Episode 20: How not to fail when Cold calling C-suite Executives?

Risa Khamsi, an Account Executive at Stack Overflow, specializes in software sales and mentors aspiring SDRs.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today’s episode of Sales Gambit, we are joined by Risa Khamsi. Risa has started her sales journey as an SDR, has had an incredible sales career, and now works as the Account Executive at Stack Overflow. She believes in building a successful career by helping others to do the same. And for the same reason, she also mentors SDRs-to-be. Today, we’ll talk about “How not to fail when cold calling C-suite Executives?”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why is it difficult to cold-call a C-suite executive?
  • Who should be the first point of contact for a cold call when there are multiple people in the hierarchy?
  • What social selling strategies should SDRs follow when cold calling?
  • How to reach out to the VP of Sales and other such high proficiency clients?
  • How to build rapport with the prospects when they just want to rush through the meeting?
  • How to handle objections while on a cold-call?
  • How to deal with the situation when the prospect is refuting everything you say?
  • Reading recommendations to up your cold-calling game?

And a lot more…

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