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Crafting Premium Experiences to Customers in the Senior Living Industry

Labeeb Ajmal T
March 15, 2023
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The healthcare industry has seen a lot of advancements over the last decades owing to an increase in the life expectancy across the world. This has led to a huge increase in the number of prospective residents in senior living facilities.

In times when the senior living market is predicted to have a CAGR of 5.53%, it can be difficult to believe that there are various possibilities of losing existing customers.

Senior living establishments should ensure that they provide top-notch service to their current residents while convincing their loved ones about the care being provided to them. Maintaining the delicate balance can make providing the best experience for residents and their loved ones difficult.

Let us look at some of those possibilities for customer attrition faced by senior living facilities.

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Problems Faced by the Senior Living Market

Front desk personnel in senior living facilities should be equipped to handle all communications
There are many communication gaps between residents and their loved ones

Many snags in the experience delivered by senior living establishments happen due to the information gap between residents and their loved ones. Here are a few of them in detail.

Enquiries About Residents

A resident’s status in a senior living facility need not be a healthy straight line throughout their stay. There are endless possibilities that can affect their health in their old age.

Keeping track of it daily is key to running a senior living facility. Call center agents or front desk personnel should be able to convey the right information to a resident’s loved ones whenever they call to know the resident’s status.

A main problem that arises when calls are received at call centers is that these agents might not have the latest information about each resident. This can come across as negligence for the loved one calling, causing worry about the caregiving that happens at the facility.

Keeping Track of Calls

Whenever a loved one calls, they expect updates on how the resident has been since their last call. Unless the call goes to the same agent or person who talked to them previously, it can be difficult to figure out what information the caller knows and doesn’t.

If the agent or personnel gives them the same information again or misses out on any information, this also can come across as not providing adequate care to the residents at the facility.

The best way to fix this is by having an integrated CRM with all the information needed to help callers without any miscommunication or loss of information.

Conveying Critical Information

In certain cases, emergency situations can arise for a resident. It is crucial to let their loved ones know immediately in such scenarios.

This is because any decision taken in such situations is to be made by their loved ones and, if possible, involve the residents themself. Delays in conveying such crucial information can also perceive feelings of negligence.

With so many possibilities of coming across as negligent to those paying for their loved one’s care, senior living establishments need some kind of software to keep these in check. Here is how contact center softwares like Convin can help your senior living establishment.

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How Can Convin Help Your Senior Living Facility?

Front end personnel at senior living establishments can help callers better when equipped with call center software
Contact center software can help bridge the gap between residents and loved ones

Convin is an automated contact center software that can audit 100% of your customer interactions and analyze each interaction for any shortcomings to increase in the next one. But how do you use these features to increase your customer satisfaction?

Here is how these features can help you bridge the gap between residents and loved ones at your senior living facility.

Analyzing Customer Behavior

Convin’s ability to audit 100% of calls, chats, and emails by customers at your senior living facility allows the software to analyze customer behavior. These insights allow agents and front desk personnel to understand the nuances that went unnoticed on the call.

Convin checks calls to know whether the customer mentioned a competitor’s name, threatened to stop being a customer, and more. These behavioral insights allow agents and personnel to understand and be more proactive in future interactions with these customers.

Training Agents to Get Better

Convin audits every customer interaction and scores it based on parameters such as First Call Resolution (FCR), talk speed, longest rep monologue, and more, depending on the parameters set by the auditor. Using this score, Convin highlights areas for improvement and stellar performance.

Agents can improve their performance only when they know what is to be improved from their side. Taking it a step further, Convin suggests calls with a higher score on parameters agents are lacking, allowing them to improve faster than attempting on their own.

These automated suggestions reduce ramp-up time by 60% and increase agent performance. When better trained, agents can handle customers better and increase customer satisfaction.

Seamless Native Integration

Most of the situations mentioned earlier could be resolved if the CRM was integrated and updated after each call. Convin’s native integration with your existing tech stack makes it an easy and seamless process.

A call center with CRM integrated into its daily operations can easily handle all customer queries. Now that Convin updates your CRM after each call, you don’t need to worry about giving wrong information to people calling to enquire about their loved one’s residing in your facility.

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Summing Up

The senior living market is predicted to compound annually by 5.53%. Despite this, there is a huge concern of losing current customers due to gaps in information between residents and loved ones.

Ranging from possibilities of conveying wrong information to delayed communication, senior living facilities need to step up their game to ensure that they don’t lose their existing customers.

Using intelligent software like Automated QA and Coaching  can help senior living facilities hold on to their existing customers. Features like behavioral analysis and agent coaching ensure that there is no gap between residents and their loved ones.

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