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Call recording solutions for sales training

Aarti Nair
April 29, 2022
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April 29, 2022
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AI-powered call recording solutions are all the hype these days but did you know that they can not just assist you in sales training but actually automate the whole process of training for you?

The best salespeople know that they must record their calls. These salespeople know that they must listen back to their calls to identify potential sales problems. They know that if they want to improve their skills, they must listen to their calls. 

But even after knowing this, most companies use call recording solutions to evaluate their salespeople's sales performance when it can be used for so much more.

But we know it’s not possible for salespeople always to go back and listen to their calls or even their peers' calls; that is where an AI-powered call recording solution that extracts conversation intelligence from the engagement is needed and is crucial.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of AI-powered call recording solutions and how you can use the solution for training and sales onboarding, let’s understand the call recording solution.

What is an AI-powered call recording solution?

An AI-powered call recording solution goes beyond the scope of just recording the conversation via the VoIP and IoP protocol. It transcribes the conversation by using its speech-to-text capabilities and then analyzes the whole engagement using its natural language processing engine.

You can read more about the working of AI-powered call recording software here - Click here.

Or just try our Convin’s AI-powered conversation intelligence platform for FREE!

Now that the definition of AI-powered call recording solutions is clear let us look at how you can use it to train your sales folks to sell better and more.

How can you use AI-powered call recording software for training your sales team?

We know training can be very overwhelming and sometimes boring too especially when we have a big brother watching us all the time!

Record and save all sales calls

The obvious advantage of having call recording software integrated with your customer engagement platform is that you can record and save all your sales calls. Your sales representative can go back to their old conversation to see what they are doing right or wrong and learn from their mistakes and even better prepare for their next follow-up calls.

Audit 100% sales calls

It is impossible to listen to every hour-long call even after having a full on-call auditing team for high-end sales. 

That is why most often only 2 calls per rep get audited once a month, which delays the whole feedback process.

AI-powered call recording solutions audit 100% of sales calls automatically and even highlight the calls that need special attention for manual auditing and that too, right after the call. This fast-track the review and feedback process and enables the salespeople to learn and improve their performance call by call rather than a month on month.

Track sales teams performance

Convin’s AI-powered call recording solution even analyzes the sales call for the user’s soft skills and other custom parameters to score the call performance and track it.

Using this feature, salespeople can track the progress of training along while checking their mistakes and strong points and get personalized and focused training.

Create sales call library 

AI-powered call recording solution helps you create a call library to store and organize your sales calls. 

Your sales reps can access these the best sales calls to learn and train.

You can organize your sales calls based on the sales stage like:

  • Best demo calls
  • Best Negotiation calls
  • Best Objection handling
  • Best cold call
  • Best discovery call, etc

Call recording solution for sales onboarding

Onboarding can be very overwhelming for new sales hires, and learning from overshadowing calls is ancient news.

New hires can listen to old sales calls and can self-train from them instead of bothering old employees or having a big brother on their head for training them.

Do these features sound too good to be true?

Well, Convin’s AI-powered call recording platform can do this and much more.

Convin’s AI-powered call recording solution for sales training

Convin analyzes 100% of calls to maximize your ROI, providing you with an intelligent system that categorizes feedback to give you the most actionable data that can help your sales and support team greatly improve their performance on a call by call basis; wasting far less time during each interaction which additionally ensures a boost in morale for the entire team because of the positive results obtained. 

A shorter feedback cycle means quicker response times for the sales and support teams and inevitably a better customer experience which may lead to repeat business, churn reduction, lower costs from hiring new employees, and ultimately more profit for your company.

Unlike other solutions available in the market, Convin also highlights calls that need to be reviewed manually and lets you prioritize them based on their value which helps improve the return on investment of your auditing process by 5x. This allows your sales team and management to enable personalized and focused training, which ultimately means more closure and higher revenue.

Call recording solution - a must for sales training

Sales training is a vital part of any sales team. Getting new sales reps up to speed is a time-consuming job. A good sales manager will have a library of recorded calls ready to go for their sales reps. 

This library can be easily used as a training tool when sales reps are struggling. Using automated call recording solutions will help save time and make the training process much more efficient. 

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