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Call center software facilitates efficient management of customer interactions by optimizing agent performance.

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They say that a happy customer will tell two people while an unhappy customer tells 10.

With call centers, that number can be as high as 20. 

This is why tracking every call your agents make and checking their performance is important. 

If you don't, you might overlook issues in your call center until it's too late. 

Running a call center successfully and efficiently can be a challenge. You need to manage many aspects of the process, including agent performance, call quality, and customer satisfaction. But on top comes keeping your customers satisfied by supporting their calls.

Call center software challenges
Challenges in call centers [Source]

Great service is the difference between a good business and a great business. With, your staff can focus on providing great service while the platform handles the rest. 

Call center software can provide your agents with a wealth of information to help them provide the best service possible. Each call can be recorded and listened to (by the agent or supervisor), quality reports can be generated, and your agents can gain access to statistics that allow them to see how they're performing.

Convin is a cloud-based call center software that makes your business more productive, efficient, and profitable. We put all the tools you need to grow in one place. Convin offers real-time call recording, post-call statistics, integrated quality management, and more. But more on this later.

First, let’s understand what AI-powered contact center software is and how it disrupts call center operations.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software or contact center software aids the call center agent by recording, auditing, and analyzing contact center calls for agents' performance, business intelligence, and their daily activities. Call center software even provides a platform for contact center  auditors to audit calls manually and send reports from the same platform. It even provides an AI-powered score and analyst data about the call performance, along with crucial business data.

An intelligent call center software is one that is integrated with machine learning technology that can learn and evolve to serve your customers better. This is the only way to truly improve your call center performance and deliver a high-quality service to your customers. 

This is why our inbound call center software uses a machine learning algorithm to record and analyze every call made through any platform, making it possible for your agents to provide an exceptional experience to every customer. This call center software can identify patterns in customer behavior and use that data to tailor their communication with customers.

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Why Get Call Center Software?

Contact center software can completely or partially disrupt repetitive and time-consuming manual, inefficient call center operations. It can improve the daily operations, decision-making, and overall performance of the call center’s output. The call center industry is, anyhow, here to stay. To get their query resolved faster, customers still prefer contacting the contact center of that organization.

That is, doesn't it make sense to improve the efficiency of every vertical in the contact center with the help of a contact center solution.

Help agents 

Want to ensure your call agents are able to finish their calls on time and with minimal problems? 

Getting AI call center software can make their amount of work more manageable, so they’re not stuck in piles of paperwork every day. This system will keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls that come through via using features such as audio recordings, quick call audits, and AI-powered customized reports. It also helps by structuring an extensive resource library for future use or search reasons.

Help auditors

Auditors end up having to switch between multiple platforms for fetching the recordings, auditing, and then finally auditing the conversation based on the ten parameters. Sounds familiar?

With AI-powered call center platforms, auditors can do all this from the same platform and compare it with the AI-powered call score and analyst data created. 

Help Managers

Keeping a tab on the daily activities of every agent on the floor can be difficult for the manager. To know how many calls and emails every agent is making every day? What are they talking about? Are they responding appropriately to all the queries?

With an AI-powered call center software, you get an X-ray of the daily activity of every agent and their daily call performance based on their response, interruptions, and other custom parameters based on the contact center audit needs.

Now before you employ AI-powered contact center software for your call center. Under your needs.

Call Center Software Features

Call center software comes with a wide range of features designed to streamline customer interactions and improve efficiency. Some common features include:

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Routes incoming calls to the most suitable agent or department.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Provides self-service options for customers to resolve simple queries or perform tasks.

3. Call Recording: Records calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.

4. CRM Integration: Integrates with Customer Relationship Management systems to access customer data and history.

5. Multi-Channel Support: Allows communication via various channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

6. Real-Time Analytics: Provides real-time data on call metrics, agent performance, and queue status.

7. Predictive Dialing: Optimizes outbound call campaigns by automatically dialing numbers and connecting agents to live calls.

8. Reporting and Dashboards: Generates detailed reports and dashboards to monitor call center performance.

9. Skills-Based Routing: Routes calls based on agent skills, ensuring customers are connected to the most qualified agents.

What Are The Different Types Of Call Center Solutions?

Types of call center solutions
Types of call center solutions

Inbound Call Centers: Primarily handle incoming customer inquiries, support requests, and order processing. Inbound call center solutions focus on efficiently managing and routing incoming calls.

