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Conversation Intelligence platform for Accelerated Sales and Growth

With the conversation Intelligence platform analyze your sales conversations for customer intelligence, meeting intelligence, market intelligence, and deal intelligence.

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Every customer engagement contains valuable insights that would help organizations to grow and increase their ARR. These insights include customer’s pain points, feedback, objections, suggestions, competitors’ information, and a lot more.

But despite manual note-taking, entering information in CRM, and finally disseminating the meeting intelligence across the team, some information gets lost. And not to mention, the tedious and time-consuming nature of the above task. When your entire growth team can focus on more important tasks.

Even though most companies have started using additional tools to record meetings, sitting and analyzing the long meetings can become tedious not just for sales leaders but for marketers as well. Marketers really cannot afford to miss out on sales conversations. With the help of sales conversations, they can truly understand their customers' needs and pain points. And build marketing collaterals and messaging that would resonate with the customers. With the right messaging and engagement statistics derived from the customer's voice itself, sales representatives engage more effectively and close more deals.

Companies that successfully engage their B2B customers have 63% lower customer attrition. And they also achieve a 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity. - Outgrow

So, what is the solution that would not just help in recording these conversations but also in analyzing and disseminating the data across teams?

The answer is simple- AI-powered conversation Intelligence platform. Let us find out more:

What is conversation Intelligence?

With the embarkment of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Natural Language   Processing, most of the processes in a company transformed. So, why should simple note-taking in a meeting be left behind?

Conversation Intelligence enables artificial intelligence and natural language processing to record, transcribe, and analyze daily sales conversations by integrating with the sales stack. It also automatically disseminates the meeting data across teams, so that sales reps do not have to manually send out their meeting reports, saving a ton of time.

Why is conversation Intelligence important?

Conversation Intelligence, although a fairly new technology, is gaining adoption momentum across sales and marketing leaders in the industry. Let us look at the following scenarios to understand why exactly:

Let us take a scenario of a startup organization consisting of 20-30 sales representatives.

Every sales rep here successfully engages with a minimum of 10-20 potential clients in a day. Every call lasts for 30minutes to 1 hour. Now for a sales leader to listen to every call and provide feedback at scale becomes a tedious and nearly impossible task without a conversation intelligence solution.
In the same scenario, think about the sales representatives, every call they make, they have to either manually log all call data in the CRM and send reports to their sales managers or deploy additional tools to automate the process. conversation Intelligence can easily integrate with the sales stack and automate the entire sales process without needing any additional tools.

Additionally, it takes a lot of time to coach new sales representatives.

Did you know 55% of salespeople do not have the right skills to achieve their goals?

With the conversation Intelligence solution organizations can create playbooks of different meeting scenarios. And automate the process of sales training without wasting additional money or resource time.

With deal intelligence obtained from the sales call, marketers can create messages and content that would resonate with the customers and help sellers engage harmoniously with the prospects.

But how does that work?

How does the conversation Intelligence Platform work?

Here is how conversation intelligence works and helps your entire business to stay aligned and achieve its goals:

◼️ Step 1: Integrate

Conversation Intelligence solution seamlessly integrates with your customer engagement platforms like emails, call, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., such that it can track the conversations. It also integrates with other sales stacks like CRM to automatically log the call data.

◼️ Step 2: Record

Conversation Intelligence then records all sales conversations on all the platforms, so that the sales representatives do not have to waste their efforts and time in making the minutes of the meetings.

◼️ Step 3: Transcribes

In real-time by employing natural language processing abilities, the bots transcribe the entire conversations.

◼️ Step 4: Analyses and Highlights

After transcribing the entire conversation, it analyzes the conversations for soft skills, keywords, talking points, and cues that usually a sales rep would miss. Post analysis, highlights the important moments, missed opportunities, customer feedback, queries, and actionable items. So, that the sales leader can analyze the call in a few minutes, rather than hours. Remember the scenario we spoke about?

◼️ Step 5: Distribute call data

Conversation Intelligence sends the analysis to the concerned sales managers and other teams.

Sales reps can even understand with the help of conversation Intelligence what the top performer is doing differently to improve their own game. They can even understand the conversation pattern of high and low-quality leads, and save a ton of time.

Features of conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence features are what make the solution a must for every organization.

1.  Call Recording

Conversation Intelligence records and transcribes every engagement over dialers, video conferencing, and emails and stores it for future reference. Users can easily find any recording in the dashboard when required. And even create many playbooks of the calls.

2. Keyword Filtering

Sellers can easily navigate any call transcript by filtering it by keywords, actionable items, queries, feedback, and suggestions. Users can easily jump the call to the exact time the keyword was spoken.

3. Call Signal Setup

conversation Intelligence allows organizations to set up specific signals to help the deal move faster. And even set up to receive call analytics over the preferred communication platform such as Slack and Google Chat.

4. Call Analytics in Real-time

Convin analyzes every call based on soft skills, opportunities, etc., and sends the insights for further analysis directly to the sales manager’s inbox. So, they can analyze the deal in real-time and provide their feedback and support.

