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7 Business-Friendly Reasons Why You Should Record Your Next Meeting

Abhishikha Chatterjee
February 7, 2022
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February 7, 2022
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Gone are the days when you left the meeting without call recording. Let alone recording, now you can access the call with a single click. Isn’t it?

Oops! Did we hear a NO? 

As much as we find it shocking, we feel sad that in the presence of AI-backed call recording software in the market, many sales teams are not recording calls. 

Sadly, the instant you walk out of that video conference, the sales insights and prospect’s experiences are lost, missing, and irreplaceable

And if a new joiner(swelling with energy and enthusiasm) takes the pain of diligently making detailed notes, then it’s a different story. 

But how confident are you about their notes? And their understanding of the prospect’s issues? 

Another shocking fact discovered is a survey conducted by Contact Babel of contact center professionals state only 34% are analyzing the call recordings with a speech analytics solution.

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With today’s progress in sales technology and automation, product demonstration solutions, Telephony systems, and CRM software, not just call recording but also analyzing meeting conversations is easier than before. 

Out of the many benefits you’ll witness, the most rewarding will be improving customer experience–interactions are more informed and data-backed. 

And who wouldn’t want that?

In today’s post, we’ll discuss seven key reasons why a call recording software is one of the best purchases for your business:

  1. Still, making notes and not focusing on the call?- Stop Multitasking
  2. Who are you relying on for accurate information?- Single Source of Truth
  3. Would you like to self-evaluate your performance?- Listen and Learn
  4. Want to keep your managers in the loop?- Send Recording
  5. Believe in one place, one recording idea?- Better Follow-ups
  6. How about some real market knowledge?- Authentic Market Insights
  7. Want to reduce the ramp-up time?- Faster Onboarding

And we’ll provide a brief tour on how to procure a call recording software for your sales team?

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Here are some business-friendly reasons why your team should start automatic call recording your next meeting. 

7 Business-Friendly Reasons Why You Should Record Your Next Meeting

1. Stop Making Notes and Listen to the Prospect

Detailed notes with no missing linkages are hard to find with hand-written notes. 

Moreover, the juggle between writing call notes and listening to the prospect can make it difficult for the listener to make detailed notes. 

Our first recommendation is to stop multitasking and focus on the audience. Listening to a buyer and asking relevant questions is not possible when multitasking.

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Second recommendation is to leave notes to the call recording software. The transcription and notes will be more than sufficient to give you intelligent data for your next call and action items.

2. Find a Single Source of Truth

Sales Calls are a great source of confusion. *We can see heads nodding!*

AE and AE managers participating in the same call can have conflicting views of what was discussed on the call. And let’s not forget the bias of each participant holds.

Accessing bias-free call information without interruption is often impossible with the meeting participants.

Call recording software can become your single source of truth and reduce conflicts while increasing time on better discussions such as the Next Steps.

3. Improve Your Performance By Self-Assessment And Learning From Others

Haven’t reps always wished for assessing the call by themselves without seeking any help from the sales manager or a coach? 

Or at least get a chance to assess the call performance themself before getting feedback from the senior leaders.

Would you like to experience call performance assessment?

Of course, where should I go?

Every call recording is an asset that all meeting participants can access. As a BDR or SDR or AE, access the recording and check your performance for-

  • Monoluge time
  • Questions Asked
  • Interactivity 
  • Tone
  • Speed
  • Topics Discussed
  • Talk-to-listen ratio
  • Interruptions 

Good news is that after assessing performance, the reps would want to replicate the best performers in the team or a senior they look up to. 

Take for instance, you are nailing negotiations at the pricing stage, and the team would love to learn from your experience. Would you want to invite them for live calls?


You build a sales playbook.

Most call recording software offers sales playbooks that host numerous high-performing calls and discussions on various subjects. New reps can easily access these calls from the library and fix their performance gaps with little assistance.

Better outcome, lesser work. How’s that?

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4. Send Recordings And Keep All The Participants In Loop

Presenting and demonstrating the product itself is a big task accomplished by the rep.

Expecting the rep to coordinate and share the meeting details and notes with all relevant members doesn’t feel too fair, isn’t it?

Why not make the task easier and automatic?

Call recorders make all calls accessible to all members and teams within the organization. 

The headache of sales call circulation with the marketing teams will reduce considerably.

We know your reps dread having to ask for meeting notes and call recordings.

5. Better Follow-Ups With Better Recording Repository

Follow-ups are not a result of emails and stalking the customer on LinkedIn. 

A prerequisite step requires a little more effort- preparation. 

By preparation, we mean understanding the buyer better, reading between the lines, and asking questions that concern the deal. 

For that, your reps might need access to all the prospect calls in one place under the same roof–another advantage of a call recording software.

Every follow-up is more polished and more informative for the prospect. 

As part of the follow-up message, the reader should experience empathy, understanding, and resolution from the sales rep. 

6. Collect Authentic Marketing Insights

Google, Analysts websites, Research journals, SEC website, Social Media, etc., are brilliant sources of insights--an enormous dump of content on the Internet. 

But no content is a match against prospect/client interviews. 

The first-hand experience and stories coming from a client are genuine, less sugar-coated and most importantly, navigates easily towards a product solution. 

Market insights can only be obtained when sales calls are recorded and stored in a common repository.

7. Quick ramp-up and faster business results

With call recordings, sales teams can plan a self-serve onboarding. 

The self-serve onboarding plans reduce the time invested in ramping up a newcomer by 60%. 

Sales playbook will play a significant role in making quick onboarding a reality. 

The library records the old sales coaching sessions, samples from the top performers, and mistakes to avoid & performed by the low-performers. 

The new reps love the Convin call recording platform for a reason–it allows note-taking during the call, self-review option, watching their game tape, and learning from the team's best players. 

How else do you think footballers improve? The Players and positional coaches rewatch every single game tape. Can’t your reps do the same?

How Do I Get A Call Recording Software?

Getting access to any call recording software is easy and not too expensive these days. 

As a business, your concern should be to identify the exact requirements of your organization’s sales team(and other customer-centric teams too).

This article will help. What to look for when assessing a call recording software? 

With Convin’s call recording software you receive more than just recording. A structured analysis and call library that’s accessible anytime and anywhere. If you are building a self-reliant sales team amidst the new normal then you must try Convin today and make a decision at a late stage. Yes, the experience is free!

Happy Prospecting, Folks!

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