1. Outbound Call Centers

Concentrate on outbound activities, such as telemarketing, sales, and lead generation. Outbound call center solutions often include predictive dialing and campaign management features.

2. Blended Call Centers

Combine both inbound and outbound calls, allowing agents to handle a mix of incoming calls and outbound activities. Blended call center solutions provide versatility and flexibility.

3. Cloud-Based Call Centers

Hosted in the cloud, these solutions offer scalability, cost-efficiency, and remote accessibility. They are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are quick to deploy.

4. On-Premises Call Centers

Installed and maintained on the company's own servers and infrastructure. On-premises solutions offer greater control but may require more significant upfront investments.

5. Virtual Call Centers

Distributed teams of remote agents work from different locations but are connected through the call center software. Virtual call centers are cost-effective and flexible.

6. AI-Powered Call Center 

Incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance customer interactions, automate tasks, and provide personalized support.

7. In-House vs. Outsourced Call Centers

While not a type of software, businesses can choose to manage their call centers internally or outsource to third-party call center service providers, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

What Are The Benefits Of A Call Center Phone System?

Benefits of call center software
Benefits of call center software

A call center phone system is an integral part of call center operations. It offers several benefits that help businesses efficiently manage customer interactions and improve overall customer satisfaction. Here are some key advantages:

1. Efficient Call Routing

Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) in call center systems help route calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on various criteria, such as skills, availability, or IVR selections. This ensures that customers reach the right person quickly.

2. Multi-Channel Support

Modern call center phone systems often support various communication channels, including voice calls, emails, chat, and social media. This enables businesses to engage with customers through their preferred channels.

3. Scalability

Businesses can easily scale their call center operations up or down to meet changing demand. Cloud-based call center solutions, in particular, offer flexibility and cost savings in this regard.

4. Data Analytics

Call center software provides valuable data and analytics on call volume, call duration, customer demographics, and more. This data helps businesses make informed decisions, optimize operations, and identify areas for improvement.

5. Cost Efficiency

By automating call routing, using IVR systems, and efficiently managing agent workloads, call center phone systems help reduce operational costs and maximize resource utilization.

6. Remote Agent Support

Many call center systems offer features that enable agents to work remotely, which has become increasingly important in today's world. This flexibility can help businesses maintain operations during disruptions.

7. Compliance and Recording

Call center software often includes features for call recording and compliance monitoring, ensuring that agents follow legal and industry-specific regulations.

8. Enhanced Customer Service

Call center phone systems allow agents to handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide support in a timely manner. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhance CX with Convin’s AI-powered call center software

Aircall Employed Call Center Software To Improve Their Call Centers' Efficiency

AirCall is a powerful cloud call center software system and call center solution provider to over 5,000 companies worldwide, such as Hostmaker, Adyen, and SendCloud. Having 100 suppliers across the globe, it became difficult for them to get visibility over connectivity and audio quality concerns, as expressed by the Strategic Project Manager of Aircall, Paul Rousselle, that their primary focus was improving call quality for their customers, but they couldn’t monitor the quality provided by their various partners.

They decided to integrate call center software that could record, transcribe, analyze, and store information over a cloud platform. Post integration, Aircall can now monitor carriers across their global infrastructure, identify issues more efficiently, and get changes done as the problem arises.

Aircall now proactively monitors calls and routes. Working closely with the suppliers, they defined a proactive alert mechanism for outages.

The call center solution also provides Aircall with robust comparable data to support their future business decisions with their existing carrier partners. Proactive monitoring allows Aircall to quickly detect potential customer-facing issues before there is a customer impact.

The duration of issues is also vastly reduced not only by identifying them sooner but by providing the information to resolve them quickly.

Types Of Call Center Calls - Inbound Calls And Outbound Calls

Inbound and outbound calls in call center software
Types Of Call Center Calls 

1. Outbound calls

Outbound calls are usually made in an attempt for sales, collection, and feedback. Here contact center agents have given a list of leads or else called potential customers, which they call throughout their day while also keeping a manual record of every conversation.

Depending upon the profile function, the number of calls per agent may differ.

2. Inbound calls

Mainly receive calls about queries, complaints, and product inquiries. Here there is no calling from the agent side, but mainly receiving the calls when any existing or potential customer may call. It can be for appointment booking, product inquiries, service-related queries, etc.

