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Transitioning from 2% to 100% Call Center Auditing

Labeeb Ajmal T
March 31, 2023
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February 26, 2024

Every call center receives 1000s of calls daily. There needs to be a system in place to analyze the call center’s performance over these calls.

Insights like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and First Call Resolution (FCR) can help you gauge some aspects of your contact center’s performance, but do they give you a complete picture? What about manually evaluating a mere 1-2% of those 1000 calls?


This shows a biased and very limited view of the customer interactions happening in a call center. Such limited audits can’t show a complete picture of the good, bad and the ugly happening in a call center and what all actions need to be taken to fix them.

Manually auditing through these calls can only scratch the surface. Changes need to be made in the manual system so contact centers can audit all calls.

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Before we look at how contact centers have begun to reach 100% audit rates, let’s look at the importance of contact center auditing.

Why is Call Center Auditing Important?

Every call center will have a benchmark for all customer interactions. Having an audit system in place ensures that all agents maintain these benchmarks.

Apart from ensuring consistent customer experience delivery with these benchmarks, contact center auditing can increase overall contact center performance in many ways.

Allow Agents to Improve

Auditors can analyze and find any gaps in an agent’s performance. Informing agents about what areas they need to improve can help them increase their performance by massive amounts.

In a scenario where auditing isn’t done, agents won’t be able to know of their shortcomings. This would affect every customer interacting with these agents, drastically impacting overall call center performance.

Overall Performance Insights

Call center auditing can give managers an overall view of the call center’s performance. Since auditors go through calls from different agents, they can have an idea of the individual performance of all agents.


With insights into individual agent performance, auditors can chart out the overall contact center performance. This data can help senior management to understand different metrics and make decisions accordingly.

Now that we’ve seen some ways contact center audits help contact centers, let us look at the blockers faced in manual auditing.

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Challenges in Manual Call Auditing

Manual call center auditing is a time consuming process
Manual audits aren't streamlined

Manual auditing is a starting point to solve the many problems that can go unnoticed at a call center. But can a limited auditing workforce go through 1000s of calls on a daily basis?

Looking through call center statistics, one can notice that a manual auditing workforce can only audit 1-2% of calls in a call center.

No further debate is needed to explain why a team of manual auditors can’t go through these numerous calls. Apart from it being practically feasible in terms of workforce, there are many more challenges that make it difficult to reach an auditor’s max efficiency.

Let’s look at these hurdles.

1. Too Many Applications to Handle

Auditors don’t have an integrated platform to handle all their auditing needs. Hence auditors have to jump between multiple applications to audit a single call. Here is an example of an auditor’s flow to audit a single call:

  1. Access the call and listen to it from the call directory (probably on the cloud)
  2. Enter the CRM and access customer details
  3. Use a note-taking application to note down their comments on the call
  4. Switch to Google/Excel sheets to score each call
  5. Finally, assign actionable items to the agent on the agent database.

As evident, a  chunk of the auditor’s time is wasted navigating between these applications only to audit a single call.

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2. Unnoticed Compliance Violations

Since auditors can only evaluate a minimal number of calls, there are possibilities that many compliance violations go undetected. Just like how the number of unaudited calls piles up against the audited ones, a similarly huge disparity can exist between the compliance violations that go under the radar and those that are flagged.

3. Biased and Haphazard Sampling

Auditors pick calls from random when deciding which calls to audit. This is an unordered selection and doesn’t show an overall picture of the contact center's performance.

A study found that the sampling done by auditors shows imbalanced and inaccurate insights into the call center’s performance. This can affect the contact center’s management process as well.

Say Goodbye to Your Manual Auditing Woes!

Now that we’ve seen the multiple challenges faced in manual auditing, let us look at how contact centers have transitioned to having all calls audited.

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Transitioning to 100% Call Center Audits

The rise of artificial intelligence has seen a lot of automation working its way through different industries. This rise is also seen in the contact center space as well.

There has been a rise of automated contact center software in the market. These softwares have helped contact centers bridge the gap in manual auditing and monitor all calls.

Automated contact center auditing software goes through all the calls and audits them automatically using artificial intelligence.

Let us see how these softwares are equipped to resolve the challenges faced in manual auditing.

A Single Integrated Workspace

Tools offering automated contact center audits have a single integrated platform. This saves a lot of time and speeds up the auditing process.

Having an integrated workspace also allows auditors to review the audited calls in a swift and efficient process.

Flagging of any Compliance Violation

Since automated call center audit tools review and audit all calls, no compliance violation goes unnoticed. This can help contact centers train their agents to avoid such behavior and reduce such occurrences in the future.

These softwares are trained to flag compliance violations using machine learning and can help contact centers to reduce the number of violations that happen by agents unknowingly.

Unbiased Sample Sizes

Automated call center audit softwares use algorithms to ensure that the samples taken for auditing are free from any bias. This ensures that the samples that the audited calls being reviewed by auditors are from a sample size that is unbiased and shows a complete overview of the contact center’s performance.

Summing Up

There are 1000s of calls that happen in a call center. Allowing these calls to go without review makes ensuring that all agents maintain customer delivery benchmarks and compliances difficult.

An auditing system allows an insight into the call center’s overall performance, but that isn’t enough to screen the massive number of calls that happen in a call center.

Apart from it being practically impossible, other challenges like the lack of an integrated workspace and biased sample sizes, make it even more difficult for auditors to work at their maximum efficiency.

Automatic call center audit tools can audit every call as soon as it is done. They also create a seamless, integrated workspace for auditors to review calls at their convenience.

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