Everything you need to know about Sales Engagement Software and Why should you care?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
May 26, 2022
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May 26, 2022
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Sales engagement is no longer about simply dialing up your prospects, noting their concerns, or plainly dropping a message that may or may not be ignored. 

What do you think?

It’s essential to keep your prospect engaged across various channels(even Linkedin is not enough) to stay ahead of the competition.

You will have to go above and beyond to use multiple channels at once, personalize your sales pitch according to the prospect, and then close the deal- all without taking too much of your time.

So, how do you get ahead in the industry and meet such high expectations? 

Even CRM platforms are not enough to keep the sales engagement/ revenue technology stack running smoothly, especially when consumer behavior constantly fluctuates. And not to mention the sea of options at their disposal. 

Thus, to get ahead of the curve and remove the obstacles from your course, invest and get empowered by technology that can help your sales team run smoothly and efficiently. This technology can help you change the game's rules while still retaining its core premise- create more opportunities, book more clients, and generate more revenue.

In this piece, you’ll get to know everything about sales engagement software. 

Today, we’ll cover:

Let’s dive straight into our first area of discussion.

Sales Engagement and Sales Engagement Platform

Sales engagement refers to a series of interactions between the sales rep and a prospect throughout the sales process. 

Presently, these conversations take place over calls, emails, and social media interactive platforms, helping businesses to build measurable sales engagement strategies to drive revenue growth. That's where sales engagement software comes in. 

Sales engagement software enhances the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the conversations between the sales reps and the prospects. These aspects boost sales, generate revenue, drive productivity and increase the overall performance of the organization.

The sales engagement software, in the process of sales pitches and deal closings, is utilized when data from sales activities from various channels and content recommendations are automatically registered in the sales engagement software. It will further optimize the data and act as the management console for the engagement process. This data will be added back to the CRM.

In the process of sales pitches and deal interactions, the sales engagement platform is used when data from automated sales activity from various channels and content recommendations are fed to the sales engagement platform. This will optimize the data and act as the management console for the engagement process. This data will be added back to the CRM, where it will be stored. 

A sales engagement software provides an overview, optimization, coordination, and personalization at measure. Therefore, the sales team can use the sales engagement software to increase the efficiency of their processes without compromising on the core value. 

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Sales Engagement Software- What does it do?

Sales engagement software streamlines the engagement process between the sales rep and the prospect. It may vary from one software or another, but generally, sales engagement software provides the reps with-

  • Automated communication:
    The sales engagement software should allow for customization of communication sequences.
    For example, once you interact with your prospect over a voice call, a follow-up should be made with an email or a text, automatically. This helps in retaining the prospect's attention and interaction, which may lead to the deal closing on a positive note.
    Listed below are some ways in which you can make the most out of the automated communication benefit of the sales engagement software- 
  • Personalising:
    Shift your focus from the quantity of the calls made or approaches made for communication to ensuring each and every interactive effort is of high quality.
    Personalizing the content can help in making the prospect feel important and make them curious, thus retaining their attention and their interest in what you are saying.
  • Sincerity:
    Prospects can often sense insincerity or empty flattery. Therefore, make the content sound as sincere as possible and that it is not generic. Always read through your mail content, message, or your calling script to check if they sound disingenuous.
    Being sincere and giving that sense of sincerity can go a long way in the sales process.

  • Think Outside the Box:
    Just like you, various competitors may approach the prospect, how will you stand out and how do you plan to get noticed?
    Just a well-written message with the same template as others’ will not prompt a response. Therefore you have to be creative and ideate messages that may highlight you among many others.
  • Organize interactions:
    Sales engagement software increases the efficiency of the reps by presenting all the interaction data in one place. This way, sales reps do not have to dig through a haystack of communication information just to find a needle and not waste time doing the same over and over again.

  • Selling Smarter:
    Ensure that the sales engagement software of your choice includes a certain level of sales intelligence so that the software can track the calls made, the emails sent, the prospects followed on social media platforms, etc. This knowledge can help in drafting better strategies, resulting in more closed deals.

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Benefits of Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement software are highly beneficial as they enhance communication quality, increases efficiency, provides insightful analytics, and drives revenue growth. 

