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Skyrocket Sales With the Ultimate Sales Call Tracking Software

Madhuri Gourav
March 22, 2024
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Understanding your customer's journey and optimizing your team's performance is crucial in sales. One critical tool to achieve this is sales call tracking software. This technology helps you monitor phone calls and provides insights that can significantly improve your sales strategy.

Today, we'll explore the best sales call tracking software available, emphasizing features like phone call tracking, call center call tracking, and the integration of sales lead tracking systems.

Boost sales impact with top call tracking software for enhanced performance.

What Is Sales Call Tracking Software?

Sales call tracking software is a pivotal tool designed to enable businesses to monitor and analyze customer telephone interactions. This technology is integral in various sectors, especially where phone calls are a primary means of communication with clients or leads. 

A recent study by Harvard Business Review showed that 

50% of high-performing sales organizations admit having “closely monitored, strictly enforced or automated” sales processes. Meanwhile, 48% of under-performing organizations have non-existent or informal sales processes.

It's often interlinked with phone call tracking software, call center call tracking software, and sales lead tracking systems, offering a comprehensive view of a company's call-related activities.

Incorporating a sales lead-tracking system into your call-tracking software can transform your sales process. This integration allows a seamless transition from tracking phone calls to managing sales leads, ensuring no potential customer slips through the cracks. 

By choosing software that offers call tracking and sales lead management, businesses can streamline their operations and boost sales effectiveness.

Use automation to maximize the efficiency of contact center sales
Use automation to maximize the efficiency of contact center sales

Important features of sales call tracking software

  • Dynamic number insertion for accurate tracking of phone calls from various marketing channels.
  • Integration with CRM systems to enhance sales lead tracking and customer interaction history.
  • Real-time call analytics to monitor and improve call center performance and agent efficiency.
  • Recording and transcribing calls to provide insights and training opportunities for sales teams.
  • Call scoring and tagging to categorize and prioritize leads, improving the sales lead tracking system.
  • Detailed reporting and dashboard features provide a comprehensive view of call metrics and outcomes.
  • Automated call routing ensures leads are directed efficiently to the appropriate agent or department.
  • Customizable call triggers and alerts notify teams of important events or potential sales opportunities.
  • Integration with marketing platforms to align call tracking data with overall marketing strategies.
  • Support for local and toll-free call tracking numbers to maintain a professional image and cater to a broader audience.
  • AI-powered analytics to offer predictive insights and recommendations for optimizing sales strategies.
  • Multi-channel tracking capabilities, including phone, web, and SMS, for a holistic view of customer interactions.

Benefits of Sales Call Tracking Software

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Through detailed call analysis, you can gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and pain points.
  • Improved Sales Strategies: Utilize data from tracking phone calls to refine sales tactics, improve customer engagement, and increase conversions.
  • Optimized Marketing ROI: Identify which marketing efforts are driving calls and conversions, allowing for better allocation of marketing budgets.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamline sales and marketing processes by integrating call data with other business systems, enhancing overall operational workflow.

Hence, sales call tracking software is invaluable for businesses looking to optimize phone-based customer interactions, improve sales performance, and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. 

By leveraging phone call tracking capabilities, businesses can enhance their understanding of customer behaviors, refine their sales strategies, and ultimately drive greater success.

How to Choose the Best Sales Call Tracking Software?

Choosing the right sales call-tracking software involves evaluating several vital factors to ensure the software aligns with your business needs and goals. 

Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Clarify objectives and integration needs: Identify why you need to use call-tracking software and ensure it integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM and sales lead-tracking systems to maintain data continuity and efficiency.
  • Assess essential features and scalability: Look for key features like dynamic number insertion, real-time analytics, and call recording that align with your business needs. Choose software that can scale with your business's growth.
  • Evaluate user experience and support: Opt for user-friendly software with robust customer support and training resources to facilitate easy adoption and effective use within your team.
  • Consider compliance, security, and cost: Ensure the software meets relevant regulations and data security standards. Evaluate the pricing to ensure it fits your budget and offers a good return on investment, and take advantage of trials or demos to test the software's compatibility with your business needs.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a sales call-tracking software that meets your immediate phone call-tracking needs and supports your long-term sales and marketing objectives.

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Top Sales Call Tracking Software

The following are the top sales call tracking softwares designed to elevate your sales strategy by providing unparalleled insights into every call. These cutting-edge tools empower teams with robust analytics, lead tracking, and performance optimization, ensuring your sales efforts are practical and efficient.

