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One of the main reasons for clashes between marketing and sales teams is lead data sanitization in any business.

Call data is not logged in the CRM regularly.

Incomplete call notes.

We get it, but it's not even a sales rep's mistake.

Their main target is acquiring the quota, and sales administration becomes ad hoc for them. 

That is why now most businesses are automating CRM call logging with conversation intelligence. More on this later.

The post-COVID 19 global call logging market size is expected to grow from USD 2.3 billion in 2021 to USD 4.1 billion by 2026 - MarketsandMarkets

As a sales professional, you will agree that keeping the call logs is one of the most tedious parts of your job but an essential one; that is why a call logging solution is crucial.  If you are wondering what exactly is called logging software, let us answer that for you first.

What are Call Recording and Logging software?

A call recording and logging solution helps sales reps by integrating with their customer engagement platform and recording their sales conversations automatically or manually. After recording the engagement, it transcribes and analyzes the conversation for topics discussed, actionable items, questions asked and automatically logs the data in the CRM post-call.

A typical call logging software mainly helps the organization with:

  • Database of Customer and Leads
  • Funnel Management
  • Capturing all activities in the CRM.

A call logging software imports conversations and tracks activity in accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads stage in CRM by ensuring the data sanitization and up-to-date records.

Why automate call recording and logging in CRM?

If you think that the only benefit of automating the call recording and logging is that it just removes this whole repetitive hassle work, then you couldn't be more wrong, my friend!

Let me list down a few reasons why you should automate your sales call recording and logging process on CRM:

◼️ Real Sales Data

Why rely on bias data when you can see the insights for yourself?

Most times, sales reps miss out on crucial points or opportunities while adding the call notes because of a lack of knowledge about new products or options or costing. That is why Convin’s call recording and logging software records and analyzes the conversation for crucial data and logs it for you. 

So that when you review the call notes, you can use the data and guide your sales reps in the follow-up calls to grab that opportunity.

◼️ Call review

One of the main problems sales leaders face is reviewing hour-long calls of their sales team at scale. Convin’s Call recording and logging solution solve this problem.

It records and analyzes for insights like topics discussed, actionable items, soft skills of reps, queries, talk ratio and scores the call based on it. And after it is done creating this detail, it sends the report directly to your inbox. You can use this report to correlate with the win rate.

◼️ Sales Training

Every time a new sales rep is hired, weeks and weeks go off in training him. In most companies, sales training is combined with sales coaching to help sales reps navigate calls. 

But this wastes a lot of time for new sales reps as they have to weigh for calls and old reps’ availability.

With Convin’s call recorder and logging software conversation intelligence, you can create playlists of your best calls, share them with the new hire, and decrease the ramp-up time in half.

◼️ Lead Data Sanitization

Do you remember in the beginning we discussed how lead data sanitization in CRM is a significant issue for clashes between marketing and sales teams?

Call recording and logging software solves this for you by automatically adding the task and notes in the accounts, activities, opportunities, and lead stage of the CRM post the call.

◼️ Team Communication

Was the competitor or competition feature discussed in the call?

Automatically add competitors’ details in the opportunity stage in CRM to help your marketing team to create content that could warm up the lead and push the needle towards you.

Your product team can use this data to add customization needed to help the customer better.

◼️ Forecasting Crisis

With the detailed reports of every sale call logged in the CRM while the deal is still on the table, you can spot any talking point or anything that could lead you to lose the deal. And apply corrective measures for it. 

◼️ Transparent Pipeline

By using Convin’s call recording and logging software, you can track the deals granularly. 

Find out which deals are close to the finish line?

On which opportunities the “next step” is not taken in weeks?

Find out the answer to these questions and more with the help of call recording and logging.

Now that we know why we use call recording and logging software let us show you how it works.

Record, Log, Track calls in CRM

The whole process is pretty simple, and your team can start leveraging the benefits of Convin’s call recording and logging software in a week of signing up. Here is how Convin records, logs, and tracks call in CRM:

Step 1- API Keys Exchange

Convin connects to your CRM by exchanging API keys.

Step 2- Data transfer
It is a two-way data transfer. Convin automatically pulls in users, organizations, leads, meetings, etc., from the CRM.

Step 3- Configure your Sales stack.
Configure your sales stack like calendar, video conferencing tool, dialer, slack, etc.

Step 4- Convin logs call notes in the CRM
Convin is now ready to start logging call notes in the CRM.

Increase your sales performance by integrating your CRM with Convin

CRM is a powerful tool like the Beetle car, but with Convin, you can transform your CRM to the Bumblebee(Transformer movie) of the sales tools.

Convin seamlessly integrates with the CRM and logs the call data in the CRM.

So no more long wasting time in taking call notes or wasting time in adding call logs. Sales reps can use this time to do more important tasks like prospecting or making calls. Basically, the activities that would lead to an increase in revenue.

If you are worried about data security, don’t be!

With Convin, all your and customers’ data is secured. Your data is secured by API key Integration supported by authentication tokens that are password protected. The data exchange as well is done in an encrypted format.

Convin right now integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Lead Squared, ZohoCRM, Close, Freshworks, and Hubspot. You can find further information here.

Supercharge your CRM by automating call recording, tracking, and logging with Convin

Granular view of all deals on CRM, so you don’t miss any opportunity.

Automate call logging on CRM
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