Episode 29: How can organizations effectively use partnership selling in 2022?

Fred Copstake, Founder, Sales Trainer, and Coach at Brindis, provides sales training and consultancy services.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today's episode of Sales Gambit, Fred Copstake, Founder, Sales trainer, and sales coach at Brindis - a sales training consultancy. Fred is also an established author. He wrote “Selling through partnering skills” in 2020 and recently published his second book “Hybrid selling” early this year. Fred also has his own podcast “Sales today” where he discusses everything affecting the world of sales today and what sales professionals need to do to stay relevant now and in the future. 

Today, Fred has joined us to talk about - How can organizations effectively use partnership selling in 2022? 

We discussed

  • How did he get into Sales? About his sales journey and a little bit about his current work?
  • How has the evolution been over the last few decades?
  • Where is sales today? How is the distribution amongst inbound, outbound, and partnership sales? Which one is more important and why?
  • How can organizations make a partnership distribution engine? And how can they enable salespeople to get started on this engine?
  • Are there different types of partnerships? If yes, what are the different types of partnerships? Is there an order of importance for each?
  • How to manage partnerships effectively?
  • Why do salespeople need partnership skills  anyway? 
  • How can salespeople assess their partnership skills? 
  • How to use partnership skills in selling?
  • Can partnership selling be used for Enterprise sales?

And a lot more…

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