Episode 28: How to Leverage Video to directly increase sales in 2022?

Julie Hansen, Founder of Performance Sales & Training, is a virtual keynote speaker and sales leader with 20 years of experience.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today's episode of Sales Gambit, we have Julie Hansen, Founder of Performance Sales & Training, Virtual keynote speaker, author of 3 sales books, and a sales leader and director for multiple competitive companies over the last 20 years. And to add to that list of achievements, Julie is also an actor. She performed in over 75 plays, commercials, and television shows, including HBO’s Sex & the City.

Today, Julie has joined us to talk about “How to leverage video to directly increase sales in 2022?’’

We discussed:

  • Julie created an amazing master class on “how to sell with videos”,  What motivated her to take this action? Why did she think it was necessary?
  • How is video selling impacting sales?
  • How are sales professionals and buyers benefiting from video content? 
  • How are buyers benefitting from video content?
  • How to use videos in different stages of the sales cycle?
    1. Lead generation
    2. Lead qualification
    3. Sales demo
    4. Objection handling
    5. Post-demo nurturing
    6. Closing the deal & negotiation
  • What are some best practices to keep in mind when shooting and creating a video?
  • How do measure the efficiency of video-based selling?
  •  Reading recommendations for the audience that help them get better at video selling

And a lot more…

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