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A Guide to Automated Quality Management (AQM)

Labeeb Ajmal T
September 5, 2023
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The technology we use is in a rapidly evolving pace. Scary sometimes, right?

From being able to enable us to carry our lives smoother to automatically completing repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence has taken over our lives.

The intersection of generative AI and automation is making lives easier for people across industries. Contact centers have been seeing this in the form of automated quality management systems.

Quality management is an essential part of contact centers, but how does automation fit in? Let’s find out.

Why is Quality Management Important?

Quality management allows organizations to ensure that their experience delivery meets required standards.

Limitations of manual QA processes
Challenges of manual QA

Manual quality management processes have been stagnant for ages. But when people started to introduce automation to QA software, there has been a steady and continuous improvement.

Using automated quality management software helps with customer interactions and comprehensive agent coaching.

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What is Automated Quality Management?

Automated quality management or AQM solutions refer to tools that are programmed to automate the quality management process in a contact center.

Some methods of implementing an automated quality management system include automatic evaluation of customer interactions, scoring conversations, and agent coaching.

While these seem helpful, it can take some time to understand the tangible benefits of automated quality management. 

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Here are the benefits of deploying automated quality management systems in your contact center.

What are the Benefits of AQM Solutions?

Benefits of AQM over traditional quality management

Automating the quality management process has a lot of benefits for agents, auditors, and managers. 

1. A Cost-Efficient Process

Auditors can only evaluate a limited amount of customer interactions on a daily basis. This can cause problems for managers trying to uncover complete insights on overall performance.

Using automated quality management can reduce the number of auditors without having an impact on auditing customer interactions. These QMS automation tools can audit all conversations as soon as they’re over.

Despite the accelerating progress of artificial intelligence, human agents are needed to handle critical cases.

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2. Streamlined Agent Performance

Agent performance gets streamlined when automated quality management is deployed. The software identifies an agent's weaknesses during evaluation and then informs the agent.

Since this helps boost agent performance, customer experience delivery becomes better with each passing day.

3. Increase in Customer Satisfaction

"Every 1% increase in FCR increases the brand's customer satisfaction by 1%" - SQM Group

Any improvement in agent performance directly translates to increased customer satisfaction levels.

For instance, when an agent increases their first call resolution rates, customers get their queries resolved faster. This then ties into an increased number of satisfied customers.

4. Personalized Coaching Sessions

Automated quality management uses artificial intelligence to identify areas that an agent needs to improve on. Agents can be assigned training sessions that cater to their strengths and weaknesses.

Such targeted coaching helps agents to provide a consistent experience to all customers.

5. Integrated & Streamlined Workflow

Every organization has various services and tools that are part of their daily operations. One of the biggest obstacles in switching or adding a tool to your arsenal is the migration or integration of data.

It is important that any new call center software you're planning to use can integrate with your current tech stack. In case that isn't possible, ensure that data migration is as smooth as possible.

Using manual tracking and reporting is an inefficient way to audit calls
Inefficiency of manual auditing

With so many apps, manual quality management processes is inefficient and time-consuming. The repetitive and mundane nature of manually auditing a call makes it easy for data to be missed.

An auditor has to do all the following to evaluate a single call:

  1. Access call recording from the cloud directory.
  2. Get customer data from customer relationship management (CRM).
  3. Make notes in an application like Google Keep.
  4. Move to Google/Excel Sheets to score the call and note feedback once all this is done.
  5. Finally, use the agent database to assign actionable tasks.

With so many advantages of automated quality management, it is a boon for contact centers everywhere. Now let's see what problems can automated quality management solve for contact centers.

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What Features Make AQM Necessary in Call Centers?

The whole quality management process relied on manual effort until automation came into the picture. Automating quality assurance can help contact centers provide exceptional customer experience.

Let's look at all the reasons a call center needs to switch to automated quality management.

1. 100% Conversation Coverage

Automated quality monitoring can improve service quality

While manual auditing faces multiple limitations, automated quality management is only limited by the processing power. This allows automated auditing processes to evaluate all voice and text interactions.

2. Compliance Flagging

Compliance issues are a major source of worry for every call center. While agents are trained to comply with these regulations, there are chances of human error.

Automated quality assurance software flags all compliance violations
Flag all compliance violations

Automated monitoring flags all customer interactions that have compliance violations. Such prompt alerts help agents to be aware and reduce such occurrences in the future.

3. Detailed Reporting

Since AQM solutions have comprehensive speech analytics capabilities, it becomes easy to generate granular reports on various parameters.

All automated quality management solutions have reporting capabilities that can show details on both individual as well as complete employee performance. These insights prove indispensable when crafting customer experience strategies

4. Personalized Agent Training

Personalized coaching sessions
Agent coaching dashboard

If you want to see your agents on a path of continuous improvement, they should be given training that caters to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

This can be done only when every agent is evaluated and understood thoroughly. AQM tools get this analysis by evaluating all customer interactions by each agent.

The Future of AQM Solutions

Manual quality management processes haven’t seen any increase in efficiency for a long while. But once people started to introduce automation to QA software, there has been a steady and continuous improvement.

This has also led to increased customer expectations which are difficult to keep up with.

Using automated quality management software helps with customer interactions and comprehensive agent coaching.

The next update in automated quality management would be making real-time agent assistance the industry standard among all players in the market. Another essential feature of such software is having mobile apps to access insights on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AQM in Verint?

Verint automated quality management (AQM) helps to increase the efficiency of quality management by scoring interactions and assigning coaching sessions to agents.

2. What is the Full Form of AQM?

AQM stands for automated quality management. AQM automated the quality management process and helps contact centers to streamline their operations.

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