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Call Recording Software: What it is and Why it is Important? [Benefits, Results and More]

Abhishikha Chatterjee
July 9, 2022
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July 9, 2022
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Call Recording Software

One of the most important sales component for a successful sales business is call recording. Ask why?

For a long time, sales organizations utilize the Call recoding function in their technical functionalities to generate better outcomes for their prospects/clients and themselves.

This function is helpful as it will equip the sales rep with the ability to learn and understand insights from the conversation that can be used practically to generate growth and performance, but also for training purposes.

Call recording can also improve the sales process and buyer’s journey. It enhances the client’s experience while also giving an insight into how to tailor communication for personalized and customized interactions.

Today’s post will cover a new perspective approaching call recording:

  • What is call recording?
  • Benefits of call recording
  • What is a call recording software?
  • What are the perks of sales call recording?

What is Call Recording?

By definition, Call Recording is the process of recording audio activities on phones, dialers, or web conferencing calls. Recording the conversations between customers and a sales rep is stored, retrieved, and analyzed as per requirements. 

Furthermore, coupled with screen recording, a call recording software can capture the sequence the rep used and the data they have entered. This allows call reviewers and analytics to understand the contents of the call in a comprehensive audio-visual manner, optimizing the efficiency of the sales rep and being more useful during the training aspect. 

Call recording is vital to the sales organization’s quality management program and can also be used for compliance reasons. 

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Call recording, when used for quality control, can be reviewed and analyzed by quality analysts or executives to understand if the sales rep is following;

  • The call flow, 
  • Engaging correctly with the prospects, 
  • Effectively marketing the products, 
  • And providing accurate information. 

Later on, these recordings can be used by executives to evaluate the reps and quality points can be added to the performance chart, thus helping underline the areas of improvement and highlighting the strengths of the reps and the effectiveness of their processes.

They can also be used to evaluate and assess new promotions' rollout, identify trends, come up with refresher training points, etc. 

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Additionally, since the recording provides direct access to customer experience, they can contain vital sources of information that can be utilized when strategizing and improving upon new operations or enhancing the existing ones. 

When it comes to compliance, all contact departments must use call recording to comply with the laws set by the government regarding consumer rights and consent, and also regulations in regards to the same. 

Furthermore, there may be additional requirements that the organization may need to comply with, depending on the industry and the data that is being collected. 

Now that we understand what call recording is let us go through the benefits of Call Recording.

Benefits of Call Recording

  • Identify the sales process challenges
    Recording calls allows the reps to understand their problem areas in the sales processes and interactions that can negatively impact the business. For instance, by weeding through the call recordings, a rep can understand why a deal may not have gone through and whether the communication was an issue. 
    Call recording is the main clue into the investigation process when trying to improve on the customer service front.
  • Record and store conversation data
    Call recording software will integrate with the CRM and other information systems which will help in collecting customer data and information to provide more personalized and customized experiences, equipping the reps with the appropriate amount of information about a client.
  • Overcoming potential obstacles
    To avoid or learn to handle future obstacles and complaints, an analysis of call recording can help come up with solutions even before these problems arise so that one can altogether avoid them.
    This can also serve as evidence if someone claims a false complaint; therefore, the call recording can also be a protective tool.
  • Quality check
    One of the most common reasons to use call recording is to check the quality of the conversation. These recordings can determine the quality of the interaction between the rep and customer and the latter’s satisfaction levels.
    This can also be determined using AI, which can keep track of conversations historically and in real-time.
  • Sales call improvement
    Call recordings can determine and pinpoint which parts of the call positively impacted your customers. The rep can check the status of the sales strategy and its effectiveness by understanding if the customers’ attention is retained.
    It can also highlight which rep needs support and training. When used for training purposes, call recordings used do not have personal details, thus offering a better learning opportunity.
  • Making accurate and improved decisions
    A call recording gives an insight into the customer’s journey and experience. It also highlights the preferences they made when going through the purchase in a detailed manner. With the help of AI, making decisions in an accurate and informed manner will help determine which strategies elevate the customer experiences. 

Now that we have looked at what call recording is and how it is beneficial let us look at what is a Call Recording Software and why you should invest in one.

Call Recording Software

A Call Recording Software is a program that allows businesses to record incoming and outgoing calls for analysis, marketing, and training purposes. 

In addition to recording calls, this software also logs call information, transcribes the recording, storing information, shares and analyzes calls.

A call recording software should automatically log and save all call records and interactions between reps and prospects. This ensures that sales reps are equipped with personalized and relevant context about the clients for future approaches, allowing them to effectively target the prospects during follow-up, thus increasing the chances of conversion. 

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These call recordings can also be an excellent reference for sales leaders.

Sales leaders can provide insight into the performances of sales reps and how they interact with prospects, if they are sticking to the script or not, etc.

These recordings are also crucial for sales coaching and highlight parts that can be used to improve upon or can be replicated. This can also be used in onboarding and training.

Sales call recording can be used as a reference to highlight successful and unsuccessful parts of the sales call transcripts and processes while updating the strategies and pitches scripts. Then experiment with the way of speaking and conversing. 

Moreover, call recording software integrates with already-existing sales tools and business tools such as CRM.

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Perks of using sales call recording software.

Sales call recording software can be helpful at various levels of the sales department:

  • Sales Representatives: At their level, where the focus is on the customer engagement, and they are responsible for cold calling, following up with prospects, logging call data, and compiling reports of the day-to-day activities.
    All these tasks are crucial, but they are very time-consuming tasks. And the sales rep needs to make phone calls. Thus, a call recording software should automatically add the call, record the interaction and transcribe it. The software should log the call data and share the call reports with the managers so that their focus is solely on converting leads into opportunities.
  • Sales Leaders: They are the ones who are responsible for assisting the sales strategy department, collaborating with the product team, recruiting, training, etc. Leaders also use the sales recording software to save multiple call recordings, curate a list of important calls that later can be used to automate the process of training and coaching.
    Call recording software can also provide underlying deal insights that a sales rep would typically miss. The sales leaders can use these insights and help sales rep close deals. Furthermore, they can also help in the preparation and upgrading of sales strategies to boost performance.
    The leaders can also record product sessions that can be used for training purposes and preparing sales reports. Call recording software can also store and categorize the calls and data in one place so that they can be used to make extensive reports.
  • Management Level: Sales managers are responsible for hiring and training, setting quotes, analyzing performances, and developing sales processes.
    Call recording software like conversation intelligence underlines the topics discussed, customer inquiries, and other actionable things. It also highlights the soft skills of the sales reps so that the managers can analyze lengthy calls in a matter of minutes. Just as the calls end, minutes and insights of the calls are directly shared with the manager via mail for their feedback.
    Call insights and sales process, when displayed side-by-side, sales managers can strategize better, plan sales training and provide customized coaching to the sales reps.

Call Recording software is powerful and essential. It includes vital information to analyze customer calls and follow up with prospects effectively and strategically. It also improves sales techniques, processes, training, and more.

Now, having understood everything about call recording, its benefits and how a Call Recording software can help you, sign up with Convin’s Call Recording software to gain those minute details and accurate insights to boost your revenue with the power of AI.

Convin’s Call Recording Software can record, transcribe, analyze, and provide call insights, create call playlists and store call data and recordings. 

So, without delay, start exploring and recording to boost sales performance and generate more revenue. Get me started!

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