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Discover Call Center Quality Assurance: Realize 5X Efficiency

Rimlee Patgiri
February 24, 2023
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June 20, 2023

We at Convin recently launched a poll on the importance of customer experience, and the results were NOT surprising at all! Why, may you ask? 

Out of 89 people, 78% believe that customer experience is important.

Linkedin poll on the importance of customer experience
Convin’s LinkedIn poll on the importance of customer experience

We are no longer talking about the product, service, or customer service alone. Time has raised the importance of customer experience with the use of AI to ensure a better, faster, and more reliable action plan.

A report by Time Doctor states that 66% of customer service executives feel that AI will positively impact their business performance.

To bring light to this matter, we decided to talk about how quality assurance is linked to an unending positive customer experience and how Convin makes this happen. 

This article will help you understand what quality assurance is in a call center and how it changes everything. Later you will come across how Convin helps you shape your business-driven insights into a scalable asset.

Sounds interesting? Let’s hop in.

Revisiting Quality Assurance in Call Center

Let’s start by acknowledging the obvious query: what is quality assurance in a call center? 

Quality assurance in a call center refers to the process of monitoring, evaluating, and improving agent-customer interactions such as call quality, chats, and emails. 

The primary objective of quality assurance is to ensure customer experience meets or exceeds the organization's standards, ultimately affecting call center efficiency.

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How quality assurance improves call center efficiency.
Quality Assurance In Call Center Boosts Efficiency

Beyond the Basics: How Quality Assurance in Call Centers Drives Efficiency

You must note that a great customer experience results from multiple factors within the contact center that consolidate it into a streamlined process. This process is what we refer to as quality assurance. 

As mentioned multiple times by now about the importance of customer experience, we would like to address this question: why is quality assurance important in a call center?

Improves Customer Satisfaction

First and foremost, call center quality assurance boosts customer satisfaction. Imagine a contact center without a proper quality assurance process. There are multiple areas where things can go wrong!

  • Compliance violations
  • Call center performance metrics such as average handle time, first call resolution, the average speed of answer, etc. 
  • Knowledge gap of agents while handling customers
  • Decline in customer trust
  • Degradation in brand reputation 

Call Center Compliance Monitoring

Call center compliance regulations are set of rules and parameters declared by the government that every organization must follow. Upon its breach, organizations can be liable to penalties and greater repercussions.

A call center quality assurance makes sure that compliance regulations are intact. Even more so, using AI-backed software such as Convin, you can ensure 100% compliance monitoring and carry on with your routine tasks without any worries. 

A Seamless Call Center Coaching

Call center coaching is an integral part of training and upskilling agents. Agent performance can become a huge barrier to call center efficiency without proper training. 

Quality assurance takes care of that department too! You can also monitor their performance, identify improvement areas, and provide intuitive feedback. A trained agent will always be first to impress the customer and enhance the customer experience. 

In this process, you promote a culture of continuous improvement and motivate agents to give their best. 

Enhancing Brand Reputation

Consistent and high-quality customer service builds a sense of trust and loyalty towards your brand. Call center quality assurance aims at fulfilling this requirement by providing a comprehensive plan to execute it. 

This way, your agents will always know how and when to answer, and you will always be on top of all updates about your call center!

Reducing The Call Center ROI

Last but not least, your business has to triumph, and to make that happen, you must be mindful of the return on investment, right? 

If not anything, a call center quality assurance software is what you should consider adding to your tech stack. 

For example, adding Convin’s contact center software helps accelerate your call center efficiency via these simple features - 

  • 60% decrease in ramp-up time
  • 21% increase in Sales
  • 27% increase in CSAT
  • 100% compliance monitoring
  • 56 sec lower AHT
  • A robust learning management system (LMS).
  • Automated coaching to upskill agents.
  • Automated Call Center QA or Manual Call Center QA.
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Call Center Quality Assurance Checklist

Ever wondered how to improve quality assurance in a call center?

Well, search no more. 

You can witness major changes in your call center quality assurance by following these GOLDEN CHECKPOINTS: 

  1. Define clear and specific quality standards and expectations for customer interactions.
  2. Regularly monitor and evaluate agent performance through quality assurance methods.
  3. Provide robust training and coaching to agents to improve their skills and knowledge.
  4. Use a comprehensive scoring system to evaluate and measure agent performance against established quality standards.
  5. Implement a consistent and objective evaluation process to ensure fairness and accuracy in agent performance reviews.
  6. Regularly analyze quality assurance data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement.
  7. Promote accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement by sharing quality assurance data and feedback with agents and management.
  8. Meet customer needs and expectations by incorporating customer feedback and input into the quality assurance process.
  9. Gauge customer satisfaction by utilizing technology and automation to improve the quality assurance process, such as sentiment analysis.
  10. Continuously seek feedback from customers and agents to identify improvement opportunities.
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Moving forward, let’s finally have a glance at what Convin’s quality assurance looks like and how it helps boost efficiency.

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A Walkthrough Quality Assurance In Call Center Using Convin

As mentioned above, Convin comes with many features and benefits. Convin tracks, records, transcribes and monitors calls, emails, and chats as an omnichannel contact center software to generate business-driving insights. 

Convin provides a powerful learning management system with automated call center coaching that smooths agent onboarding with a lowered ramp-up time. 

Here’s a walkthrough of Convin’s call center software - 

1. Login to your Convin dashboard and navigate to the Overall Dashboard

You will be able to select the following required data from the drop-down menu -  

  • Overall Dashboard
  • Team Level Dashboard
  • Rep Level Dashboard
  • Parameter Dashboard
  • Violation Dashboard
  • All Reports
Overall dashboard view of Convin’s call center quality assurance software
Overall Dashboard View Of Convin’s Contact Center Software

2. Scroll down to view insights generated by Convin that depict analytics, including overall analytics, statistics, multiteam level, team level, parameter level, and violations. 

3. Click on the Coaching Dashboard to view your Coaching progress and insights.

Convin call center coaching dashboard
Convin’s Automated Coaching Dashboard

4. Click on Meetings to view all the conversations that occurred by agents.

Meetings dashboard to navigate to Convin quality assurance
Click On Meetings To View All The Calls That Occurred

5. Select a conversation to open the audit template. This audit template contains an AI-generated score by Convin that reveals the results of 100% call QA.

You can also listen to the calls and provide intuitive feedback using text, audio, or video comments.

Convin quality assurance in call center template
Convin’s Audit Template

6. Convin also provides a customer intelligence tool that generates insights from customer calls. This analysis report is your key to hacking into what your customer seeks, likes, dislikes, competition, etc. 

7. The Convin library is a storehouse of all the knowledgebase. With the library, you can store important resources and create assessments to train agents.

Convin’s learning management system helps in call center coaching
Convin Library Allows You to Create Assessments For Call Center Coaching

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this article, and we bet you must be wondering that how Convin boosts call center efficiency by 5X.

Here’s a quick glance at how one of your clients saw a grand impact in their auditing time. This is one of the major factors that lead to increased efficiency. Agree?

Convin’s client reduced auditing time by 31%

Convin has the power to revolutionize the way quality assurance is conducted in call centers. By implementing Convin, call centers can significantly improve their operations and enhance the overall customer experience. Don't wait any longer. Join the revolution and use Convin today to take your call center to the next level!

Book A Demo Today And See For Yourself. 

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