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Top 6 Free Call Center Quality Monitoring Software Features

Labeeb Ajmal T
June 23, 2023
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June 23, 2023

Every contact center has changed how they operate by adopting new processes and technology. AI is an integral part, and automation is spreading like wildfire.

Despite encouraging operational automation in call centers, call auditing has still stayed manual and inefficient. This means the process of auditing needs a 360-degree revamp that focuses on QA efficiency and improving agent performance.  

However, If automation seems too overwhelming, try starting with a solution that enhances manual auditing capabilities. And that’s where free call quality monitoring software comes into play. 

Free Call Center Software Alternative for Manual QA

Before we jump into the features, let's look at the importance of auditing in a contact center.

Why is Auditing Needed in a Contact Center?

A comparison of quality monitoring software and the role of a third umpire in cricket.
Auditors oversee a call center like a third umpire in a cricket match

Just like the third umpire ensures that the right decisions are taken in a cricket match, call centers need auditing to measure agent performance. The third umpire ensures that all decisions in a match follow the rules, while auditors ensure agents don’t cause compliance violations.

Let's look closer at the importance of auditing in a call center.

1. Evaluate Agent Performance

Many key performance indicators can be used to understand how agents perform.

Instead of assessing all these parameters individually, auditors assess agents by listening to a call recording of the interaction.

Insights from these evaluations allow agents to learn about their strong points and weaknesses.

2. Provide Actionable Insights

“Only 37% of companies feel that they're using analytics to create value.” - McKinsey

Contact center managers prefer making data-driven decisions. Where do these decisions come from?

You guessed it right; these insights come from auditing.

Auditing provides insights into both individual agent performance as well as overall call center performance.

Call center managers can use these insights and make better decisions.

Now that we've understood the importance of auditing, let's answer a question that call centers have been asking since AI arrived, "Are human auditors efficient and adequate enough to handle auditing in a contact center?"

Is Manual Quality Management Adequate?

As discussed above, auditing helps contact centers in many ways. But is manual auditing adequate enough to go through all customer interactions?

Just what you thought, the answer is no.

It is easy to understand that manual auditing can't go through everything unless there's a crew of 2-3 auditors per agent. And this is obviously impractical.

Here are some reasons we need to look beyond manual auditing for quality management.

1. Stuck in Excel Sheets

Manual QA is time-consuming

Auditors in most contact centers rely on either Excel or Google Sheets for their auditing requirements.

This is an inefficient and convoluted approach.

Auditors need to individually switch between apps to access agent details, CRM, and update agent performance.

Such a time-consuming process halts auditors from increasing the number of calls they audit.

2. Manual Report Generation

While quality assurance is one of the primary job roles of an auditor, they need to compile reports manually.

The data collected can be used only if it is presented in the form of valuable insights.

Contact centers that ask auditors to create data manually waste auditors' talent and time.

A better approach is using software to generate these reports and asking auditors to present these insights to managers. This helps auditors save a lot of time.

3. Inefficient Feedback Loops

Another drawback of the manual quality monitoring process is the lengthy feedback loops.

In manual auditing, auditors enter their feedback on agents with the relevant interactions for reference. Team leaders check these and then relay the agent's feedback.

This is a lengthy process that doesn't mitigate any damage.

Agents should instead be given prompt feedback about their interactions with customers. Only then can they improve and not repeat their mistakes in the future.

Overcome Hurdles in Manual Auditing!

With all these hurdles in manual quality assurance, it is evident that every call center should move to a different process.

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What is an Alternate Solution for Quality Management?

There has been a tool-based approach that streamlines the manual quality management process.

The best part is that a few companies offer these call quality management software (QMS) for free!!

Still not sure how your manual auditing team will get a boost? Let's look at the features offered by these free quality monitoring software.

What does Free Quality Assurance Software Offer?

Most of the best quality assurance software, according to G2 offer only a free trial. Convin is the only software with over 50 reviews to offer the service free for a lifetime.

Pick Up the Boost For Your Manual Auditors!

Let's look at the simple and advanced features offered by free quality assurance software.

1. Easy-to-Use Interface

The user-friendly interface allows auditors to start using the software as soon as they're onboarded.

The intuitive nature helps ensure that auditors don't need to worry about moving to a new platform for auditing and can start auditing immediately.

2. Customizable Omnichannel Templates

Auditors can score customer interactions using customized templates
Customized templates for each communication channel

Call monitoring software allows auditors to create customizable templates for all channels in the entire customer journey. This is a necessary factor in today’s world of omnichannel contact centers.

Having a customized template for each channel allows auditors to audit agent-customer conversations easily. Auditors can choose from questions that require objective, descriptive, or scaled answers.

3. Record Audio & Video Feedback

There are situations where text feedback isn't enough. Sometimes, it would be helpful for auditors to have the option to record audio or video feedback.

Record Audio & Video Feedback on QMS

Convin's free contact center quality monitoring software allows agents to record both audio and video feedback along with a call audit. This can also help agents better understand what they need to improve.

4. Generate Reports Automatically

Automatic report generation can help auditors

Auditors shouldn't have to compile reports on their own. This takes up a lot of time and doesn't allow auditors to do what they do best - audit calls like a pro.

Call center quality assurance software generates reports automatically based on the audits done on the software. Auditors only need to take care of presenting this data to the management.

5. Rebuttal System for Agents

Quality monitoring software automatically emails agents when an audit is done. This accelerates the feedback loop and allows agents to get better.

The best part about such a feedback loop is that agents can raise a rebuttal if they feel that the received feedback is unsatisfactory.

Allowing agents to be part of the feedback process helps them be responsible, which in fact, increases agent productivity.

6. Assess Performance on the Go

QMS on the go

In today's mobile world, contact center managers can monitor call center performance on the go with a mobile application.

Gift Your Auditing Team the Power of QMS!

Auditors need to be able to work more efficiently if they are going to have a hand in monitoring the ever-increasing number of customer conversations.

Key Takeaways

Despite the ever-evolving nature of contact centers, auditing is still stuck in old and inefficient processes.

Call centers need to adopt recent trends in quality assurance software if they want to have a chance at auditing more calls.

While automated quality assurance software can take over auditing, there are a few free call center quality monitoring software that can help bridge the gap.

These free quality assurance software come with many features, but here are the key ones:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for auditors to use
  • Create customizable audit templates for each support channel
  • Record audio and video feedback for agents
  • Automatic report generation
  • Agent rebuttal system to maintain a strong feedback loop
  • Mobile application for monitoring on the go

With these features, organizations should try out the free boost to their auditing team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for quality assurance in a contact center?

Some kind of quality management system is essential in every contact center. Quality management allows organizations to deliver improved customer experience and improve agent performance.

What are the limitations of manual auditing?

The major hurdle of manual auditing is its inefficient and time-consuming nature. Auditors have to jump between multiple apps and compile reports.

What can overcome the limitations of manual quality management?

Every contact center has two major options to overcome the limitations of manual auditing.

The first one is switching to automated call center quality assurance software, which uses artificial intelligence to audit conversations. The other one is to use quality monitoring software which boosts the efficiency of manual auditing for free.

Where do I find free quality management software?

Convin’s quality management software is completely free for teams of any size. The software is available here.

What does Convin’s free call center quality monitoring software offer?

Free call center quality monitoring software offers customizable audit templates, the possibility of audio and video feedback, and automatic report generation.

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