Inbound calls are pretty simple, but you need to understand the strategies of inbound calls to excel in the contact center.

Outbound calls strategy

There are numerous strategies that can be employed to make your outbound calls more effective. The right strategy will depend on the objectives of your business and the nature of your outbound calling program. 

If you have not committed to an outbound call strategy, take some time to think about your goals and priorities. Do you want to maximize the number of outbound calls you make? Or do you want to sell more products or services through your outbound calling program? Don’t worry if you are not sure. 

The best way to decide on a strategy is to generate several options, test them, and see which one is most effective. Once you have your strategy in place, you can create a realistic call schedule and training program for your callers.

Using AI-powered call center software for outbound call strategizing

1. Understanding the audience

Using an AI-powered inbound call center software like that can analyze calls for customer intelligence, changing buying behavior, and new trends. So that your support and sales teams can create a call center script that resonates with the customers and prospects, you can even create a buyer’s persona to help you with customer-centric outbound strategies. 

2. Competitive intelligence

AI call center software also runs alerts and lists down whenever any detail about the competitor is uttered during the conversation. It lists down details about their pricing, features, offerings, USPs, etc., from the conversation, so you don't have to employ additional resources to uncover these data.

3. For creating outbound content

Using Convin, you can uncover unique selling points, competitor differences, and customer pain points and use them to create content that better resonates with the customers. So that you can use this content to keep your leads warm and convert to customers finally.

Now that we understand what you can do with call center software. Let us get into what Convin’s call center software can do for your company.

Top 20 Call Center Software Solutions

Choosing the best call center software for your team depends on your specific needs and budget. Here's a list of 20 popular call center software solutions to consider:

  1. Salesforce Service Cloud
  3. Zendesk Talk
  4. Genesys Cloud
  5. Twilio Flex
  6. Freshdesk
  7. Five9
  8. Talkdesk
  9. RingCentral Contact Center
  10. Cisco Webex Contact Center
  11. 8x8 Contact Center
  12. Avaya Aura Call Center Elite
  13. NICE inContact
  14. Aspect Via
  15. Mitel MiCloud Connect Contact Center
  16. Vonage Contact Center
  17. Aircall
  18. Dialpad Contact Center
  19. Kustomer

How To Pick The Best Call Center Software For Your Team?

Selecting the right call center software requires careful consideration of your organization's unique requirements and objectives. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Define Goals: Determine your call center's objectives and KPIs.
  1. Feature Prioritization: List essential features like ACD, IVR, and CRM integration based on your goals.
  1. Budget Management: Consider software costs and ongoing expenses within your budget.
  1. Integration Compatibility: Ensure seamless integration with existing tools and systems.
  1. User-Friendly: Choose software that is easy to use and onboard agents.
  1. Support and Feedback: Assess vendor support and gather user feedback for insights.
  1. Future-Proofing: Consider scalability, emerging technologies, and vendor reputation for long-term suitability.

How Does Convin’s Call Center Software Increase Agent Productivity By 3X?

Convin is a call center solution software that doesn’t claim to solve your contact center woos but resolves many challenges with a few capabilities. Increased agent performance is one area that Convin can help. 

By employing automated tools and influencing agents' performance, increasing CSAT by up to 27% is only a matter of time. 

Let’s dive in and learn how Convin can help boost customer satisfaction.

1. Lower manual intervention in coaching

Convin comes with an exclusive learning management system that aims to boost agent productivity by eliminating interventions in coaching processes. 

Convin’s knowledge base with customizable assessments has become the perfect way to motivate and train agents. Now identify areas of improvement, assign top-performing agent recordings as a module, and boost agent productivity.

Convin’s call center software has a coaching dashboard to help improve customer service.
Call center coaching software helps replicate top-performing agents.

Create your own training materials, assign deadlines, and track your call center agents' overall improvement. 

2. Collect and Act on Customer Feedback

Gather feedback from customers through surveys, reviews, and direct interactions. Analyze this feedback to identify pain points and areas for improvement. 

Act on the AI-feedback generated by Convin by making necessary changes to processes, policies, or training. Show customers that their opinions matter by communicating how their feedback led to positive changes.

AI-feedback in call center software for reflecting improved agent performance.
AI-feedback in call center software for reflecting improved agent performance.

