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7 Powerful Business Reports Using Conversation Intelligence Software

Rimlee Patgiri
April 25, 2023
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In today’s fast-paced business world, gaining a competitive edge is more important than ever. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is gaining valuable insights from customer interactions that occur through multiple platforms and agents. 

Fortunately, advances in technology made it possible to analyze customer interactions and communication patterns through conversation intelligence. 

Conversation intelligence software is an AI-backed call center technology that records, transcribes, and analyzes conversations. This analysis is presented as business-winning, actionable insights into the platform. But is that all?

AI-driven conversation intelligence softwares enables us to extract the analyzed information from customer conversations in the form of reports. 

In this blog, we will explore seven powerful business reports that can be generated using a conversation intelligence software. These reports help businesses optimize their sales and customer service strategies, better understand their audience, and boost the overall performance of the support and sales team.

What Is Conversation Intelligence Software? 

Say you have 7k+ calls happening every day in your call center. You have 10 auditors who audit and analyze these calls. It sounds like an impossible task to audit them, isn’t it?

That’s where conversation intelligence software comes into the picture.

Conversation intelligence software converts conversations into text and text into actionable insights. In short, it eliminates complex, time-consuming processes and delivers the end results to your table.

Reports in Convin’s Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation analytics  extracts usable data using natural language processing from human speech and text conversations like chats. This data is analyzed for credible information that helps users make actionable business-winning decisions. 

After you access this data, the next step is to make it comprehensive for users.. This is done by categorizing it under different parameters. This presentation is documented in the form of CONTACT CENTER REPORTING

What Are Reports In Conversation Intelligence Tool?

Contact center reports consolidate the data-driven insights incurred by the conversation intelligence software. The software produces these reports automatically and displays winning and losing behavioral patterns. 

Remarkable benefits of contact center reporting - 

  • Aids in Performance Tracking
  • Boosts Operational Efficiency
  • Helps in Customer Experience Improvement
  • Overall Call Center Cost Reduction
  • Generates Actionable Business Insights

Activate Call Center Reporting

Clearly, these eyebrow-raising insights come in handy for call centers. That being said, it will be incomplete without understanding what’s inside these reports and how they benefit you. 

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7 Actionable Business Reports Using Conversation Intelligence Platforms

Conversation intelligence tool generates advanced and role-based custom reports. Using Convin, you can generate over 25 reports

Let's glance at the 7 most impactful reports for today's discussion.

1. Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis report thoroughly visualizes what the customers think and need. It is derived from the customer intelligence section and glances into your customers’ interests, preferences, and behaviors as a whole. 

More importantly, the report leaves critical cues on what the competitors are doing right and what areas need improvement. Replicating best practices of competition and accelerating your strengths is easier with competition analysis.

Competitor Analysis Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software
Competitor Analysis Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software

2. Negative Sentiment Analysis 

Analyze customer interactions and sense customers' sentiments throughout calls. The conversation intelligence platform identifies and captures statements or questions the customer addresses that reflect a negative sentiment.

Examples of negative sentiment conveyed by the customer:

  • Not satisfied with the service. 
  • The customer service line was not reachable. 
  • The product is not better than the competitor.
Negative Sentiment Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software
Negative Sentiment Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software

3. Win Behavior Analysis

The win behavior analysis opens doors to new discoveries from customer conversations. These insights disclose behaviors that convert and don’t convert. 

Likewise, businesses can replicate the winning behaviors to support agent performance, enhance sales revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. 

For e.g., The report below illustrates that the execution of a particular parameter led to a 52% increase in conversion rates.

Win Behavior Analysis Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software
Win Behavior Analysis Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software

Read about Analyzing Customer Behavior Using AI-Driven Platforms to Examine Winning and Losing Deal Trends.

4. Customer Complaint Report

Post-call evaluation, this report fetches you keywords pertaining to complaints that could lead to escalations or loss of business. 

For e.g., Convin’s client discovered that out of 5122 cases, 105 customers complained about water leakage in the product.

5. High Escalation Analysis  

This is a special report that indicates high escalation cases. These cases pose a threat to the brand's reputation as well as a high risk of customers taking brutal steps. 

Generating a detailed report of such cases mentioning every small detail is a proactive measure toward customer service improvement.

6. Reason For Potential Business Loss

Business leaders can use this report to identify reasons that prevented conversions.

Imagine the benefits of knowing why and at which point your customers decided not to proceed with the deal. This will help you improvise the script and make better customer conversations.

Reason For Potential Business Loss Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software
Reason For Potential Business Loss Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software

7. Parameter-Wise Analysis 

The parameter-wise analysis report looks closely into each parameter to assess whether agents adhere to the call script or SOP. You can use this report to analyze what is working and what’s not.

Parameter-Wise Analysis Report By Convin Conversation Intelligence Software

Summing Up Contact Center Reporting

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of reports generated by Convin. Some of the reports that are readily available in the call monitoring software include:

  • Agent Reports, 
  • Best-Worst Parameter Reports
  • Violation Analysis Reports
  • Call Center Coaching Progress Reports
  • Coaching Impact Reports
  • Dead Air Reports

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