Convin opens a Self-signup option to enable self-service for their customers.

The good news is finally here, “Convin has opened its Conversation Intelligence platform for self-service.”

October 1, 2021

The good news is finally here, “Convin has opened its Conversation Intelligence platform for self-service.”

Now any business, no matter the employee count, can easily log on to our platform with their business Google or Microsoft account and start their journey of uncovering unlimited meeting intelligence, deal intelligence, market intelligence, and people intelligence.

“67% of respondents prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative” - ZenDesk.

We at Convin understand that today’s customers do not want to waste time talking to multiple agents just for one demo. And then wait for the solution’s configuration to understand its working and impact.

And we do not wish for them to do so!

With this new self-service option, you can skip the line of multiple calls and directly enable a 15-day trial of conversation intelligence for your team. And uncover for yourself its benefits.

Did we mention you can sign-up on our platform just by using your business Google or Microsoft email account?

Even if we did, how amazing is this? 

Signing up on Convin is as simple as signing up on Spotify!

But before we tell you how you can sign up with us and why you should opt for Convin. See what Convin’s users have to say about us.

Check the testimonial here.

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One solution to align your entire sales team

Convin can help you:

1. Uncover Meeting Intelligence

Convin automatically integrates with your sales stack, records your sales conversations, and then transcribes and analyzes them for important topics discussed, questions asked, and any actionable item. Convin even highlights it for you so that you can view hours-long calls in a few minutes.

2. Uncover Deal Intelligence

Humans may miss out on critical deal-breaking topics. But Convin’s AI does not. 

It captures all-important deal details from start to finish, so you can analyze the meeting and help your sales representatives when the deal is still on the table.

3. Uncover People Intelligence

Convin even analyzes the call quality, speaker talk ratio, level of interactivity, seller’s patience, and even the user’s soft skills. 

4. Automate Sales call review and feedback process

After the call is finished, Convin’s assistants analyze the call and send a detailed report directly to your inbox. So that your sales reps don’t have to waste time in making call reports. Convin highlights all-important call insights so that you can review and provide feedback on hours-long calls in a few minutes.

Convin even maintains a scoreboard for the calls based on the performance and call quality to help sales reps track their performance progress.

5. Push Task on CRM

Convin even pushes the call notes directly to the CRM task and lists the points your sellers might forget to add manually. It helps your entire team to collaborate and provide help when the deal is still in play.

6. Sales Knowledge Library

One of the significant problems we know businesses struggle with is storing sales records. In most companies, the sales records are saved in silos, making the retrieval process very difficult and time-consuming. 

With Convin, companies can save sales call records, call snippets and organize them as playbooks. They can retrieve the calls by just searching for playbooks or by using the topic filter option.

Apart from this, Convin even provides analytics at the rep, team, and organization levels. You can even ask for custom analytics from our conversation intelligence evangelist by just clicking on the ‘Book a Demo’ button available on the right corner of this page.

You must be wondering by now, how can you configure Conversation Intelligence yourself?

Let us just show you how easy it is to sign up on Convin

Self-Sign Up on Convin is as easy as signing up on Spotify

Step 1: Go to or check the top right corner of this blog page for the login button and click on it.

Step 2: You will be redirected to

You can either add your business email address or go for Google or Microsoft Outlook sign-up option.

Note: Personal email addresses are not accepted.

Step 3: Add your full name and confirm your email address to proceed with the sales stack configuration.

Step 4: Once you have confirmed your details, you will be redirected to the setup page, where you will first have to sync your Google calendar or Outlook calendar with the solution.

Step 5: After syncing your calendar, you will be asked to set up Convin’s assistance settings. You can choose if you want Convin to record your internal calls, external calls, or both. You can also choose to record meetings where you are the host or meetings where you are not the host. Or you can even choose both options.

Step 6: Post that you will be redirected to the voiceprint setup page, where you can simply record your voice by pressing the recording button. 

Step 7: Now that you are signed up, it does not mean the solution’s configuration is over. Convin’s solution tour assistant will guide you to complete your integrations and setup. And the assistant will even help you with dashboard navigation, so you don’t face any difficulty configuring the solution.

Go to the settings to configure your CRM, dialer, slack, and video conferencing platform to Convin. And that’s it; you are all set!

Now that you know how you can configure Convin with your sales stack and how Convin can help you revamp your entire sales process to help you sell bigger and better, then what are you waiting for?

Sign up Now!

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