Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

I’m Conviner, the only call center terminology assistant you need. Let’s learn about journey mapping.

Mapping out customer journeys result in a sales cycle that’s 18x faster on average

1. What is Journey Mapping?

Organizations map customer journeys to understand a customer’s perceptions and emotions while interacting with the brand. Each organization has a different approach to the way they design and collect data for their customer journeys.

Journey mapping helps in creating a smoother customer experience when multiple teams are involved in the same process.

2. What Are The Benefits of Journey Mapping?

Journey mapping helps organizations to understand their customer better. This information can be used to help departments to perform better.

Here are some examples of how journey mapping helps various departments:

3. What Is An Essential Tool For Journey Mapping?

The most difficult part of mapping customer journeys is to understand their thoughts and emotions at different customer touchpoints.

Technological advancements like sentiment analysis can help organizations to analyze and understand customer behavior. These tools go through customer interactions and pick up behavioral cues and patterns.

This can help organizations to map customer journeys much more accurately.

This is Conviner signing off. Come back when you need to brush up on your call center lingo!

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