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Top 7 Features of the Best Call Center Quality Management Software

Labeeb Ajmal T
July 12, 2023
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July 12, 2023

Customer service doesn't stop with having agents that can resolve customer queries.

Plenty of processes participate to offer a complete experience to customers. One of those important processes is quality assurance.

Quality assurance has been done manually as long as call center have been functional, but things are slowly starting to change.

Like every other industry, even call centers have begun to see the tides of change with the rise of artificial intelligence. The quality monitoring process is moving to newer frontiers with the help of artificial intelligence.

Transitioning from 2% to 100% Call Center Auditing

If you're not sure about the various features of automated call center quality management software, you're at the right place. 

But before jumping into the features, let's look at what quality management is in a contact center.

What is Quality Management in a Call Center?

Quality management is the process of reviewing agent-customer interactions. This is performed to ensure that agents follow the contact center's experience delivery standards.

A streamlined quality management process can be used to elevate agent performance and improve customer satisfaction.

There are mainly two approaches to quality assurance - auditing manually with a team of manual auditors and using automated quality assurance software. Let's have a look at the differences between these two.

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Automated Quality Monitoring vs Manual QA

In manual QA, auditors manually listen to call recordings and then assess agent performance.

Manual auditing is done on a call-by-call basis, and this is one of its biggest drawbacks. A team of auditors can only evaluate a limited number of calls on a day-to-day basis.

Calls will always go unaudited unless there is a team of 2 to 3 auditors per agent.

Automated quality assurance is more efficient than manual QA
Manual vs Auto QA

Automated QA uses tools powered by AI to assess agent-customer interactions. Since such software options are automated, they can monitor each interaction as soon as it is over.

It’s easy to implement in any contact center as all calls are managed in a cloud-based phone system. This helps automated QA tools easily access recordings and evaluate calls.

This makes automated quality assurance a much more viable option than manual QA when it comes to call coverage.

1. Analyze Customer Behavior

In manual quality assurance, auditors rarely pick up on behavioral cues. The primary focus is on how agents respond to customers and whether guidelines are followed.

On the other hand, automated quality assurance software can assess phrases used by the customer and analyze their behavior.

This feedback helps agents in picking up behavioral cues better and provide higher service quality.

2. Immediate & Actionable Feedback

Improving the overall support team performance is one of the major goals of quality assurance. Still, the manual call center QA feedback loop takes a long time to reach agents.

But when it comes to QA software, agents get a compiled report with feedback at the end of each day. Such feedback loops help agents understand and work on their shortcomings immediately.

Benefits of automated quality assurance over manual auditing
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Now that we've looked at how automated quality assurance software overcomes the manual QA process, let's understand the top features of automated call center quality management software.

What are the Top Features of an Automated Call Center Quality Management Software?

It’s evident that an automated QA software solution has a few advantages over the manual auditing process. But what are the key features of automated quality assurance software?

Let's find out.

1. Cloud-Based Solution

All quality assurance software are cloud-based, which means that your call center doesn't need to make extra investments, unlike an on-site software solution.

Cloud-based solutions are easier to scale up or down based on changes in contact center operations. Managers can contact the software providers and make changes in the number of agents without having to worry about incurring additional costs like hardware or an internal IT team.

2. Intuitive User Interface

Call center quality assurance software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

After a single onboarding session, contact center managers can use all the features without any confusion. This helps such call center software to be seamlessly integrated into any call center for maximum operational efficiency.

3. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support

Call centers have changed from focusing primarily on call-based support to adopting multiple channels like social media, email, and chatbots, to name a few. This shift to omnichannel contact centers has also changed the way contact center software works.

Automated quality assurance software doesn't just go through customer interactions on call. They also audit conversations across email, chatbots, and other channels, allowing you to evaluate conversations across the entire customer journey.

Irrespective of the call volume, the automated nature of a contact center solution can audit every conversation.

It is important to have an eye on all customer experiences. Only then can your contact center work on improving overall customer satisfaction.

4. Analyze Customer Interactions with Customer Intelligence

Customer support teams respond to customers based on the way they speak, picking up on behavioral cues. Since agents rely on their intuition for these cues, there are times when they're missed.

Automated quality assurance software uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand customer behavior. By relying on the huge dataset it was trained on, these tools can help agents to identify and react to behavioral cues from the customer better.

While they can't provide real-time feedback, it is included in the daily report agents get. This helps agent to improve their customer conversations.

