Call Center Recording Solution

Call Center Recording Solution with AI-Enabled Data Insights

Call center recording solution records and stores phone conversations for quality assurance, compliance, training, and dispute resolution.

Call Center Recording Solution
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If you are the call center manager, one of the biggest challenges we can bet on is auditing and reviewing all rep's calls and providing feedback. 

Even if you have a manual auditing system in place, we are here to tell you it's not enough!

In fact, just 2% of the recordings are actually reviewed, while the remaining 98% remain untouched and stored on the servers.


Because manual call reviewing takes a lot of time, and in most cases, not all calls are audited, only a handful of the calls are, which again is not systematic. Thus it leads to important calls being left unaudited. 

But with Convin’s call center recording solution, you can record and analyze 100% of call-center calls based on custom parameters and even prioritize those calls that need special attention in less than a quarter of the time. And much more, but more on this later.

Let’s first understand what a call center solution is and, more importantly, why you need one!

What do you mean by “Call-centre” recording?

Features of call center recording solution
Features of call center recording solution

Call center recording solution tapes and documents the call center calls via the VoIP and IoP protocols, post that it analyzes the call recordings. 

Using a call center recording solution, you can monitor your reps' activities, organize calls – making call recordings searchable, re-listen to recordings, check call reports, perform quality control, and provide instant feedback.

Call center recording solutions also give access to unlimited customer intelligence and challenges, which can be utilized for marketing.

Call center recording solutions give a holistic view of everyday call center calls and call performance.

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How Do Call Centers Record Calls?

How do call center recording systems record calls?
How do call center recording systems record calls?

Call centers record calls using specialized software and hardware designed for call recording and monitoring purposes. 

Here's a general overview of how call centers typically record calls:

1. Call Recording Software

Call centers use call recording software to capture and store audio recordings of phone conversations. This software can be integrated with the call center's phone system, allowing it to record inbound and outbound calls automatically. There are different types of call recording software, including:

2. Automatic Call Recording

This software records all incoming and outgoing calls without manual intervention.

3. On-Demand Recording

Call center agents can manually start and stop recording during a call.

4. Screen Recording

Some call recording systems also capture the agent's computer screen to monitor their interactions with customer data and applications.

5. Integration with Phone System

The call recording software is typically integrated with the call center's phone system or customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration ensures that call recording is seamless and can be easily accessed and managed.

6. Storage and Archiving

Recorded calls are typically stored in a secure and centralized database or storage system. These recordings are often archived for compliance and legal purposes. The length of time call recordings are retained may vary based on industry regulations and company policies.

7. Quality Monitoring

Call recording is not only used for compliance but also for quality assurance and training purposes. Call center managers and supervisors may review recorded calls to assess agent performance, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement.

8. Search and Retrieval

Call recording software often includes search and retrieval features that allow authorized personnel to find specific calls based on criteria such as date, time, caller ID, or keywords mentioned during the conversation.

9. Security and Compliance

To ensure compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA), call centers must implement security measures to protect recorded calls from unauthorized access. Access to call recordings is usually restricted to authorized personnel only.

10. Notification and Consent

In some regions and industries, it may be necessary for call centers to inform callers that their calls are being recorded. This requirement may vary depending on local laws and regulations.

11. Encryption

To enhance security, recorded calls may be encrypted during storage and transmission to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches

BSH Automates call auditing for their call center

BSH is a UK-based home appliance company that needed a solution that would record and monitor the quality of its call centers and also resolve compliance issues. They needed this solution to train their agents and improve their performance.

Initially, they opted for an automated call center quality management solution to monitor their 88 agents in the Kettering call center.

Soon after that, it was noted that the agents of this call center were ranked for their helpfulness, politeness, and overall performance.

Amazing right?

Still confused if your call center needs a contact center recording solution?

Why does your organization need a call-center recording solution?

A common question that needs to be addressed is, “why calls are recorded in call centers?” A call recording solution is important for monitoring sales reps' calls and is also crucial for resolving compliance issues.

1. Call-center quality management

Call center quality management in contact center recording solution
Call center quality management in contact center recording solution

Most call centers have a quality management system in place, but as per their call auditing system, any two calls are audited per agent. It takes weeks and weeks to provide agents with feedback, which further delays their performance improvement. 

