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Automatic Call Recording - Frequently Asked Questions(Busting Some Myths Too) | Convin

Abhishikha Chatterjee
April 26, 2022
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April 26, 2022
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Before purchasing a call recording software, there are plenty of questions that make you delay or halt your decision. You’re not alone!

And we can’t discourage you from performing the due diligence because it’s not a matter of a few cents. The decision will cost your organization money and impact productivity and business. 

Looking at your struggle of browsing the entire internet for answers, we decided to bring all the answers under one roof and save you some time–that’s exactly our intention of writing the blog. 

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Today, we’ll answer all the relevant questions concerning call recording software. Go pick and choose what you need to know. As part of the FAQ blog, we’ll cover the following questions:

Let’s start with the first and the most basic question;

1. What is call recording?

Call recording is a functionality that facilitates recording an audio or video call between two or more than two parties. Companies use this feature for different reasons and purposes.

2. What is call recording software?

Call recording software is a platform that facilitates call recording. An agent joins the meeting automatically(with participants' permission) and starts recording the meeting.

The recorded session is stored and shared by the software with all the participants. Often, the call recording is sent for review and feedback to the higher-ups. 

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Majority of call recording software offer recording and storage capability. The participants can access the recorded calls.

3. What is sales call recording software?

Sales conversations comprise valuable raw information to help sales and other teams gather helpful information about the customer and their industry. The insights recorded store facts about the market trend, objections, competitor details, product feedback, and plenty of unexpected information.

Sales conversations are helpful for organizations and need to be recorded and stored correctly. Hence, the need for a sales call recording software

Automated recording platform that transcribes conversations, analyzes them, logs, tracks, enables easy archiving, sharing, and playback of recordings. All of these features and more are included in call recording software. 

Biggest impact of sales calls recording software is observed in implementing sales coaching and improving customer experience. Companies can see a drastic change in call quality and sales productivity. Even sales leaders can use the recordings and analysis as and when work demands. 

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4. What type of calls can the call recording software record?

Call recording software for your business can record audio and video calls–needs prior integrations to the dialer system, cloud telephony solutions, and a video conferencing platform. The recording software integrates with your calendar and uses the meeting links to join the meeting. 

5. I need an example to understand where exactly does the call recording software fit in my business?

Today, we’ll use a basic example in the B2B market.

A B2B company selling payroll software received a demo request. The assigned AE went on the call and addressed all the pain points pinpointed by the SDR. According to AE, the case looked strong, and the chances of conversion were high.

After a week of no communication between the AE and the buyer, the AE went to his supervisor and thoroughly discussed the problem. 

Fortunately, the call was recorded by the sales recording software. On reviewing the call, the manager immediately caught the mistake. The participants had changed, and the new users had a different approach to the product. But the AE failed to ask them questions initially and jumped on discussing what was shared by the SDR.

We hope this explains the requirement for a call recording software in the business.

6. Can call recording happen automatically?

Yes, call recording of sales calls happens automatically but only after receiving permission from the participants. After admission to the call, the call recording agent joins the calls and starts recording the meeting. 

7. Is call recording software legal?

Call recording is legal in most countries but with specific terms and conditions. The local laws of each country direct call recording. We’ll briefly touch on the call recording laws in the US.

U.S. State And Federal Laws for Call Recording

One or two-party consent

In the U.S., different states endorse different laws concerning call recording. The laws are classified in two ways: One-party consent and Two-party consent. In one-party consent, only one-party consent is necessary. While in two-party consent, both parties must notify their acceptance in recording the conversation.

Which states have two-party consent laws?

Here are a few states in the US that follow two-party consent–California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. The rest of the states follow one-party consent. However, the two-party consent takes precedence over one-party consent. If one of the two parties is calling from a two-party consent state, then the law of the two-party consent state prevails.

8. What should I know about call recording to stay safe?

This checklist will keep you safe (avoid unethical practices) in your sales career:

✅Do you know the laws of call recording in specific countries? 

✅Do you know which countries and regulations follow one-party consent and two-party consent?

✅Do you seek the parties' consent (as per country law) before pressing the record button?

✅Do you provide the purpose behind recording the call?

✅Do you use call recordings for training?

✅How long do you store the data of the call recording?

✅Are the call recordings stored safely and securely?