5. Flagging Compliance Violations

Compliance violations are one of the biggest fears of any contact center manager. They indicate poor customer service as well as a lack of agent training.

It can put contact centers in trouble for not following regulations.

All violations are immediately flagged to reduce such possibilities, and management is alerted. Since alerts are raised every time a violation happens, nipping it in the bud and training agents accordingly is easier.

6. Personalized Agent Training

A personalized agent training program has a bigger impact on agent training than a one-size fits all program

Agents need some kind of feedback to improve on their shortcomings.

It isn't enough to provide the same generic feedback to agents. Feedback given to an agent should identify areas for their improvement to have an impact on overall agent performance.

Automated quality assurance software doesn't just provide feedback, but it also provides agents with coaching sessions to learn from. This helps agents to be proactive and work on rectifying their mistakes.

Since the feedback each agent receives is customized to their strengths and weaknesses, they can easily improve. This also has a positive impact on agent performance.

7. Customizable Scoring Templates

Audit templates can be customized for different use-cases

Even if your organization uses call center software, you would still ask auditors to verify a few of those automatically audited conversations. Instead of returning to the ineffective way of using Google Sheets, auditors can create a template to review audits.

The best part is that auditors can customize these scoring templates for different channels or specific use cases. There are options to keep objective, scale-based, and descriptive parameters.

And in scenarios where text feedback doesn't cut it, auditors also have the option to record feedback via audio or video.

Record feedback in different formats
Record feedback in text, video, and audio options

With all these features, call centers need to implement a quality management software to increase the efficiency of their QA processes. Let’s look at some of the best quality management software solutions available in the market today.

Best Quality Management Software Solutions

There are a lot of quality management software tools in the market, but only a few have been able to make a huge impact on their clients. Let’s look at those solutions.

1. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based call center software that enables businesses to deliver stellar customer experiences.

Talkdesk enables contact centers to monitor customer interactions across multiple channels. Coupled with the voice analytics capabilities provided by the software, it is easy to strategize and implement a detailed experience delivery plan.

2. Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based call center solution focusing primarily on call monitoring. Since Aircall has an inbuilt IVR system, it is easy for the software to have detailed insights on all calls that happen.

Aircall combines telephony services with quality management as a one-stop solution for call centers.

3. Convin

Convin is a cloud-based quality management software that monitors omnichannel customer interactions. The software uses automated compliance monitoring to flag compliance violations promptly to reduce future occurrences.

Convin also has a mobile app that allows contact center managers to monitor and manage their teams on the go.

4. Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy is a contact center software that streamlines the quality assurance process. Organizations can monitor customer interactions across various channels with Scorebuddy.

Scorebuddy also offers a mobile app so managers can keep an eye on detailed insights even while on the move.

5. Callminer

Callminer is a cloud-based call monitoring software. Callminer’s advanced speech analytics allows organizations to have a detailed view of all call analytics.

Callminer also has compliance features focused on helping businesses to adhere to industry regulations

Comparing features of difference quality management software

Summing Up

At times when customer support teams deal with 1000s of calls on a daily basis, auditing becomes a struggle when done manually. Apart from limited call coverage, it is also impossible to provide constant feedback to agents.

On the other hand, automated call center quality assurance software can audit 100% of conversations across all channels. Tools like Convin can help elevate agent performance and customer service quality. Give contact center quality assurance software chance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quality Management in a Contact Center?

Quality management refers to evaluating customer interactions to ensure that agents meet the required quality standards.

Why is Quality Management Important in a Contact Center?

The feedback given via quality assurance helps agents to improve customer experience delivery.

What is the Maximum Call Coverage for QA?

In a contact center that has only a team of manual auditors for quality monitoring, the maximum coverage is around 2-3%.

Whereas if automated contact center quality management software is used, all calls are covered.

How can Auditors Audit More Calls?

Auditors can use quality management tools to help them streamline their auditing workflow to audit more calls.

How to select a call quality monitoring software?

It is confusing to choose among the many quality assurance software that is available today. The best way is to define the use case required in your call center and then use a free trial of the software that matches your requirement.

How do you measure quality in a call center?

Call center quality refers to how well agents adhere to experience delivery standards. It is assessed by evaluating customer interactions and monitoring the agent’s experience delivery.

Call centers used to follow a manual quality management process which is slowly transitioning to an automated approach.

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