With an automated call center quality management in place, all calls can be audited within a quarter of the time of auditing a single call. It even prioritizes the calls that need manual review so that important calls are not missed, and the data of these calls can be utilized in the hot time.

2. Agent Compliance

Agent compliance in call center recording software
Agent compliance in call center recording software

Call center recording solutions come in handy for checking if agents are complying with the company’s values, policies, and rules when engaging with customers. Most companies follow a script and even provide a greeting message. 

By using a recording system, you can check if your agents are following the script and call protocols.

3. Onboarding training

Onboarding training in call center recording solution
Onboarding training in call center recording solution

If you have easy access to prior calls, training new hires becomes much easier. They can simply listen to the recordings and understand the tone of talking, customer service, customer engagement strategy, customer’s objections, and pain points and how to tackle them.

Convin makes recording and organizing call recordings very easy with its create call library feature. You can use this feature to create a library of different call scenarios and your best calls and share them with the hires.

4. Dispute resolution

Call recording service providers help in dispute resolution
Call recording service providers help in dispute resolution

As we said, as per the government rules, it is mandatory to record call center calls for legal dispute management.

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes the business call center representative gets into “you said, he said” disputes regarding offers, warranties, etc. In these times, these recordings really help in resolving the issue.

5. Unlimited and real customer intelligence

Unlimited and real customer intelligence in call center recording software
Unlimited and real customer intelligence in call center recording software

One of the best hidden advantages of call-center recording solutions is that it helps uncover real customer intelligence directly related to your business, like customer objections, challenges, and customer intent. 

It even helps unravel the customers' changing buying behavior by uncovering insights from their calls.

The statistics in the market are very generic and may or partly apply to your business. You can target your customers more personally and effectively using real customer intelligence.

Now that we know why call-recording solutions are crucial, let us tell you more about Convin.

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Convin’s Call Recording Solution

Convin call center recording software
Convin call center recording software

Convin’s call recording solution integrates seamlessly with your existing call-center stacks and starts recording all calls through VoIP post that, it analyses the call for quality management, agents' performance, and crucial business intelligence and reports them to the managers. 

It even provides feedback to the agents during the call and right after regarding their performance so that they don’t have to wait weeks to review their call performance and improve their performance call on call.

Convin even prioritizes those calls that need special attention for manual auditing so that your call auditing team can choose the right call for auditing, provide feedback, and extract crucial business intelligence.

With Convin, you can even create custom call libraries and share them with new hires to fast-track the process of onboarding and ramping up. 

How do Convin’s call center recording solution work?

Working of Convin call center recording solution
Working of Convin call center recording solution

Convin’s call center recording solution is easy to deploy and easy to use. 

Step 1: Integrate

Convin easily integrates with your dialer, cloud telephony system, and video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. 

Step 2: Record. 

Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe

After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyse

Convin analyzes on the basis of custom parameters and then highlights for you the call insights like; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

And highlights the calls that need manual auditing.

Step 5: Share

Remember integration with your Slack. And CRM?

Convin readily shares the insights directly to mail Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

How Does Convin’s Call Center Recording Software Increase CSAT By 27%?

Convin is a call center recording software that doesn’t claim to solve your contact center woos but resolves many challenges with a few capabilities. 100% quality assurance, multichannel support, faster response times, real-time guidance, and personalized coaching are some areas that Convin can help with. 

By employing automated tools and influencing agents' performance, increasing CSAT by up to 27% is only a matter of time. 

Let’s dive in and learn how Convin can help boost customer satisfaction.

1. Focus on active listening, and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Focused work on customer-centric tasks has a higher chance of creating the best customer experience

Ditch note-taking and manual call review. Focus on listening to the customer and developing strategies for high-quality follow-up meetings. In parallel, switch to automated call scoring and get 100% of calls reviewed without human interference. 

Call center recording solution to capture call notes and access transcriptions
Automated call scoring
Get rid of manual call quality management.

2. Lower manual intervention in coaching

Convin comes with an exclusive learning management system that aims to boost agent productivity by eliminating interventions in coaching processes. 

Convin’s knowledge base with customizable assessments has become the perfect way to motivate and train agents. Now identify areas of improvement, assign top-performing agent recordings as a module, and boost agent productivity. 

Call center coaching in call center recording software helps replicate top-performing agents
Call center coaching in call center recording software helps replicate top-performing agents

Create your own training materials, assign deadlines, and track your call center agents' overall improvement on Convin’s call recording website.

