Episode 7: How to handle Objections Effectively?

Sales Coach and President of Venli Consulting Group, Marcus A. Chan talks about uncovering objections while selling, conscious and subconscious objections, handling objections, and a lot more.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today’s episode of Sales Gambit, we are joined by Marcus A. Chan- Salesforce Top Influencer to follow, Founder of Venli Consulting Group, and a sales Coach himself to discuss How sales professionals can handle Objections Effectively. Marcus is a member of Forbes Business Council and caters to an audience of over thirty thousand.We discuss:

  • How to uncover objections while selling?
  • How does one go about handling the objection once they’ve identified there’s an objection?
  • How right coaching can help salespeople to reduce their objection rate?
  • How to bounce back from facing rejection in case of a failed attempt at objection handling?
  • His journey in the sales profession from selling speedos to becoming a founder of Venli Consulting Group

And a lot more…

Tune in now!

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