✅Do you have a process for deleting obsolete or irrelevant call data?

9. Can everyone access call recordings?

No, only individuals who have access to the recording. Whoever needs access to the call should request the host to share the sales meeting recording.

10. Why does my business NEED call recording software?

Every business has unique problems and different needs. However, call recording is an everyday use case but used for various purposes. Here’s a list of common reasons to use call recording.

  • Reduce multi-tasking by eliminating note-making and improve communication on call. 
  • Best method to procure the single source of truth about a sales conversation. 
  • Check for regulation and compliance adherence. 
  • Help salespeople learn more by leveraging self-evaluation of the call. 
  • Begin sales coaching on areas of improvement.
  • Enable cross-function collaboration in sales meetings by sharing sales call recordings. 
  • Improve follow-ups by using more actionable call data.
  • Chase and implement market trends and insights by listening to sales conversations.
  • Experience faster onboarding of new joiners by reducing ramp-up time.
  • Switch to an objective data-based performance review and feedback mechanism.
  • Increase personalized selling in the sales cycle.
  • Use winning calls to develop a sales playbook.
  • Reduce churn rate in the sales team by accelerating business and premium coaching.

11. How does a call recording solution help my sales team?

Sales teams can make extra time for core selling activities while reducing time on tasks that can be easily automated with call recording software. For example, listen and ask questions while the recording tool transcribes the call and makes notes. Similarly, leaders and supervisors can review calls faster with the help of keyword filtering and moments. 

12. What automatic call quality statistics can I receive from the call recording software?

Here are some simple call metrics like;

  • Talk ratio, 
  • Longest rep monologue, 
  • Longest customer monologue, 
  • Patience, 
  • Interactivity, 
  • And question rate.

13. What are the critical features of a call recording tool?

  • AI-driven- Automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes all of your sales calls. Additionally, you can watch the solution identify critical topics and keywords throughout the meeting so that you can jump directly to these points for deeper insights.
  • Get access to Call Moments- Aggressively use key discussion points and parts of the call to personalize the prospect’s experience in the next stage.
  • Integration with CRM tool- Contact records on the CRM system are centrally located and accessible for all sales and non-sales teams. Integrated CRM and call recording tools allow automatic push of call notes to the contact records in the CRM tool. Contact and call data from both CRM and call recording software will be stored centrally and easily accessible to your sales team.
  • Performance Statistics- Instead of searching for call quality data in manual feedback processes, sales managers, and leaders can refer to performance statistics such as patience, interactivity, talk ratio, longest rep monologue, longest customer monologue, question rate, and more.
  • Customizable Evaluation Questions- With call quality statistics, sales managers are free to design an independent and customized performance questionnaire. The coach or manager can listen to the recording or skim through call moments and score the reps’ performance.
  • Get Access to Customer Intelligence- You can step up your selling game by relying on customer intelligence data within the recording tool.

Exciting features? Why not take a quick tour of these incredible features yourself? - Yes, Count me in!

14. When should my business use call recording software?

As a result of the coronavirus, sales teams were forced to work remotely in a distributed manner and collaborate on digital platforms. However, the sudden influx of calls and collaboration virtually made it challenging to coach teams and receive progress updates daily.

Already, 47% of all sales managers coach their reps for less than 30 minutes per week on critical skills and concepts.

Hence, tools like call recording software have come in handy in these times of crisis and helped teams not only with effective sales coaching but in several other scenarios:

  • Remote sales teams
  • Scaling sales teams
  • Heavy virtual selling
  • High influx of customer calls/demos
  • High-velocity sales cycle
  • High span of control
  • Reduced visibility into conversation quality
  • Poor Sales Coaching 

15. Which call recording software should I use?

Market is buzzing with call recording software. There’s no dearth of call recording software for businesses in the market. The choice of product depends on two factors: First, your sales teams’ unique needs and second, does the product offer AI-backed analysis. 

You may want to evaluate your product a little bit for factors like how many calls per day does your team execute? How many members will use the call recording software? Will there be requirement by other teams too?

If you search for sales call tracking software that offers to record, you don’t need to search anymore. Convin can offer all the right features that any company- a startup to an SMB, even an enterprise may need. We’ve got you covered!

But don’t be in a hurry to purchase the call recording software immediately. First, experience a satisfying trial period and understand what the product offers. 

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