3. Reduction in agent ramp-up time 

Enhance your call center’s agent performance metrics by transcribing, monitoring, and analyzing calls, chats, and emails via Convin. Boost CSAT by 27% and reduce ramp-up time by 60%. 

Implement 100% automated quality assurance and carry out 100% compliance monitoring. Convin shoots your agents’ performance to new heights and, as a result, helps you achieve lower customer service representative ramp-up and heightened CSAT. 

4. Proactive measures with violation alerts

One aspect of a call that can ruin customer experience is unsolicited agent behavior that negatively impacts clients. Wrong information, unresolved grievances, long hold times, incorrect knowledge, and more are timely caught by Convin’s tool and alert the management team for corrective actions. 

Compliance violation report available on Convin’s call recording software for call center
Compliance violation report available on Convin’s call recording software for call center

5. Real-time coaching

Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions in call center recording solution
Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions in call center recording solution

Real-time coaching aids in training agents during calls. Agents can be coached during live calls with various features, including suggestions, battlecards, guided scripts, access to the knowledge base, etc. 

Evaluate the Best Call Center Recording Software Tool

What Are The Product Capabilities Of Convin’s Customer Service Software?

Convin monitors and analyzes 100% of calls automatically based on custom parameters set by your organization. The conversation analysis offers winning behavior identification and last-mile automated agent coaching. 

1. Automated Quality Management

Convin’s cloud-based contact center recording software automatically reviews 100% of customer calls using custom call evaluation forms and spots agent performance challenges and unhappy customer conversations. Through automated quality management, call center managers and QA generate call scores that help audit more calls with the same number of quality assurance (QA) managers and establish coaching needs and staff dissatisfaction. 

2. Call Behavior Analysis

With the help of conversation insights and deal status, Convin presents parameters that drive positive and negative outcomes for the business. Spot violations, winning parameters,  customer sentiments, and threats to take proactive measures before the customer calls.

3. Agent Assist

Agent Assist aids in call center customer service by providing real-time guidance and support to customer service agents during interactions. It ensures that agents follow best practices, maintain compliance, and deliver customer service. With features like guided scripts, proactive alerts, and dynamic battlecards, it equips agents with the tools to handle various scenarios effectively, making it an invaluable asset for improving agent performance in call centers.

4. Learning management system

The integrated knowledge base stores all documents uploaded by the auditing or documentation team. Agents can search for phrases to quickly find the most accurate answers and procedures, ensuring prompt and precise responses to customer queries. 

5. Quality management software

Automated quality management software enhances call center operations by efficiently monitoring and analyzing customer interactions. Unlike manual methods, this free software covers 100% of conversations, providing immediate feedback, flagging compliance violations, and enabling personalized customer service. 

Customizable scoring templates and omnichannel support ensure comprehensive quality assurance and elevate customer service quality, making it an essential tool for call center success.

Convin’s Customer Service Solution Software is safe and secure

Convin is a secure and safe contact center recording solution

At Convin, we understand the customer and call data security important; that’s why we ensure your data is entirely secure and safe in our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We guarantee all data security in the following ways:

  • In-house transcription and NLP
  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR-compliant meeting recording

And before you go, as of now, Convin supports languages beyond English. And it takes only 2-3 weeks to get you onboarded. Try the call center recording solution for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which software is best for call recording?

The best call recording software can vary based on specific needs, but some popular options include Cisco Call Recording, NICE inContact, and Verint. The choice depends on factors like budget, features, and compatibility with your call center setup.

2. How to implement call recording in Android?

To implement call recording in Android, you can use built-in features or third-party apps. Built-in call recording options may vary by Android version and manufacturer. 

For third-party apps, search and download a reputable call recording app from the Google Play Store, then follow the app's instructions to set it up.

3. What is record keeping in call center?

Record keeping in a call center refers to the practice of documenting and storing information related to customer interactions. This includes call logs, call recordings, customer data, and any other relevant information. 

Record keeping is essential for quality assurance, compliance, and providing effective customer support.

Call Center Recording Solution with Convin

Automatically analyze 100% of calls, uncover sales rep’s performance, deal with bottlenecks seamlessly, and pinpoint reps’ challenges.

Call Center Recording Solution
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