  • Enhances Communication Quality
    Sales engagement software helps sales teams automatically set up trivial processes such as templates, schedules, and sequences using sales tools. These can be often personalized and customized on the spot or sent as-is, depending on the goals of the sales team.
    The advantage of employing the sales engagement software comes with real-time messaging across channels to allow sales members to reply quickly, appeasing the impatient modern consumer.

  • Increased Efficiency
    Sales engagement software also integrates with Sales tools such as CRM, email platforms like Google and Outlook, messaging platforms like SMS and Chats, and social media platforms and keeps the sales team organized.
    This helps in unlocking a huge advantage over the sales teams on the competition side if they do not operate, accumulate, organize and multitask across various channels.
  • Insightful Analytics
    You can see a significant hike the productivity and efficiency once a sales engagement software is integrated. And the performance and revenue growth will still keep progressing as it will aid sales reps to sell smarter by highlighting the right platforms and right forms of communication. This is possible with the clear content recommendations provided at the right time, thanks to the analytical ability of the sales engagement software.

  • Drive Revenue Growth
    An essential benefit of the sales engagement splatform is its ability to drive revenue growth as it improves the sales team’s communication, making it effective, optimizing their workflow, and automating sequences through the recorded and analyzed data- all of these aspects result in driving revenue growth.

Sales Engagement vs. Sales Enablement

Often confused for one another, sales engagement and sales enablement are two different ideas and focus on different aspects of sales rep productivity. 

Sales engagement focuses on efficiency and engagement strategies to boost the sales rep’s results and performance to prospect engagement through a systematic approach. 

Whereas, Sales Enablement focuses on effectiveness. 

Sales enablement attempts to ensure that the engagement of the sales rep, team, and strategy is effective and impactful, by empowering the team with information on what to say, show, do and highlight. 

When Combined, both - sales engagement and sales enablement - help in measuring the sales processes to every sales rep.

A sales rep at any position (from the SDRs to the Account managers) knows how to maximize the effectiveness of the customer interaction between the rep and the buyer during the sales process. They also know how efficient the strategy and subsequent process is.

Now that we have looked at everything related to sales engagement and sales engagement software, let us dive on to how to choose a fitting sales engagement software for you. 

Selecting the Sales Engagement Software for You

When sales leaders are in the selection stage in buying a sales engagement software (among a lot of options in the market), they should evaluate and understand the needs of the organization and whether the software will be compatible or not. 

To make the most out of the sales engagement software, it is imperative to understand the organization’s structure, departmental bifurcation and cross-functionality, sales process, the existing CRM, and future goals.

Listed below are some points you should consider while selecting your choice of sales engagement software:

  • Dependable Automation
    When choosing a sales engagement software, ensure that it is automated, especially when it comes to vital areas that can impact your company and its business. 
  • Positive Investment
    Obviously, the software should drive the sales team's efficiency. Still, more than that, it should help and provide support across the organization, such as in the marketing team, finance team, AR team, etc. It should be easy to use and customizable, therefore turning into a positive investment that increases the performance and generates revenue growth.

  • Compatible and Easy to Use
    To invest in a product and to never use it because it is complicated or not easy to integrate - that’s just a waste of money.
    Ensure that the new software engagement software that you plan to purchase has an easy-to-use interface so that a person who’s not tech-savvy can also make the most of it.
    Additionally, it is vital that the sales engagement software of your choice can integrate with your pre-existing CRM platform to avoid data latency and syncing errors. It should drive and streamline collaboration, not curb it and underline the possibilities of advanced automation. 

Dealing with variables and numbers before sales engagement software was developed was a task. Moreover, information and data streaming from various channels would be stored in different locations, making it hard to track. Which in turn also decreases the chance of getting a holistic picture of the sales process that can be essential when strategizing and analyzing for effectiveness. 

All these problems are solved by the sales engagement software. It enables these aforementioned processes and more, streamlining them and organizing them, helping in the accessibility of the data as it is now stored in one place. It also improves the interactions between the sales reps and the prospects, helping the performance of the organization, etc. 

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