5. Easy Set-up

Convin can be easily boarded by organizations within no time and no complex training is required for sales reps. Organizations can be driving ROI from day one of onboarding.

One Conversation Intelligence for Entire Organization

Conversation Intelligence is not just for your sales team but for your entire organization. By gaining customer insights from the platform, companies can align organizations’ goals. The end goal of every organization is to increase its revenue. With conversation Intelligence, organizations get ensured ROI. And not just from the tool but from the entire organization. Let us see how:

  • Marketing

With conversation Intelligence, marketers get direct access to the customer’s voice. As we spoke earlier, with direct access, marketers can work creating content that would help the sales team engage smoothly with the customers. And even attract leads, that would convert. Increasing the MQL to SQL ratio.

  • Product

The product team can see for themselves, what feedback and suggestions customers have for their products. And implement them on the solution; in short, increasing product satisfaction and help your team build a product that the market needs.

  • HR

Did you know that 77% of new hires hit their first performance milestone with formal onboarding? It takes a lot of time and effort to properly onboard and ramp up any new hire. Most ramp-up programs look for about a 30 to 90 days period. This is the time where the organization spends its money on training the new hires. And bring them to par with the others with help of tools, company resources, and efforts from trainers and other employees.

With conversation Intelligence, organizations can create a playbook for their employees, especially for your sales new hires. They can create different playbooks consisting of a product demo, best sales conversations, organization brief, etc. Organizations can not just automate the onboarding but also reduce acquisition costs.

  • Sales

For Sales the opportunity with conversation Intelligence is endless. The solution can help in sales training, reporting, sales enablement, improving the sales script, and a lot more. It can help sales leaders know if the sales reps are:

  • Speaking efficiently with customers?
  • Following the talk points?
  • Listening and responding to the customer?
  • Are using feedback and training tools?

Use Cases of conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence on integration with sales stack identifies keywords and topics of sales conversations and lists them for the users. So, the user can quickly jump to the topic and analyze the call insights. conversation Intelligence can help organizations in taking notes, identifying non-compliant topics, customer queries and complaints, and a lot more. Let us look at the use cases of conversation intelligence in brief:

1. Sales Training and  Sales Onboarding

Do you remember we spoke about the 30-90 day period of ramping up?

With the conversation intelligence platform, organizations can create different playbooks and fast-track the process of ramping up. New agents can go through the best sales call and learn from them. conversation Intelligence can completely automate sales training even for existing sales reps. It identifies areas of improvement, may it be in the script or their skill sets, and informs the sales rep and the manager.

2. Sales Enablement

Recent study found that companies that have sales and marketing aligned have 67% higher profitability. And this is only possible if marketers are in beat with the sales requirements and customer’s evolving needs. Convin gives direct access to the organization’s customer insights by analyzing daily sales conversations and gathering insights. So, organizations can create content and programs that would enable smooth selling.

3. Market Intelligence

Did you know 90% of the sellers don’t use the sales material because it is irrelevant and outdated?

Conversation Intelligence gives direct access to customer’s voices and their changing needs. Organizations keep track of the ever-evolving market by analyzing their customers through conversation intelligence analytics.

And even provide training and material that is relevant to the seller.

4. People Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence gives visibility into how your salespeople and managers are performing every day. And gives recommendations by pinpointing soft skill growth opportunities. conversation Intelligence also recommends best practices, talk points, etc., based on the top performers.

5. Meeting Intelligence

Convin’s AI-powered conversation Intelligence captures and analyzes crucial elements of the meetings, even if the sales rep might miss it. Sales managers and leaders can view the anatomy of the meeting in real-time and provide feedback or support to help the sales rep.

6. Process Monitoring

Convin makes it possible to completely visualize the sales process, starting at its core. With Convin, businesses can assess call quality, highlight important moments, missed opportunities, and get actionable insights right in their inbox.

7. Deal Monitoring

Convin gives direct visibility into every deal, right from the time of the first contact to the sweet gong of closing of the deal. It identifies deal risks, opportunities, and blockers, and communicates them to team members. The seller can easily collaborate in time with their team and close the deal.

And even know if a deal requires any extra push in the right direction. It is becoming the one sales tool to have. And why not?

It can be so easily integrated with sales stacks.

Convin Good fit for your Sales Stack

Convin’s conversation Intelligence platform seamlessly integrates with almost all the sales stack. Have a look:

  • Dialers: Ring Central, Freshcaller, Dialpad, Outreach, Aircall, etc.
  • Video Conferencing: Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Cisco Webex.
  • Calendar: Outlook, Google Calendar.
  • CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshworks, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Team Messaging: Slack, Google Chat, etc.

Empower your organization with conversation Intelligence to increase your sales team win rate

Identify trends, eliminate bottlenecks and help your sales reps reach the right prospect at the right time.

Improve Win Rate with conversation Intelligence

Convin records, transcribes and analyzes all your sales calls to give insights on what’s working on calls and what’s not.

Convin records, transcribes and
analyzes all your sales calls to give
insights on what’s working on calls
and what’s not.

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Bhive Workspace No.112,AKR
Techpark, A-Block, 7th Mile
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+91 7011464590, +91 8802881329