Episode 24: How can B2B Sales Teams have Highly Effective Demo Calls?

Michael Hanson, the Founder and CEO of Growth Genie, joined us for the 24th episode of Sales Gambit. Michael works with the vision of empowering B2B sales teams to have better conversations.

Ashish Santhalia

Host, Sales Gambit | Founder @ Convin

In today’s episode of Sales Gambit, we welcomed Michael Hanson. Michael is the Founder and CEO of Growth Genie. Michael helps sales and marketing professionals to build outbound sales cadences and sales training playbooks. He works on the mission to empower and motivate the sales teams through sales coaching and training sessions, and help them identify opportunities through an in-depth analysis. 

Today, Michael joined us to talk about “How can B2B sales teams have highly effective demo calls?”

We discuss:

  • What is an ideal way to start a demo call?
  • What mistakes do most salespeople make on demo calls?
  • How to prepare for a demo call in advance?
  • How important is it to identify the question behind the prospect’s question? 
  • How to balance likability and excellent product knowledge on a demo call? 
  • What should one do when there’s a slight delay or an error on the product when giving a demo call?
  • Tips on how can salespeople make their demo calls more effective?
  • Reading recommendations for the audience to get better at demo calls.

And a lot more…

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