What to Look for When Buying Business Call Recording Software?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
September 29, 2021
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September 29, 2021
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Organizations, big or small, are no longer working without sales tools. The sales software simplifies complex processes, making more room for core sales activities. 

While some tools create an impact on improving sales productivity, some address customer service, experience, and usability- call recording software is one such tool. 

Call recording software addresses the internal sales teams’ development and plays a crucial role in personalizing the customer experience. From quality assurance to employee training, there are dozens of reasons organizations invest in call recording. 

So, where exactly does the call recording software fit in?

Let’s take a typical use case.

A B2B company selling a software product received a demo request. The sales rep ensured a personalized demo, pinpointing and addressing all the pain points received via email. The demo went well, and the probability of conversion looked strong as per the report sent by the rep. 

However, weeks later, on receiving no communication from the prospect, the rep was in a state of doubt. The sales manager took up the matter and acted immediately. Fortunately, they had recorded the demo using a call recording assistant. 

On carefully listening to the conversation, the manager was able to identify the problem. The buyer gave the pain points addressed by the rep. In reality, the users who participated in the demo didn’t see anything valuable for them. Neither they spoke about it, nor did the representative make an effort to discover their issues

The software was able to do an internal performance review and indicated improvement areas in future engagement with the same client.

After fully understanding how robust call recording software is, let's consider the various features. 

Let's start with the skinny on call recording software: what is it?  

What is sales call recording software for a business?

The information gathered in a sales conversation is as good as gold for the organization and demands the adoption of a call recording and storing platform. 

Call recording software is not just a call recording tool. Apart from recording calls, it enables conversation intelligence, sales coaching, deal intelligence, sales enablement, and other activities that facilitate higher sales. 

A typical call recording tool automatically records meeting conversations, transcribes calls, analyzes calls, logs, tracks, and makes the recording link easy to store, share, and playback. 

While the sales reps are busy participating in meetings, the call recording agent automatically records calls and makes them available for review and next steps- eliminating notes and offering action items with critical discussions.

A solution with all the above feature and functionalities are categorized under call recording software.

What to look for in a Business Call Recording Software?

Our years of experience in sales technology ensure that call recording software does not need a million features. 

Besides the standard recording, transcribing, and analysis, here are a few key features that can give your company an edge in the market:

9 Call Recording features that give your company a competitive edge.
9 Call Recording features that give your company a competitive edge.

1. AI-backed software solution

AI-driven call recording software can improve the buyer’s journey by providing people intelligence, market intelligence, and deal intelligence. Along with customers, you’ll also get to experience AI uncovering seller’s performance parameters. 

With AI-backed conversation intelligence, call analytics is much refined, and recommendations are easy to implement. You can analyze 100% of calls automatically and generate an AI score for each call. 

To maximize ROI, call scoring prioritizes calls that require attention. A combination of automated and manual scoring helps in producing team and rep-level insights.

2. Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is a mandatory feature. If you are a seller seeking software that makes navigation easy, then keyword analysis can help you. Trust us; it’ll make your life easier. 

Keep a watch out for the solution that identifies keywords and highlights critical topics throughout the call. Keywords will be instrumental in jumping directly to those areas of conversations that can offer deeper insights. Users can quickly jump to the exact time in the call using the keyword spoken at that moment.

Sellers can access any call transcript by filtering it down using keywords, actionable items, queries, feedback, and suggestions. 

3. Stream, store, and share 

The call recording interface must allow you to store the calls indefinitely. The advantage of doing that is when you run reporting queries in the future, the data from the old call can be extracted for analysis. Also, old call recordings help engage with dormant customers or old leads showing interest in your organization.

You must try to locate streaming and sharing capability in the solution. Sharing and streaming make performance reviews much faster and efficient for sales managers. 

4. Integrate your CRM tool

How would it feel to have all your client information readily available at a single location?

Experience the automatic flow of client conversation data to the associated contact/account records. With CRM and call recording software, all of your call and contact data is stored centrally and easily accessible to your sales team. You can access the conversation recordings of your clients by logging into your CRM solution without switching applications.

After call completion, call recording software should automatically push a completed task to the CRM and share the following data points:

  • Recorded call link
  • Topics Discussed
  • Action items/Next Steps
  • Competitor discussed
  • Overall sentiment of customer

5. Performance Statistics

The solution must offer a few call statistics that present an overall picture of the call. Using performance statistics, managers and leaders can quickly assess sales representative and customer talk time, patience, interactivity, question rate, and more. The statistics are the first level indicators for sales rep performance review as well as helps in vetting conversation quality.

6. Customizable Evaluation Questions

The solution should house performance evaluation questions for analysis for every call based on soft skills, opportunities, etc. The conversation details are shared for further analysis directly to the sales manager’s inbox. They analyze the deal in real-time and provide their feedback on a pre-defined performance review questionnaire. 

We understand that call statistics for every organization is unique, so we don’t recommend relying on generic analysis. Use a solution that allows configuring a customized analysis on each call as per the ideal script. You can add your own set of customized performance review questions that the reviewer or manager answers after skimming through the call details.

7. Access to Deal Intelligence

You can game up your conversation intelligence by adding a deal intelligence Dashboard to your call recording software. 

The deal intelligence capability gives a 360-degree view of the deal. It highlights every aspect of the deal—from pipeline to present association—in a single view. Access details from the CRM solution, call recordings, and communication to and from with the contacts. 

Deal intelligence stands out in displaying risk indicators. You experience a single, uncensored view of what’s going on across your deals, making it easier to quickly understand and act upon the risks such as no follow-ups in 2 weeks, no communication with the buyer, etc. 

Deal intelligence is a proactive way to address risks before the deal slides into your competitions’ pocket. 

8. Accelerated onboarding

Assuming the call recording software will be utilized by other teams besides sales, onboarding should be smooth. Your employees should get onboarded within no time, and no complex training is required. Your call recording software should be capable of driving ROI from day one of onboarding.

9. Scalability

As your organization grows and evolves, your call recording software should scale to meet your organization’s needs.  

Pipeline Forecasting can determine salespeople and customer influx in the future. This can help you understand how your requirements may change shortly. Hence, choose a software solution that meets your organization’s growing needs, adapts to call recording market trends, addresses customer’s growing needs, and is sufficiently robust to meet your organization’s goals.

While you have spent a lot of time understanding the features and functionality of a call recording software, the experience of using it firsthand can never get old. 

Hence, we bring one last activity for you. Instead of directly spending a hefty amount on call recording software, try signing up for FREE and enjoy the benefits yourself.

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