Conversation Intelligence For Sales Teams

Convin helps you know the unknown with the goldmine of data sipped from your own sales calls. Break down your conversations in pieces to make decisions based on real data!

What Does Convin Offers?

Quick X-ray View Of Call

Spending an hour to analyze an hour-long call is a clear waste of time. Convin breaks down your calls in pieces, so you can look at the parts that really matter.

Google Like Search For Calls

Search your calls for information like competitor name, features, topics & any other information that you want. Find things that are difficult otherwise to spot.

Smart Alerts

Get quick notifications if something important happens on the calls! Set alerts as per your need from hundreds of available combinations.

Build Sales

Create a list of sales calls that new hirees can learn from. Give your sales team everything they need to know about selling your product and handling objections in the best possible way.

Behavioural Metrics

Use advanced metrics like behavior analysis and topic duration and timing to understand how and what are reps talking on calls. You only improve when you start measuring.

Keep Team Updated

Collaborate with team to point our moments that matter and give feedback to help them improve in specific areas.

Convin is for everyone in sales

Sales Leaders

Drive your teams in the right direction with new reality and latest market conditions.

Sales Managers

Identify & coach your team in exact areas where they need help and crush quota.

Account Execs

Keep improving in your role and close more deals by understanding what works.

Sales Enablement

Enable the teams to counter objections with best possible feedback and smart playlist.

See it in action

Our team will reach out to you & give you a live demo. It’s that simple