Episode 2: How can Sales Managers and leaders effectively coach their AE teams?

Sebastien Van Heyningen, President at Revenue Operations Consultant, shares insights on coaching AE teams and the importance of coaching in a remote environment.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In this episode, we spoke to Sebastien Heyningen about how sales leaders and managers can effectively coach AE teams. Sebastien has been working in the sales industry for the last eight years across various roles, including SDR, AE, coach, manager, consultant, and a lot more. This episode talks about how sales leaders and managers can effectively coach their AE teams.

We discuss

1. The difference between first-time training that’s done when AEs are hired VS coaching? And is there a difference at all between coaching or training?
2. Why is coaching essential?
3. How important is it to connect with your employees on a personal level?
4. A framework for coaching your AEs
5. How to approach coaching in a remote environment?
6. How can tech help scale the coaching effort effectively
7. Learning resources for leaders to coach their team better

and more...

Tune in now!