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What is "call center call recording" exactly?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
April 22, 2022
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April 22, 2022
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Are you also managing more than 20 call center agents virtually and receiving poor feedback at a later stage? Well, you’re not alone!

But you’re alone when it comes to making a smart investment- call center call recording software.

Moreover, all fast-growing companies, presently working remotely, aren’t functioning without a call recording solution. Then how can you be lax about call center call recording?

Today, we’ll discuss why investing in a call center recording system and making an insight-driven decision is critical. The discussion will include:

What Is "Call Center Recording," Exactly?

If you manage a team of call center agents and wish to maintain compliance and enhance call performance, you’ll want to record the call

Call center recording captures audio and screen recordings of a phone/video call with a customer. These conversations are stored, recovered, and evaluated as per requirement. Call recording on Zoom or Google Meet is possible, and the dialer phone calls also get recorded. 

Recording the agent’s call ensures that no customer activity is going unmanaged and unsupervised. And the scope of improvement is also translated by the call recording system.

Why Do Companies Record Phone Calls?

Quality and compliance are two important aspects of call center calling that can’t accept negligence. 

For example, a bank call center agent decides to spill wrong information about personal loan interest to lure the customer. The customer is eligible to take action and can make the person and bank’s life difficult.

While we discuss call recording at the company’s end, customers are also recording calls on their phones to keep evidence of any misled information.

Secondly, call quality plays a remarkable role in converting the client. Without analyzing and tracking the customer and agents’ communication, organizations can’t meet customer expectations.

Here are some simple call metrics like;

  • Talk ratio, 
  • Longest rep monologue, 
  • Longest customer monologue, 
  • Patience, 
  • Interactivity, 
  • And question rate.

Would you like to know the latest advancements in call recording software?

 Learn more

How Does The Call Recording Feature Work?

A business call recording software can record all audio and video calls. The system should be integrated with cloud telephony solutions, a video conferencing platform, and a dialer system.

The call recording software integrates with the calendar and joins the meeting. If the meeting is not on the calendar, the recording agent can be invited voluntarily to the meeting. 

The agent can join the call center call with participants' permission and start recording.

The software stores and shares the recording of the session with supervisors. The call recording is often sent to higher-ups for review and feedback. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Call Center Call Recording?

Although we briefly discussed the two aspects of call center recording quality and compliance– in an earlier section, that’s just the trailer. 

There are plenty of reasons a call center recording software is an essential part of your sales technology stack:

  1. Agents can self-review and improve their skillset.
  2. Calls can be insight-driven and cater to unique customer needs.
  3. Agents can make use of client information to personalize calls.
  4. Before calls, agents can refer to an in-built playbook library.
  5. Instead of making notes, agents can rely on the call recording software.
  6. Moreover, agents don’t need to add information to the CRM; call recording software has an automatic integration setup to push call notes.

You cannot overlook one factor despite the praise we are all giving the call recording software and its excellent features - the legal requirements for call center recording. 

So, let’s look at what legal requirements are followed in the states. 

The Legal Requirements Of Call Center Recording

Have you ever come across the phrase- “This call may be monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes.”

You must have heard the above announcement because recording calls is legal in the majority of the countries, but some terms and conditions regulate the ethical recording of calls. 

The local laws of any country decide the call recording regulation.

Today, we’ll briefly touch on the call recording laws in the US.

In the USA, call recording is governed by two main theories. And the concept is applicable for both business and personal calls.

  1. Two-party notification: Both parties participating must convey their consent before recording the call. Around 11 states are running on this law. Including states like  Washington, California, Florida, Michigan, etc. The rest adhere to one-party consent.
  2. One-party notification: In comparison to two-party consent, 38 states and Washington DC take consent from only one party to record a meeting. Two-party consent law takes precedence if either participating party is calling from a two-party consent state.

Call center recordings: A vital tool for contact center managers

A call center manager is loaded with personal tasks and management of the task of all the reporting agents. 

This means a manager barely has the time to go in-depth and track every agent. 

A call center recording tool is designed to solve the time-crunch managers face. Hence, the tool is a blessing for call center managers. 

Here are a few reasons call center managers can cherish owning a call recording system:

  • Catch misleading and false information communication in time.
  • Get in-depth details of clients' needs and thoughts. 
  • Track market trends and changes.
  • Discover clients' needs and read between the lines.
  • Improve the quality of calls by arranging call coaching sessions.
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction & retention.
  • Create and reiterate call center processes
  • Develop a playbook library to set benchmarks and standardize calling rules.

A significant chunk of the call recording evaluation is dedicated to quality management in call centers. Quality is prioritized over other parameters because call center agents play a vital role in offering:

1️⃣   Proactive Customer-service

2️⃣   Cross-selling and Up-selling

Considering most call center agents are functioning from their homes, it’s even more critical to track their client meetings and ensure quality.  A call recording software makes up for the distributed work pattern and remote, leaving the supervisors at peace. 

Why not take a quick tour of a call center call recording platform and decide for yourself? - Yes, Count me in!

Can Convin Call Recording Solutions Help Call Centers?

Construction of Convin’s call recording software is performed, keeping sales and support teams in mind. The functioning of each call recording feature is directed towards accelerating business and generating revenue. 

As a result, the operations of the Convin software are in complete alignment for a call center, a remote team, and most importantly, a team that wants to retain customers. 

Convin’s call recording software will monitor calls, record, transcribe, and analyze the conversation. The tool also offers: 

  • Quality control and business operations with reports.
  • Regulate compliance with minimal efforts of listening calls.
  • Review calls in less than the meeting time by using call moments.
  • Browser-based UI makes it easier to access the solution from anywhere, anytime.
  • The browser-based user interface allows for easy access to your recordings.
  • Call recordings access is designed on a solid permission-based system.
  • Convin’s solution is easy to navigate, needs zero to minimum training, is easy maintenance, and is highly dependable.

If you are ready to take control of your call center’s operations and desire to see more than marginal changes, then start testing your unique requirements on a business call recording software- Try Now!

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