3. Reduction in agent ramp-up time 

Enhance your call center’s agent performance metrics by transcribing, monitoring, and analyzing calls, chats, and emails via Convin. Boost CSAT by 27% and reduce ramp-up time by 60%. 

Implement 100% automated quality assurance and carry out 100% compliance monitoring. Convin shoots your agents’ performance to new heights and, as a result, helps you achieve lower customer service representative ramp-up and heightened CSAT. 

4. Proactive measures with violation alerts

One aspect of a call that can ruin customer experience is unsolicited agent behavior that negatively impacts clients. Wrong information, unresolved grievances, long hold times, incorrect knowledge, and more are timely caught by Convin’s tool and alert the management team for corrective actions.

Call violation alerts and indicators in call center software help in conflict resolution.
Call violation alerts and indicators in call center software help in conflict resolution.

5. Real-time coaching

Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions in call center software
Real-time proactive alerts and suggestions in call center software

Real-time coaching aids in training agents during calls. Agents can be coached during live calls with various features, including suggestions, battlecards, guided scripts, access to the knowledge base, etc. 

Evaluate Call Center Software for increased agent productivity by 3X.

What Are The Product Capabilities Of Convin’s Customer Call Center Software?

Convin monitors and analyzes 100% of calls automatically based on custom parameters set by your organization. The conversation analysis offers winning behavior identification and last-mile automated agent coaching. 

  1. Automated Quality Management
    Convin’s contact center tool automatically reviews 100% of customer calls using custom call evaluation forms and spots agent performance challenges and unhappy customer conversations. Through automated quality management, call center managers and QA generate call scores that help audit more calls with the same number of quality assurance (QA) managers and establish coaching needs and staff dissatisfaction. 
  1. Call Behavior Analysis
    With the help of conversation insights and deal status, Convin presents parameters that drive positive and negative outcomes for the business. Spot violations, winning parameters,  customer sentiments, and threats to take proactive measures before the customer calls.
  1. Agent Assist
    Agent Assist aids in call center software by providing real-time guidance and support to customer service agents during interactions. It ensures that agents follow best practices, maintain compliance, and deliver customer service. With features like guided scripts, proactive alerts, and dynamic battlecards, it equips agents with the tools to handle various scenarios effectively, making it an invaluable asset for improving agent performance in call centers.
  1. Learning management system
    The integrated knowledge base in ConvinGPT stores all documents uploaded by the auditing or documentation team. Agents can search for phrases to quickly find the most accurate answers and procedures, ensuring prompt and precise responses to customer queries. 
  1. Quality management software
    Automated quality management software enhances call center operations by efficiently monitoring and analyzing customer interactions. Unlike manual methods, this free software covers 100% of conversations, providing immediate feedback, flagging compliance violations, and enabling personalized customer service. 

    Customizable scoring templates and omnichannel support ensure comprehensive quality assurance and elevate customer service quality, making it an essential tool for call center success.

Convin’s Call Center Software is safe and secure

Convin is a secure and safe call center software solution.

At Convin, we understand the customer and call data security importance; that’s why we ensure your data is entirely secure and safe in our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We guarantee all data security in the following ways:

  • In-house transcription and NLP
  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR-compliant meeting recording

And before you go, as of now, Convin supports languages beyond English. And it takes only 2-3 weeks to get you onboarded. Try call center software for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What softwares are used in call centers?

Software used in call centers typically includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Automatic Call Distributors (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and various communication tools like Voice over IP (VoIP) software.

2. What is CRM call Centre?

CRM Call Centre refers to the integration of Customer Relationship Management software with call center operations to manage customer interactions, information, and support more effectively.

3. What is calling software?

Calling software is a general term for software used in making and receiving calls, often used interchangeably with communication and telephony software in a call center context.

4. Suggest a call center software list.

Suggested contact center solutions list: Some popular call center software options include, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Genesys Cloud, and Twilio Flex.

5. What is the best call center software for small business?

The best cloud contact center software for a small business can vary depending on specific needs, but options like Convin, Freshdesk, or Zendesk might be suitable due to their scalability and affordability.

6. What is the best call center software for India and the U.S.A?

The best call center software for India and the USA may include solutions like, Genesys Cloud, Twilio Flex, or Cisco Webex Contact Center, as they offer international capabilities and support for various communication channels. The choice depends on specific requirements and budget.

Monitor 100% call center conversations with Convin

Provide multi-channel support, optimize costs, boost scalability, and increase sales closure rates.

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