1. LeadMaster 

LeadMaster - This is an all-encompassing solution that combines sales call management software with a sales lead tracking system. It offers detailed analytics, easy integration with existing systems, and robust reporting features, making it ideal for businesses looking to enhance their sales strategy comprehensively.

2. CallRail 

Known for its user-friendly interface, CallRail provides in-depth phone call tracking and analytics. It offers call tracking numbers, allowing businesses to trace the origin of their calls, thereby optimizing their marketing strategies. Its integration capabilities with analytics and CRM systems make it a top choice for companies seeking detailed insights into their call data.

3. RingDNA 

Tailored for sales teams, RingDNA is a comprehensive sales call management software that offers advanced features like AI-driven call analysis, real-time coaching, and seamless integration with major CRM platforms. Its focus on sales performance makes it an excellent tool for businesses aiming to improve their sales outcomes.

4. PhoneWagon

This straightforward yet powerful phone call-tracking software is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers real-time call tracking, recording, and detailed reporting, making monitoring and analyzing phone call data easy.

5. Aircall

Aircall is cloud-based call center call tracking software designed for teams that need flexibility and scalability. Its easy setup, integration capabilities, and comprehensive analytics make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their call center's efficiency and productivity.

Convin's Suite for Enhancing Sales Call Tracking

Convin provides solutions that directly support sales call tracking by offering an array of tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. 

Here are the essential solutions from Convin that align with sales call tracking objectives:

  • Conversation Intelligence: Convin's AI-based solution analyzes sales calls, providing valuable insights into customer interactions, enhancing communication strategies and closing rates, and surpassing traditional tracking software.
  • Sales Call Analytics: Convin utilizes detailed analytics to collect and analyze call data, providing insights into performance trends and customer feedback and enhancing sales outcomes similar to call center call tracking software.
  • Automated Call Summaries: Convin streamlines sales call tracking and management by providing automated summaries that align with sales lead tracking software objectives. This ensures crucial information and follow-up actions are not overlooked.
  • Real-time Coaching and Feedback: Convin provides real-time coaching and feedback tools using AI analysis of sales calls, providing immediate, actionable advice to sales representatives to improve performance on subsequent calls.
  • Performance Tracking: By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sales calls, Convin helps teams monitor their success rates, identify areas for improvement, and make data-informed decisions to enhance sales strategies.
  • Lead Interest: Convin's Lead Interest feature analyzes potential leads' interest levels, allowing sales teams to prioritize leads based on factors like marketing engagement and interactions with sales representatives.
  • Lead Score: Convin's Lead Score categorizes leads into Hot, Warm, and Cold based on their interest and alignment with offerings, enabling teams to focus on high-conversion leads. Users can access analysis, customize score ranges, and monitor performance.

These solutions from Convin collectively provide a robust framework for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing sales calls, aligning well with the goals of businesses seeking advanced sales call tracking capabilities.

Develop a Competing Sales Strategy with the Right Software

In conclusion, developing a competing sales strategy requires more than determination; it demands the proper technological support. By choosing the appropriate sales call tracking software, you equip your team with the tools to analyze, adapt, and excel in today's dynamic sales environment. This software provides valuable insights into customer interactions and empowers your team to refine strategies, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging Convin's capabilities, you can ensure every call is an opportunity to learn, improve, and move closer to your sales targets. Whether you're managing a bustling call center or aiming to enhance your sales team's effectiveness, Convin's tools are designed to align with your goals, providing clarity and precision in your sales processes.

Interested in seeing Convin in action? Schedule a demo today and discover how Convin can revolutionize your sales call tracking efforts, empowering your team to achieve unparalleled success.


1. How to monitor sales calls?
Utilize sales call tracking software to record, analyze, and evaluate sales calls for performance improvement and strategic insights.

2. What is inbound call tracking software?
Inbound call tracking software tracks and analyzes incoming calls, attributing them to specific marketing campaigns or sources to gauge their effectiveness.

3. Can a sales call be recorded?
Yes, sales calls can be recorded for training, quality assurance, and analytical purposes, but it's essential to comply with legal requirements regarding consent.

4. How do you keep track of sales?
Utilize CRM systems and sales tracking software to monitor sales activities, track customer interactions, and analyze sales data for better decision-making.

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