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Remember the movie “Pursuit of Happiness”?

Especially the scene where the main character Chris Gartner, portrayed by Will Smith, explains how he could gain 8 minutes of extra time just by not hanging up the call?

Cold calling and following up with the prospects are still an important part of every sales guy’s life. But now, this is not enough.

Let us go back to the movie, Will Smith, aka Chris Gartner, had to take the internship because he could not sell his bone-density scanners to pay his rent. He couldn’t understand initially that the scanner was over expensive and only marginally better than x-ray machines. But what if all the customer engagement were recorded?

He would get the market and people's intelligence much faster and work on finding a better way to sell his bone-density scanners. And the best way to get these recordings is by using call recording software. Let us deep dive and understand what is called recording software and how it can help your team.

What is sales call recording software?

Sales Plan for growing business

A sales call recording software can digitally record phone calls and video conferences via voice over the internet protocol (VoIP) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It allows you to make calls over the internet or via a phone.

In addition, to call recording, this software also logs all calls, transcribes the recording, stores, shares, and even analyzes them.

UK’s Personal Insurance Intermediaries deployed Call Recording Solution to avoid legal discrepancies.

Nike’s Digital Engagement

The Budget group is based out of Peterborough and employs 1,900 people. The company handles more than 750,000 customers and has 86 high street retail outlets and major contact center operations in Peterborough, Coventry, and Sunderland. Their contact centers are staffed by more than 700 agents and handle around 700,000 calls a month. Isn’t that a lot?

The Budget group was already familiar with call recording solutions but was skeptical initially as most solutions in the market were not providing a 360-degree approach for their recording needs. After checking out a few options, they finally deployed a solution. The solution could retrieve recordings within just minutes now, making dispute resolution far quicker than before. They could save at least 10 hours a week in recording retrieval in the Renewals team alone. And even their CSAT score improved by 12.5%.

Why does your business NEED call recording software?

To answer this question, let us walk you through a team-wise analysis to help better understand how you can leverage the call recording solution.

◼️ Product

Increase Revenue with sales planning

Your product team is the most crucial element of your business. Without an amazing product or service to sell, what can your sales or marketing team do?

But the problem arises when your product team is not aligned with the market and the customer requirements. As your product team is not the customer-facing team,  heavily rely on the internet and sales team conversations for this information.

By recording your sales call, you give direct access to the customer’s voice for your product team. They can review calls, understand their pain points, and customize the solution to match market expectations.

◼️ Marketing

Marketing team

In most companies, even though sales and marketing need to function hand in hand, it couldn’t be far from the actual situation. The marketing team and sales team work as separate units, which is not efficient for the business.

By deploying a sales call recording system, the sales team’s collaboration can be made a natural process. So that they can understand customer’s feedback, pain points, and queries to utilize this information in the marketing campaigns. Post recording, the call insights can directly land in the marketing inbox.

◼️ Customer Support

customer support

Let us go back to the Budget group example; one of the main reasons they deployed a sales recording solution was to avoid any legal discrepancies. Customer support is bombarded with He said/she said problems that can be easily avoided with the help of a call recording solution.

Having irrefutable proof-like recording can help your sales staff quickly dispute such issues and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. And also, you can ensure the call quality of your agents. As your agents know that their calls are being recorded, they will adhere to policy and regulatory compliance and provide the best support system for your customers.

◼️ Customer Success

customer success

Another customer-facing team is your customer success agents. By recording these calls, you can find out the common hiccups in every deployment, your customer feedback, and what new features or services you can probably cross-sale and up-sale in the future.

◼️ Sales


The use cases of a call recording solution for your sales team are immense. From sales training to call review, a call recording software can do wonders for your sales team. Let us see in detail how it can help your sales team.

How does a call recording solution help your sales team?

To understand how sales call recording can help your sales team. Let us look at individual roles and how a call recording solution can improve your sales.

◼️ Sales Representatives

Sales reps are the focal point of customer engagement in any organization. They are responsible for:

  • Cold calling, 
  • Following up with customers, 
  • Logging call data 
  • And finally sending out reports of their day-to-day activities. 

In all these tasks, the most crucial task is reaching out to customers, but they end up losing time in reporting and adding call logs.

A call recording solution automatically gets added to your call and records the entire conversation, and even transcribes it for you. It logs the call data and sends out the call report to the respective managers so that your sales reps can focus on what is important, i.e., converting leads to opportunities.

◼️ Sales Leaders

A sales team leader is responsible for:

  • Assisting sales managers in Sales Strategy Development.
  • Collaborating with the product team for New Products and Services. 
  • Recruit, Train, and Coach the Sales Team.
  • Delegating tasks and setting up deadlines.
  • Setting up targets and motivating sales.
  • Prepare sales reports

A call recording solution can save multiple call recordings, and you can even create playlists for all-important calls. The playlists can be used to automate the entire process of training and coaching the sales team. 

And this is not the end of good news; a call recording software helps uncover deal insights that a sales rep would typically miss. Sales leaders can take advantage of these insights and help sales reps close deals and even help them prepare sales strategies for more and bigger sales.

Sales leaders can even record product sessions for training the sales team. And let us not forget about preparing a sales report. Call Recording solution stores and catalogues the recordings and call data in one place to help them prepare more extensive reports in a matter of minutes.

◼️ Sales Managers

Sales Managers are responsible for:

  • Hiring and training sales representatives
  • Setting quotas, 
  • Evaluating performance, 
  • Enabling regular sales training
  • Developing processes that drive sales

Call recording solutions like conversation intelligence highlight the topics discussed, customer queries, and any actionable item. It even showcases the sales rep’s soft skill analysis so that sales managers can review hour-long calls in a matter of minutes. As soon as the call ends, it sends the call insights directly to the sales manager’s inbox to provide their feedback right away.

As all the call insights and sales skills are displayed in an easy-to-view display, sales managers can plan sales training and provide personalized coaching to the reps. And call playlists to make it easy to train and ramp up new hires in half the time. 

Now that we know how sales call recording can help a business increase their sales and, in turn, increase their revenue per call, let us look at the ultimate sales call recording solution.

Convin Conversation Intelligence - the ultimate sales call recorder

Convin seamlessly integrates with the sales stack and disrupts the already existing sales process for excellence. Convin, post integrating with sales stack,

1. Record
Convin records all conversion over dialer, video conferencing platform, and cloud telephony systems.

2. Transcribe
Post call recordings; Convin transcribes the entire call.

3. Analyze
Convin does not transcribe the call but also highlights the call topics, questions asked, actionable items, and sales rep soft skills for easy view.

4. Dispense call insights
Convin dispenses the call data directly to the inbox of the sales team. Convin even sends the call data directly to the Slack or Google chat inbox of the sales teams.

5. Store recordings
Convin stores the call recordings, and the sales team can filter the call for future preference based on the topic discussed.

6. Create call playlists
With Convin, sales leaders can create call playlists of important calls to automate the sales training and decrease the ramp-up time by half.

Empower your sales team to sell better and win more customers

Identify trends, eliminate bottlenecks and help your sales reps reach the right prospect at the right time.

Record your sales calls for customer insights
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