Episode 9 - How to close more deals with effective negotiation?

Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner of the Americas at U.plus, discusses effective negotiation techniques to close more deals.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today’s episode of Sales Gambit, we are joined by Sean Sheppard,  CEO of the Americas at U.plus and Co-founder of GrowthX and GrowthX Academy. Sean has successfully grown dozens of early-stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets and was named the #2 Online Sales Influencer at the Huffington Post. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • What should be a realistic expectation from an actual sales negotiation meeting?
  • The importance of having all the facts and figures right to negotiate effectively
  • How to uncover things that people didn’t want to share openly?
  • What is the best way to prepare for negotiations for an ongoing opportunity? 
  • How to handle prospects who decline all the negotiation offers you make?
  • Reading recommendations to become better at educating the prospects

And a lot more…