Kicking Off 2024 on a High: Convin Ranked as G2's #1 Speech Analytics Solution

January 12, 2024

It was just yesterday that Convin served its first customer and treated every challenge as a new stepping stone to success.

Today, we are excited to share that Convin has achieved a remarkable milestone, earning recognition as one of G2's Most Improved Products and securing the #1 position in the Speech Analytics category. This accolade was highlighted in the latest insights from G2's Winter 2024 Reports.

“More kudos are in order for the products that saw not just a significant improvement – but enough to move them into the #1 spot in their category,” - Palmer Houchins, VP, Head of Marketing at G2.

Amongst the range of conversation intelligence products offered by Convin, we bagged this honor for our ‘Speech Analytics Solution,’ which improved from 8th to 1st position in the Winter 2024 Reports.

It’s worth noting that just 6% of software products and services listed on G2 earned recognition this quarter.

While our mission is to make it extremely easy for organizations to get value from customer conversations, our aim to improve constantly follows suit.

Now that we have unveiled the grand news, let's give you a quick walkthrough of our AI-backed speech analytics capabilities.

Convin’s Speech Analytics Explained

Convin’s speech analytics software uses AI to extract valuable data from business calls. This data is then transcribed using speech-to-text technology and analyzed to unveil insights from call scripts. 

(It's worth noting that speech analytics promises 100% coverage of all business conversations–including calls, chats, and emails.)

In industries like insurtech, healthtech, fintech, hospitality, and travel, where call volumes are significantly high, speech analytics plays a pivotal role in identifying customer sentiments and competitor intelligence. 

This is possible through the speech analytic software’s unique capabilities like keyword spotting, call categorization, transcription, trend analysis, compliance monitoring, quality assurance, real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, etc.

How Will you Benefit from the Speech Analytics Solution?

Speech analytics is a powerful tool that offers several key advantages, including automating the process of categorizing and recording conversations and eliminating the need for manual review. 

It also proves valuable in fraud detection and prevention, notably in industries such as finance and insurance. 

The tool plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance within these sectors, making it an essential asset for organizations aiming to enhance efficiency and security in customer interactions.

Here’s a sneak peek into what our customers say about the Speech Analytics Tool:

  1. “Convin not only does voice-to-text conversion but also analyzes the sentiment of the customer.” - Dhruv Patel R, Enterprise.
  1. “The automated speech recognition algorithm excels in recognizing specialized terms which rarely require manual intervention or result in false alarms.” - Pooja K, Enterprise.

Final Thoughts

While we at Convin prepare to pave the way for greater innovation, we want to take a quick stop and extend our immense gratitude to all our customers and G2 for believing in us. 

As 2024 commences, we are ready to embark on a path to providing amazing results along with unequivocal customer satisfaction. 

Convin's Speech Analytics has made significant strides in revolutionizing customer interactions and call center operations. And our recognition as top top-ranked product by G2 is a testament to its effectiveness in enhancing customer experiences and driving business success. 

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