  1. Quality management software

Automated call monitoring software enhances call center operations by efficiently monitoring and analyzing customer interactions. Unlike manual methods, this free software covers 100% of conversations, providing immediate feedback, flagging compliance violations, and enabling personalized customer service. 

Customizable scoring templates and omnichannel support ensure comprehensive quality assurance and elevate customer service quality, making it an essential tool for call center success. Convin also has a call monitoring app

Convin’s Call Monitoring Software is safe and secure

Convin is a secure and safe contact center call monitoring software

At Convin, we understand the customer and call data security important; that’s why we ensure your data is entirely secure and safe in our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We guarantee all data security in the following ways:

  • In-house transcription and NLP
  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR-compliant meeting recording

And before you go, as of now, Convin supports languages beyond English. And it takes only 2-3 weeks to get you onboarded. Try call monitoring software for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a call be monitored?

Yes, calls can be monitored with the appropriate software or hardware like Convin.

2. What is monitoring phone calls?

Monitoring phone calls involves listening to, recording, or analyzing conversations for quality control, compliance, or performance evaluation purposes.

3. What is the best tool for monitoring?

The best call monitoring tools for monitoring phone calls depend on specific needs, but popular options include software like Convin, Verint, NICE inContact, or Cisco Call Manager, along with hardware solutions like call recording systems.

4. What are some call monitoring software examples?

Here are some examples of call monitoring software:

  • Verint
  • NICE inContact
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
  • Five9
  • Avaya Call Recording
  • Genesys PureEngage
  • Talkdesk
  • Aspect Quality Management
  • Mitel MiContact Center
  • OrecX