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How to evaluate a call script with Convin and improve call quality score to 85%?

Rimlee Patgiri
February 27, 2023
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June 20, 2023

Customers no longer come, see, buy, and go.

Customers stick around before and after coming into contact with your company which can include being a critic, a buyer, passing a referral, and so on and so forth. 

For obvious reasons, you as a company would want to win over these customers and leave a positive impression. 

No matter where your business stands today, from a billion-dollar business to running your small business, one goal fits the standard to all - to provide a lasting customer experience. 

A report on CX trends 2023 by Zendesk reveals that 70% of consumers prefer to spend on companies offering fluid, personalized, and seamless customer experiences. 

That is why we will talk precisely about where and how to dust off distractions and focus on the one thing that matters. Let’s magnify the customer-facing roles that play a significant role in winning a great impression.

Source: Gyfcat

Agents in call centers are often overwhelmed by multiple chores apart from their primary role - attending to customers

Thanks to call center scripts!

Call center scripts became a boon to agents, just like recipe books to chefs. But let’s not forget a significant issue underlying here. Are the agents sticking to them?

Did you know that manual audits cover just 2%-3% of total calls?

Clearly, it’s hard to tell whether the agents follow the scripts, right? Wrong; we are happy to say that automated quality assurance in a call center can audit 100% of calls today. 

Show me how Convin audits 100% of conversations.

Audit 100% Of Conversations With Automated Quality Assurance

Convin’s AI-backed call center quality monitoring software uses conversation intelligence and machine learning to evaluate agent-customer interactions that make sure agents don’t overstep the line. 

Hence, you can constantly keep a close eye on your agent conversations without compromising on your own tasks. In that process, you also upskill them. 

Automated quality assurance covers 100% of all calls and evaluates them based on specific parameters that the company decides. 

Convin, being an omnichannel contact center software, ensures that your agents follow the script strictly, and your customers can walk away with a perfect conversation that occurs throughout calls, chats, and emails.

Agent-Customer Conversations Contain Rich Insights

Agent-customer calls are extremely crucial. For a start, these conversations have hidden insights behind business winning and losing trends

In short, auditing 100% of customer conversations opens the gates to retaining existing customers, assessing customer behavior, providing a memorable customer experience, and gaining new customers. 

Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the benefits of using automated quality assurance software.

  1. Compare the script performance with the industry standard or best practice to see if it aligns with the best practices and follows compliance regulations.
  1. Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call completion rate, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate to see how well the script performs. Track agent performance and provide further training to max out their caliber. 
  1. Use NLP and ML to analyze customer feedback and identify areas where the script can be improved.
  1. Conduct sentiment analysis on the calls to understand how the customer feels during the call and how the agent performs.
  1. Discover parameters in the call script and eliminate them which aren’t working.
  1. Repeat trends that contribute to business-winning attributes. 
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Convin’s Journey From Call Evaluation To Improving Call Quality

When we refer to Convin providing 100% call center quality assurance, we also imply multiple positive outcomes. By adding Convin to your existing tech stack, you walk out with an assurance of surveilling all conversations, including calls, chats, and emails. 

Let’s have a look at how Convin’s contact center software evaluates a call script and improves call quality up to 85%. 

1. Log in to Convin Dashboard.

Convin Dashboard shows a detailed report through conversation intelligence.
Log in to Convin Dashboard

Keep track of the overall performance of all employees at different organizational levels using the Convin Dashboard. Pay special attention and take action to conversations that need attention.

2. Click on Meetings. Then you will be navigated to Completed Calls.

Meetings contain conversations that undergo Call center quality assurance and show call quality scores.
Meetings contain conversations that undergo Call center quality assurance and show call quality scores.

3. Click on the call you want to view, and a window will open that contains the call center audit template.

Call center audit template contains call quality score and all relevant details.
Call Center Audit Template

The call center audit template contains-

Call quality AI-score

The AI-score reflects the overall score marked by Convin post 100% automated QA. You can also click on the score and manually audit the conversations. Leave a video, audio, and text comments for agents to receive an intuitive feedback.

User can perform manual audit after automated QA performed by Convin.
Manual audit template to verify call quality score

Transcript converts the calls into text that allows auditors to view and comment on the conversations as they listen. Convin currently transcribes English, Hindi, and Hinglish and continues covering more languages. 

Account Timeline

The account timeline reveals all inbound and outbound calls, chats, or emails pertaining to the agent concerning the dates. 

You can navigate through the account timeline to easily access the agent’s conversations throughout their employment.

You can navigate to all conversations of an agent using the account timeline in the call quality dashboard.
Account Timeline

The Way Forward

Convin has successfully helped users boost their call quality score over an average of 2-3 months. With a clearer picture of agents’ performance, organizations can draw clarity upon areas that need improvement.

Increase in AI call score in two months using Convin.
Report of increase in AI call score in two months after using Convin.

Call quality scripts are an integral part of agent-customer calls, and adhering to them helps contact centers keep track of many rules and constraints. But agents might often struggle to keep up with the call center scripts, which, when led the wrong way, can invite many issues. This is where call monitoring software steps in. 

Improve your call quality score today!


1. Why quality monitoring is important to your call center?

Quality monitoring is important to a call center for several reasons, including improving customer satisfaction, identifying and addressing performance issues, ensuring compliance, improving agent performance, and enhancing customer experience. 

2. How to improve call center quality?

Improving call center quality requires a multi-faceted approach, including developing a comprehensive call script, training agents regularly, implementing a quality monitoring program, analyzing call center metrics, encouraging feedback from customers, and investing in technology such as call recording, speech analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations.

3. What is quality assurance in call center?

Quality assurance in a call center refers to the monitoring of every agent-customer conversation that takes place in a call center. Quality assurance reveals agent performance and enables contact centers to keep a close eye on the adherence to compliance regulations. It also reveals various winning and losing trends that help make business-winning decisions.

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