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How to Improve the Contact Center Experience

Labeeb Ajmal T
November 4, 2023
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In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, providing top-notch customer service can make all the difference between success and failure.

The customer experience in a contact center depends on many factors. When contact center agents focus on improving this experience, it can lead to massive improvements in customer satisfaction.

Before we look at how to improve the experience customers face when interacting with a call center, let's understand its importance.

Why is Customer Experience Important in a Contact Center?

Contact centers are the heart and soul of customer service and play a pivotal role in shaping the customer experience.

Firms that prioritize experience delivery in their contact center see 60% more profit than their competitors. Investments in customer service departments yield an ROI ranging from 34 to 400%.

Let's look at various ways how contact centers that prioritize the customer's experience see improvements in their performance.

1. Improve customer loyalty

When contact centers focus on the customer experience, it translates to customers having their queries resolved in a swift manner. When the customer service team resolves customer interactions swiftly every time, customers feel satisfied, and loyalty tends to increase.

With loyal customers, businesses can see increased revenue from them.

2. Reduce customer churn

When customer service agents provide excellent customer service, customers tend to feel satisfied. Customers tend to stay loyal if support teams can meet their expectations.

This translates to a reduction in the amount of churn, which is a positive aspect of contact center performance.

3. Reduces customer acquisition costs

As discussed above, customers become loyal and stick with an organization when they receive consistently great customer service. When organizations don't need to worry about customer churn, it becomes easier to acquire new customers.

Take the First Step to Improve Your Contact Center Experience Today!

It's evident that customer service teams that prioritize experience delivery can see many benefits in both overall and individual agent performance. Now let's look at why should contact center agents focus on improving this experience.

Why Should the Contact Center Experience be Improved?

Call center agents should always strive to improve the way they provide customer service. When agents focus on building long-lasting customer relationships, it becomes easier to see improvement in various customer satisfaction metrics.

Contact centers need to push themselves to provide the best experience possible to each customer for many business benefits. Making customers satisfied with each interaction increases their customer lifetime value.

Now that we've seen the importance of the contact center experience and why it should be improved, let's look at how to do it.

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How to Improve the Customer Experience in a Contact Center?

There are different methods that a customer service team can use to improve the way they interact with customers. Let's look at some of them.

1. Understand your customers

Every customer service department should know and understand the kind of customers they deal with. When customer service representatives know the kind of customers they're dealing with, it becomes easier to provide better customer support.

In this digital era, there is contact center software that can analyze and understand customer behavior.

2. Understand the customer journey

Understanding your customers helps you know what your customers want
Understanding the customer journey is part of the contact center experience

All customer service agents should know the customer's relationship with the company. When they have an idea of the ideal customer's journey, it becomes easy to handle customer interactions.

When organizations try to analyze their customer's journey, it should include certain customer data, such as:

  • Every channel they use to interact with the company
  • The digital channels they use, such as social media

This information can help customer service reps to provide customers with personalized experiences.

3. Track call center performance

Managers in a contact center should track performance on a frequent basis. Frequent performance evaluations help the contact center to adapt and change its experience delivery strategy to meet the customer's needs.

There are multiple contact center tools that help do this by generating various performance reports.

4. Reduce the effort taken by customers

Omnichannel contact centers should focus on making it easy for customers to reach out to them. It's vital that customers shouldn't make too much effort to reach out to omnichannel contact centers when they're available on multiple channels.

Customers should reach out by using all channels, including live chat, email chat, and self-service channels.

Omnichannel auditing for calls, emails, and chats on Convin’s contact center experience software
Omnichannel auditing for calls, emails, and chats on Convin’s contact center experience software

When customers want to reach out for support, it should be effortless. This can play a critical part in keeping customers happy.

5. Implement customer feedback

Everyone running a call center knows that no customer support strategy is perfect when it's tried out for the first time. Every strategy can improve only with evaluation and feedback.

Since customers are the recipients of these customer service strategies, collecting their feedback can help agents serve customers better.

6. Don’t forget about agent feedback

Agent feedback can help them serve customers better
The call center experience is improved when agents receive prompt feedback

Similar to how customer feedback is essential, agent feedback shouldn't be ignored. Agents have interactions with multiple customers on a daily basis, and they understand the problems in delivering excellent customer service.

When agent and customer feedback are equally considered, it becomes easy to provide a better experience throughout all contact center interactions.

Use Call Center Technology to Improve Customer Experience Today!

We've looked at many different methods to improve the way customers are served. While these are feasible, let's also look at whether advancements in call center technology can help customers receive a better experience.

How to Use Contact Center Technology for Improved Customer Experience?

The kind of technology we use in contact centers has come a long way with the help of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and voice analytics.

Let's look at the way they transform multichannel contact centers, especially with phone-based customer service.

1. Integrated CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools have become a fundamental part of call center operations today. Any technology that contact centers use should be able to integrate with your existing tool stack.

When your CRM is integrated with your new technology, call center agents need to spend time updating the CRM after all phone calls.

2. Real-time agent assistance

Provide agents with real-time assistance through phone calls
Call center technology helps agents navigate phone calls in real-time

It used to be a dream for agents to receive real-time assistance while dealing with customer inquiries.

It is no longer a dream for contact center agents to have a personal genie to guide them through their interactions with customers.

With contact center tools like agent assist, agents now receive help to handle complex customer queries without breaking a sweat.

3. Evaluate customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is no longer a mystery in your contact center
Have detailed insights into customer satisfaction

Contact centers often find it difficult to understand how satisfied their customer is clearly.

Instead of waiting for customers to fill out surveys, developments in artificial intelligence and speech transcription have made it easier to track it.

Very few contact center software like Convin has made it easy for contact centers to track CSAT scores with a tool of their own.

Contact center agents can now see a score that explains how satisfied the customer was after all phone calls.

4. Understanding customer sentiment

Contact center technology can help understand customers better
The contact center customer experience is improved when agents know how customers feel

Very few contact centers are able to identify and analyze how their customers and the general public perceive their products and services. While that data is difficult to obtain, it can prove vital in improving customer service as well as shaping future products and services.

Sentiment analysis has become a key weapon in every contact center's arsenal to evaluate customer sentiment. Apart from understanding how customers perceive your products and services, it also sheds light on how your customer base perceives your competition.

Building a Contact Center Environment Focusing on Customer Experience

Every contact center must aim to deliver the best experience possible to its customers. It isn’t enough to rely on manual processes in today's age.

Each contact center that invests in the latest tools and leverages artificial intelligence has a better chance of winning over its competitors. Try a free demo of one of the best contact center software available in the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do contact center services do?

Contact center services provide customers with efficient and effective technical support, customer service, and sales assistance through various communication channels, including telephone, live chat, email, and social media. They are used to manage inbound and outbound interactions and customer inquiries.

2. How do I get experience in a call center?

To become a call center agent, get relevant skills training, evaluate your skills, design your resume with a focus on your skills, submit applications, and complete an interview. Gaining experience in a call center requires hard skills training, problem-solving, and customer service skills as well as motivation to enhance customer experiences.

3. What are the four key components of an exceptional contact center experience?

Accessibility, responsiveness, personalization, and consistency are key components for an exceptional contact center experience.

4. How can AI chatbots benefit contact centers?

AI chatbots can quickly and efficiently handle routine inquiries, allowing contact centers to free up agents for more complex issues and provide instant support to customers.

5. What is the role of CRM systems in contact centers?

CRM systems play an essential role in contact centers by allowing agents to access customer information quickly and provide tailored service experiences.

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