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How to Evaluate Dental Service Leads On Call?

Labeeb Ajmal T
March 15, 2023
 mins read

Ring, Ring!! Dental clinic are flooded with a huge number of calls on a daily basis. Can you guess the top 2 reasons someone calls a dental clinic?

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Conduct inquiries before deciding to consult a dentist at your clinic or elsewhere.

Booking an appointment is easy for receptionists. But when it comes to inquiries from prospective patients, they become slightly fazed and thrown off.

Receptionists must know how to help callers with their queries. Apart from answering such questions, receptionists should be able to evaluate these calls and schedule an appointment if the caller leans towards taking an appointment.

How can your receptionist be expected to evaluate these callers while working on their front desk duties simultaneously? 

Check out this Evaluation Checklist that allows receptionists to handle anyone who enquires before scheduling an appointment.

Lead Evaluation Checklist

Properly evaluating leads require proper understanding of the customer
There are many things that are evaluated on call when a lead calls

There are many different ways to know if a lead is someone who will be booking an appointment or not. Going through all of them can be really tiring.

Instead of looking at the hundreds of ways to analyze and understand the caller’s intention, here are the essentials of any lead evaluation checklist.

Creating a Call Script

Every call by someone who isn’t a patient at your service is a potential lead. There needs to be a step-by-step manner in understanding the callers requirements and problems.

The best method to approach these calls is by creating a script. Having a prewritten script allows you to be prepared for almost all kinds of situations and deviations are minimal.

Working on calls with a script also allows you to modify it according to any deviations and have a game plan ready for future occurrences.

On the other hand, if a receptionist doesn’t have a script prepared, many leads will be lost initially in the early stages. Comparing these two approaches, using scripts will have a continuous stable conversation rate while leading calls with the flow will have a fluctuating conversion rate for a while.

Since the upper limit for both approaches are the same, it is always better to have a script prepared.

Understanding your Lead

All calls should start with open-ended questions that help you understand the caller and their requirements. This should be the basis for how the conversation is carried forward.

Pushing unnecessary dental procedures or options out of the prospect’s budget can dissuade them from opting to book an appointment at your dental service. The caller should feel that your dental service is the right place for their dental needs.

Once you understand their requirements, you can navigate them through the different possibilities that your service can provide them. Such a personalized approach helps a caller feel that you’re the right place to consult for their dental requirements.

Close it with an Appointment

As soon as a caller shows interest and that they’re ready to come to your service, book an appointment for them. Such a proactive approach helps them feel at ease now that the appointment is booked.

This is a much more quicker and effective approach than delaying it till a followup call.

While these are the best ways to screen and convert leads, is it easy to be followed on each incoming call? Call center management softwares like Convin help you ensure that this is maintained and followed in each call.

Increase your Conversion Rate Today!

How can Convin Help you Increase your Conversion Rates?

Receptionists at dental services can increase conversions when equipped with call center software
Contact center software can help convert leads faster

Convin is an automated call center software that can audit 100% of your customer interactions and evaluate calls, suggesting changes to your approach. But how do you use these features to increase your conversion rates?

Analysing your Conversations

Convin’s omnichannel behavioural analysis gives you valuable insights into customer behavior. They can be used to make changes to the script you’ve made wherever necessary (Wink Wink! Convin also does that automatically).

These insights also mention whether a caller made a comparison with a competitor or feigned disinterest. They can help identify and differentiate caller behavior between those likely to drop off and convert.

Such data can help personnel to be more proactive in calls that follow similar patterns.

Automated Agent Coaching

Convin uses parameters preset by the auditor and scores each customer interaction based on them. This score allows auditors to understand their shortcoming in each call and areas to improve on.

These scores allow auditors to identify and train low-performing receptionists.

Apart from scoring these interactions, the software also suggest calls that have performed well for training. Such a program allows personnel to increase their performance by putting in the effort.

Auditing Across Channels

Convin audits 100% customer interactions be it call, chat or email. Such all-round auditing allows complete analysis of customer interactions for any mistake that needs to be fixed.

Having an eye on all customer touch points allow you to reduce the margin of error. This allows you to be confident that your front desk personnel will be able to strive for perfection and that they have the means to attain it.

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Summing Up

A lot of calls come into dental services expecting clarity on the kind of treatment they need before they make an appointment. Equipping receptionists to handle these queries allow dentists to completely focus on all patients that walk in.

There are various ways to evaluate these leads, like having a script ready and understanding each caller’s requirements.

Tools like Automated QA and Coaching can help dental services increase their conversion rates. Features like behavioral analysis and omnichannel auditing ensure that their conversion gets higher and remains high.

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Convin records, transcribes and
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insights on what’s working on calls
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Bhive Workspace No.112,AKR
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+91 7011464590, +91 8802881329